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How To Write an Erasmus+ KA210 Small Scale Project

All the Necessary Information On How To Write An KA210 Project Including Notes From Erasmus+ 2021-27 Programme Guide

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How To Write an Erasmus+ KA210 Small Scale Project


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May 2021

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What you will learn

You will learn how to write a good EU Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Small Scale Project (KA210) proposal at the end of this course

You will learn all necessary parts of Erasmus+ 2021-27 Programme Guide


There are not many resources you can reach for KA210 projects, which emerged as a new project type in 2021, right?

As in every new project period, I know you don't want to waste  a full application year.

That's why I prepared this course for you. My goal is to increase the number of high-quality project applications  and not to spend a fortune for applicants who want to access information at the writing stage.

My advice to you is to stay away from information pollution while writing projects and only follow the publications and statements of the European Commission and National Agencies. I am preparing all my courses and lessons based on these.

In this course

-You will learn step by step how to fill in the application form of Erasmus + KA210 Small Scale Projects

-You will learn what you need to pay attention to when writing all types of Erasmus + Project.


-You will have a chance to quick look at Erasmus+ 2021-27 Programme Guide with all the necessary parts

Good luck with your application  ...

If there are other lectures or documents you want me to add to my course, simply state this in the public comment you will make after taking my course. I will make frequent additions of new courses to keep my course updated and enriched.

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From Idea to a Project

Some Notes From Erasmus+ 2021-2027 Programme Guide

Some Notes From Erasmus+ 2021-2027 Programme Guide Part 2

All the things you need to know before writing a project

How To Fill Erasmus+ KA210 Small Scale Project Form


Priorities and Topic

Project Description Question 1

Project Description Question 2

Project Description Question 3

Project Description Question 4

Project Description Question 5

Participating Organisation - Profile

Participating organisations-Bacground and Experiences

Associated Persons

List of Activities

Activity Details Part

Budget Summary

Impact and Follow Up Question 1

Impact and Follow Up Question 2

Impact and Follow Up Question 3

Project Summary





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