How to Succeed with Kindle Short Reads

Use Amazon Kindle Short Reads to target more categories, keywords & readers, and build bigger email lists more easily.

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Dec 2015

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What you will learn

Maximize the benefits of Amazon Kindle Short Reads Books.

Build book readers subscriber email lists more easily.

Get more reach in Amazon Kindle Books search.

Create more short books more easily


Writing books can be a struggle, but through this training, I will show you the benefits of building your business with Amazon Kindle Short Reads.

I will show you how many super successful authors have used Kindle Short Reads to publish more books more easily.

How they copy their own success and duplicate the business assets that are earning them the most money.

How to reduce bad reviews.

How to build big lists fast and easy.

How to use Short Reads (Short Stories) to get more reach in Amazon search and have more readers finding your books through keywords and categories.

You will understand why Amazon placed emphasis on Short Reads, because of the reading habits of new readers, and also long time readers, who have changed the way they choose to read.

You will learn some tricky techniques to get people to join your reader list and make it easier for you to sell more books, and create a financially stable business.

There are currently 19 lectures and an hour of content.

There are downloadable files and transcriptions of each video.

I’ve structured this course in a simple methodical way based on the best results I’ve had from training thousands of people in book publishing.

You will gain confidence and knowledge that will help you get better results by working smarter.

I’ve kept the videos short and to the point without leaving out the crucial information you need to succeed.

You can go away in the next day with a whole new understanding of how to use Kindle Short Reads to build a bigger, better author brand, with more sales and more readers on your email list.


How to Succeed with Kindle Short Reads
How to Succeed with Kindle Short Reads
How to Succeed with Kindle Short Reads
How to Succeed with Kindle Short Reads


Getting Started

Let's Get Started

The CBR's

The Value of Words

Publishing Short Reads

Better Branding

Unequal Word Count

Reverse Launch

Keyword Targeting

Category Targeting


Giving Away Free Books

List Building Launch

Paid List Magnets

Doubling and Tripling

The Money Pyramid

Collaboration Opportunities

More Collaboration



Final Words

Final Words


Julie&Bill18 August 2020

a very clear and concise guide for short read publishing. Very practical with helpful examples and methods, especially on list building. One of the best courses on Kindle short reads.

Tony2 August 2020

Excellent course. I think the years have gone by and Kindle is awash with books now so it isn't as easy as writing a book and selling a book, but Geoff's advice deserves to be tried out and I will go over this course again and again. And buy more of Geoff's courses as his expertise shines through.

Tara6 July 2020

This was a good, straightforward course that lays out a very doable strategy for success in the Kindle publishing marketplace. I'm excited to give it a shot!

Julie18 June 2020

Enjoyed this course and could see how it can be used with the reverse plotting course . I wasn't so keen on all the sheninigans with newsletters etc but understand why it's in there. Geoff is an excellent trainer with a good, straightforward, easy to understand style.

Rodney26 March 2020

Although I have heard most of this information before, it was well presented. The section on how to build your email list was especially essential and delivered in an easy to follow video example. I will review this section again to get everything set up correctly when it comes to building my email list.

Michelle17 February 2020

This was the easiest course to understand that I have ever taken! VERY simple and easy to follow along with. Also, it is information I have never heard anywhere else, and I have been studying internet business for years! Definitely worth the price!

Juanita15 February 2020

I really enjoyed this course. I did not know anything about short reads. After taking this course, I am confident that I can create short reads.

Andrew25 November 2019

This was an excellent match for me. Geoff really knows his stuff, and is incredibly clear and concise discussing this topic. With the transcripts I can go over his course in a different medium, and I appreciate having both the verbal presentation and the written word.

Anna1 November 2019

This course was fantastic and gave me new insights into how easy it can be to make money with Amazon Short Reads.

Christina4 September 2019

This course was a great investment of my time and money. I am a writer but I struggle in the marketing department! This course has given me some fantastic ideas and strategies. I realize I've been doing self-publishing the hard way! I've been wanting to tap into short reads because I see it as an untapped market with potential. Now I know how to go about it!

Chris19 August 2019

This course is how knowledge should be taught, focused, tested and straight to the point. I am very pleased.

Lanore30 June 2019

It's a short course on something important. Why spend a lot of time to cover the subject if it's not necessary?

Fiona25 April 2019

I have followed Geoff Shaw's work for a long time and have been part of his Kindling program since the beginning. I found this course very good in terms of explaining the benefits of creating Kindle Shorts and in particular the marketing of them. I am more interested in Non Fiction writing, but the same principles can be applied. Excellent *****

Derek21 April 2019

I have already learnt a lot about the value of short reads. I now feel inspired to create my own short stories.

Kathy19 April 2019

I've come back to this author, as what he says seems much more doable and makes more sense to me now. Authors need more structure in their work.


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