How to Teach Sex Education?

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How to Teach Sex Education?

The priority Learning

The priority Learning

The priority Learning


The importance of providing Sex Education? What, How and Why?

is the need of the hour. We need to look at things as educators. The reflections are so real and needful today.

Keeping the concern today. Let us come together to assure this learning with the able support of the parents in particular.

A much needed reflective idea whose time has come.

It is also so very much needed to avoid sexual abuse::

For sure, as we do very well know that the Children and women are vulnerable to being violated against, especially if they are kept in the dark about sexuality and its abuse at the hands of perpetrators that are often among friends and families. And hence it is so very much a priority.

The data as per the research reveal that, Nearly 50% of boys and girls, each, face sexual abuse in their young lives, in India, according to a survey by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. It is the responsibility of adults to empower these young people with the knowledge to protect themselves against such abuse. The data is alarming in other nations as well and to a larger extent.

For sure, we need to take things seriously and as it is also argued that such an education depletes the need to act out sexual urges in a disrespectful manner, thus reducing the instances of adolescents violating others and growing further criminal behavioral traits among all the children and the adults in the society at large.

The need for Sex Education is now on priority.

Answering question where the babies come from???

It is quite irritating and humiliating at time. But we as responsible teachers and parents need to inform our kids about how and why? So, next time your child enquires about  where do babies come from, resort to facts and not storks. As we very well know my friends, without proper sex education we’d be letting our young out into a world very different from our wishful moral utopia. Thoughts and actions......desired approach is towards making them aware about the facts and figures timely.

Enjoy the learning and explore the family time with teaching our kids......High time folks.


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