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cPanel For WordPress: How To Use cPanel [Beginners]

cPanel Tutorial for WordPress: Discover How To Easily Use cPanel To Improve Your Website...Fast!

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Install WordPress on your hosting account.

Create professional email accounts.

Add new domain names to your hosting account.

Manage your entire WordPress website via cPanel.


Discover How to Easily Use cPanel and Your Hosting Control Center With Our Simple Step-By-Step Video Course. 

  • Do you need a simple training course? This course is simple.
  • Are you short on time? This video course is fast paced and easy to follow.

You need help with WordPress Web Hosting, and you need an easy step-by-step guide. This video course will help you learn everything you need to know about WordPress Web hosting.

We'll teach you how to easily use cPanel and your hosting control center to improve your website and your business.

Once you know the secrets, you'll laugh at how easy this is. This video course is ascreencast showing you how to effectively use cPanel and your web hosting control center. You'll also discover how to use add-on features that will save you time and money.

You'll discover:

  • How to use cPanel
  • How to create and manage professional webmail accounts (email)
  • How to manage WordPress files
  • How to create FTP accounts
  • How to use 3rd party FTP clients to upload and download files (Filezilla)
  • How to track your website visitors with cPanel
  • How to use cPanel to improve your websites security
  • What databases are used for
  • How to add sub-domains
  • How to add add-on domains
  • How to back up your website
  • How to easily navigate cPanel
  • Which promotional upgrades you should purchase
  • Which promotional upgrades you should avoid

This video course is designed for complete beginners! You will save countless hours and frustration by taking this course.

When you finish watching this course, you'll know all the secrets about WordPress hosting. If you're new to Web Hosting and cPanel; then this is the only user course you'll ever need.

Take this course now!

-Kent Mauresmo


cPanel For WordPress: How To Use cPanel [Beginners]
cPanel For WordPress: How To Use cPanel [Beginners]
cPanel For WordPress: How To Use cPanel [Beginners]
cPanel For WordPress: How To Use cPanel [Beginners]




Getting Started With cPanel

Getting Started With cPanel

Install WordPress

Website Builders

Manage Email Accounts

Create Professional Email Accounts

Manage Domain Names

Manage Domain Names

Manage Website Files

Manage Website Files

Website Visitor Stats

View Detailed Visitors Stats

Web Hosting Upgrades

Web Hosting Upgrades

Professional Services

Professional Services

Security Features

Security Features

Database Tools

Database Tools

Advanced Settings

Summary of Advanced Settings.

Partners & Preferences

Partners & Preferences




Humberto23 September 2020

El curso es excelente y motivador, aunque entiendo un poco de ingles y no me complica haber visto este video en otro idioma, talvez para quién no entiende nada o no sabe otro idioma, pueda resultar frustrante o inapropiado. Para mi es un desafío ya que mentalmente me obliga a entender y acostumbrarme a escuchar otra lengua.

Joshua2 August 2020

Great to learn a lot from the cPanel for WordPress Course, most of the "apps" are explain in detail. Thanks a lot

Mary-Ida22 July 2020

Explained everything in easy language that I could understand and provided more information if I wanted do further learning on a topic. Thank you for offering this course free!

Ilse20 July 2020

Great course! I'm thankful to you not only for the book, but for showing us every section from the CPanel! Excellent!!!

ISA27 April 2020

It provides great content for a newbie. Although it mostly talks about bluehost, it is still very helpful if you are using other hosting company.

David5 February 2020

I am familiar with most of this stuff. I wanted to know how Cpanel fitted nto the scheme of things and I got that. Interesting subtitles prepared by Udemy or "you to me" as it says!!

Mohamed26 August 2019

This course need to add more advanced information , for example problem that occures when wordpress hacked.

Richard20 August 2019

Pleased to find this course, and the confidence to tackle the dreaded cPanel. Everything is clearly explained here - my thanks to the instructor for this free course!!

Prasun13 June 2019

I am a newbie to wp and I found the course very lucid and simple and have grown confidence on understanding the cPanel features which seemed very confusing before this course.

Shaun9 March 2019

Course covers the bases of using the cpanel and options,that are provide by the users host. Video and sound are good and tutor knows this topic.

Peter21 January 2019

A good refresher overview with preview of most options for someone setting up a WordPress website, although probably getting a bit dated now and Hosting provider specific but the important features which the trainer highlights would be similar with all cpanel hosted sites.

Jeremy15 June 2018

He goes over a lot of useless information. Spending time covering useless functionality. Wasted a lot of time. Learned a few things so far. Hope it gets better.

Esmie16 December 2017

Another excellent course Kent. I love all your courses. Informative material, awesome way to explaining information. Jam-packed with information. Keep it going Kent. I recommend all his classes​!

J11 December 2017

Very basic, and overly specific to BlueHost and some other hosts as well. It also seems a tad outdated. There are only a few occasions when the tutorial goes deep enough to illustrate how to fill out and create items like adding domains, creating emails, and ftp. It could use more info about file structure options, challenges, and solutions via cPanel. If failed to answer some of the questions I have specific to cPanel.

Natasha15 September 2017

One thing that I love about all Kent's courses is the overall simplicity . He explains in a way that is simple enough for anyone to understand .


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