How to Sell Videos & Online Courses on Amazon

Take Advantage of 100+ Million Amazon Prime Members & Monetize Your Content Where There's No Competition

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

How to upload videos to Amazon Video Direct

How to upload videos for Millions of people worldwide to watch

How to monetize your Amazon Prime Video Direct videos

How to upload movies to Amazon Video Direct

How to upload Courses to Amazon Video Direct

How to generate free captions that Amazon will accept along with you're video (they're required)

How to properly format graphic assets (thumbnails) for your Videos on the platform

How to properly categorize your videos for maximum views

How to reach 100+ Million Amazon Prime Members with your Content for Free

And much much more!


How can you sell videos & online courses on Amazon?

Amazon's Prime Video Direct Platform is a massive opportunity for Content Creators.

There are now over 100+ Million Amazon Prime Members with access to Amazon Prime Videos for free. That means you can put your Videos & Courses in front of that mass audience through this platform.

However, Amazon makes it a lot more difficult to upload to the platform. It's not just as simple as uploading a video to YouTube & publishing it.

There's a number of different hurdles they make you jump through in order to publish videos...BUT, that's a good thing.

Because it's more difficult & the barrier to entry is higher, that means A LOT less competition.

So, you can upload your videos to Amazon Video Direct & then capitalize of the Ad Revenue from Millions of people streaming Amazon Prime Video worldwide.

You'll have less competition (if any) in your niche & you'll be able to build brand awareness like you've never built before.

Enroll in How to Upload Content to Amazon Prime Video Direct Today & start earning Passive Income through Content Tomorrow.


How to Sell Videos & Online Courses on Amazon
How to Sell Videos & Online Courses on Amazon
How to Sell Videos & Online Courses on Amazon
How to Sell Videos & Online Courses on Amazon


Course Welcome & Overview

Course Welcome & Overview

How Much Can You Expect to Make

How Much Can You Make Uploading Videos to Prime Video Direct

Types of Content You Can Upload

Repurpose Content or Make New Content for Prime Video Direct

Standalone vs. Episodic

The Process of Uploading & How to

Images for Thumbnails

Downloading SRT Files & Uploading Captions

Important Things to Focus on When Creating Content for this Platform

How to Upload Videos to Amazon Video Direct Tutorial

Extra Insight into this Business Model

Why the Difficult Barrier to Entry is a Good Thing

How to Scale

Why This is Such a Huge Opportunity

How to Set Your Amazon Video Direct Rating

How to Film Better Videos & Course Lectures with a Teleprompter

Amazon Video Direct Quiz

Course Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up

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