How to write an effective Electronic mail (email)?

Effective email writing etiquettes, Linking words, Writing styles, Job application, Report, Meeting etiquettes

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What you will learn

Improvement in email writing skills

Learn effective email etiquette and business writing techniques that will help in achieving target.

Team communication improvement

Save email writing and responding time

Write clear, accurate, precise emails that will help in getting higher response rates from team members

Appropriate use of tone and level of formality in email writing to achieve expected impact.

Get the knowledge and confidence-boosting needed to master your email writing skills

Professional reputation building and career success enhancement through effective email communication

Develop new professional relationships through email writing along with improvement in the existing ones


An email has become a vital part of business communication and unfortunately few professionals have ever received training for email writing and related etiquettes.

If you find email writing challenging and spending too much time writing and responding to it every day at work, well, in that case, this is the best course for you.

This course is designed in an easily digestible format and going to take you through step by step approach to effective professional business email writing.

This course covers more than 20 informative videos that will help you to learn how to get the most out of your professional writing by writing simple, accurate, and precise emails.

This course includes examples of different phrases/sentences used in the beginning and closing of an email along with different situations such as Negotiating a project, Meeting arrangements, Inviting someone, Requesting and giving information, Making/Confirming an order, Complaints and apologies, Asking and giving advice, Job application and discussing reports through emails. This course also covers some commonly used Linking words, different writing styles, special situations, email basics, and many more...

Last but not the least, this course also contains a bonus course entitled "Meeting etiquettes" which will help you to shape your career in which the points that must be taken into consideration while attending/conducting meetings are covered.

I believe "Learning is a continuous and lifetime process". Upon completion of this course, you will be a whole different professional with improved email communication which will help you to garner more respect from your team members, managers, clients, or anyone with whom you are communicating through email.


How to write an effective Electronic mail (email)?
How to write an effective Electronic mail (email)?
How to write an effective Electronic mail (email)?
How to write an effective Electronic mail (email)?


How to write an effective Electronic mail (email)?


Sentences_Phrases for Beginning of an email

Phrases for closing an email

Email Basics_1

Email Basics_2

Writing Styles_(Indirect_polite_diplomatic)

Writing Styles (Example phrases)

Special situations

Negotiating a project_1

Negotiating a project_2


Meetings Arrangements


Request for information (Customer)_1

Giving information (Supplier)_2

Making/Confirming an order

Complaining (Customer)

Apologizing (supplier)

Asking for advice

Giving advice


Job Application

Report structure

Linking words_1

Linking words_2

Meeting etiquettes

Meeting etiquettes_ Part 1

Meeting etiquettes_Part 2


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