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Adobe After Effects Templates for Beginners

Improve your videos with pre-made After Effects templates. No previous skill required to spice up your videos today!

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Download After Effects templates from sites like Videohive.net and others

Open the After Effects project and know the layout of the application

Edit the template with your own content (text, photos, and more!)

Export (render) the project for using in other video projects or sharing


Have you ever wanted to make cool motion graphics or add professional titles and lower thirds to your videos? The truth is that you can do this with no experience. Many sites sell inexpensive After Effects templates that can really spice up your videos.

I've been professionally creating motion graphics for years. But sometimes, it's easier to just use a template that someone else has created. Why spend hours re-creating something that is already out there? Yet editing these templates can be daunting if you've never opened After Effects before. This course is for you.

What will you be able to do after taking this course?

  • Open an After Effects project and navigate the program
  • Edit and customize templates with your own text, photos, video, and graphics
  • Export the template to use in other video projects or for immediate online sharing

This course includes:

  • A step-by-step video guide to working with After Effects templates
  • A free video titles template to use in this course and for your own projects
  • Bonus tutorials that show how to edit a variety of templates including slideshows
  • A teacher that is always available to help! Just send me a message!

If you're ready to improve your videos, enroll now! You will be editing After Effects templates in under an hour!


Adobe After Effects Templates for Beginners
Adobe After Effects Templates for Beginners
Adobe After Effects Templates for Beginners
Adobe After Effects Templates for Beginners


Using After Effects Templates

Downloading After Effects templates from places like VideoHive.net

Opening your project for the first time & navigating After Effects

Editing a template in After Effects

Important Message About Udemy Reviews

Adding and editing text in After Effects

How to turn audio on or off in After Effects

How to export (render) videos from After Effects

Thank you & what's next?!

Exporting After Effects Templates

How to Export After Effects Composition with a Transparent Background

Adobe Dynamic Link Tutorial- Bring After Effects Compositions into Premiere Pro

How to Import After Effects Compositions into Another Project

Bonus Lessons

Free Lower Third Template & Tutorial

Editing a slideshow template

Bonus Lecture: What's Next for You?


Amiena25 August 2020

I love the way you say information with and I got a lot of new tips with your way .. I was hoping its a full course step by step from A to Z about after effects - keep ongoing and thanks a lot .. I could not download the free file but thanks any way ^_^

Traci20 June 2020

you are awesome... we need how to use templates from Motion Array.. really need help with lower third packs and templates that after downloading they do not have pics for place holders, so i have no clue how to plan my drag and drop. thank you

Nina20 April 2020

The course is good and clear, it explains in the simple way how to use AE templates and it is very useful beginners or those who never had experiences with this program.

Alexander4 April 2020

This was a good introduction to the AE workspace and its most important functions for people who need just the basics for the purposes of, for example, marketing videos, that just need a bit of flair, and not major graphics work. Clear and concise.

Maryam9 January 2020

good for beginner i was looking for more advanced editing where i can join more than templates or using icons

Janet18 December 2019

As always I enjoy learning from this instructor. To the point, complete, informative and has put much thought into providing the information. I look forward to purchasing additional courses. Thank you, as always, for sharing your wisdom with us.

Leônidas22 November 2019

If I can give one suggestion: give the Lower Third from "lesson 12" (or any other for that matter) right at the beginning, this way the student can use something if he can not purchase anything right now.

Ashwini21 October 2019

It's a good tutorial for a beginner to start with, specifically for those who use template for there project because some time people find it difficult to deal with step to perform even if the project has instructions text file in it. For me, I find it useful as a beginner. Thank you. ?

Rajuy18 July 2019

I have learned so much from Phil's courses. He teaches in a way that even a beginner like myself can understand. He also tells you why he does things certain way instead of just telling you to press a button. Makes learning for me easier!

Jessica2 March 2019

es un buen curso pero se puede ir un poco mas rapido...pero me encantó el hecho que el instructor SI esta pendiente de nosotros...

Sagor18 October 2018

I love the Instructor and every course that I have purchased. Very friendly voice and extraordinary motivator.

Chris3 August 2018

a bit more real world application of the templates would be better. slideshow part is a bit too basic.

Ahmed4 March 2018

Great! I was typically a newbie to After Effects and the experience throughout the course was awesome. I was able to purchase After Effect themes from Video hive and work on them.

Kevin17 February 2018

A good intro in Ae for me with a better understanding of how templates work and where to purchase them

Francis8 August 2017

This course suits someone like me, who have known one or two things about AF before very well. I learnt new tricks.


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