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How to Create Marketing Videos on Your Smartphone or Laptop

Find more clients online via marketing videos. Plan it, shoot it, post it all from your phone or laptop, it's so simple.

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

How to create marketing videos every day

How to develop a filming process which allows you to create quality video content fast!

How to film videos professionally so you look and sound like a pro

How to generate sales via video marketing

How to film engaging videos on a low budget

Low budget video skills

General Video skills

Professional Filming skills

Lean how to use filming technology

Learn how to master engaging video creation techniques

Video marketing

SME marketing

Entrepreneur marketing

Filming techniques

Camera skills


Find more clients online via marketing videos. Plan, shoot, and post - all from your phone or laptop. It's so simple.

Let Dom O'Neill a trained Television Professional teach you how to use broadcast TV techniques and hacks to film better videos so you stand out above the crowd.

In this course, you will learn what you need to succeed in online video. When you are staring out no-one cares what camera you use or what software you edit with. What people really want is to see you clearly, hear you well, and be told good stories.

To be heard above the online noise you need to produce regular videos as part of your marketing mix. Your videos need to be

  • more engaging

  • more watchable

  • more likable

  • more shareable

  • tell better stores

compared to what your competitors are offering. Remember you don't need to beat the world, you only need to beat the competition. This course can help you do that!

Successful video marketing is not a once a month operation, it's two, three, four, or even five times a week. It's more simple than you think and it's very easy to do. You can make awesome engaging videos with the tech you already have in the office or can cheaply buy from local electronic stores.

In this course, Broadcast TV Professional Dom O'Neill will show you what kit you need to buy and the top tips you need to know to get your content looking amazing on a low budget when you are posting videos every day. It's really simple.

I'm excited to get started, are you?

Let's get learning.


How to Create Marketing Videos on Your Smartphone or Laptop
How to Create Marketing Videos on Your Smartphone or Laptop
How to Create Marketing Videos on Your Smartphone or Laptop
How to Create Marketing Videos on Your Smartphone or Laptop



Welcome to the Course

Who is Your Tutor?

Know Your Audience

What You Need To Know Before You Film

Who is Your Audience

How To Talk To Your Audience

How to Supercharge Audience Engagement

Get Ready For Filming

How to Manage Your Equipment and Crew

Successful Production Workflow

Looking and Sounding Your Best When You Film

How To Look Good On Camera

Presenting Top Tips

Dress to Impress

Look Good With Better Lighting

How to Sound Like Pro in Your Videos

Where to Film and Why it Matters

Where to Host and Post Your Videos

Why Use YouTube

How to Upload Videos to YouTube

How To Post to Social Media

Three Top Tips For Online Video Success




Nick18 December 2020

Dom is brilliant at explaining the concepts of video marketing in a way that makes it really accessible, even for me. And this course is really wide ranging but allows me to jump around great for e to reference now that there are new things I am struggling with and things I recognise I have forgotten or not put into practice well enough

Claire13 December 2020

This course so far has been full of useful information for taking my business ideas forward. It has also made me sit down and really think about what I want to achieve from incorporating a video strategy into my business plan. Love the additional resources too, very useful.

Jennifer7 December 2020

A lot of good beginner tips. He didn't always take his own advice for his course videos, and there was distracting background noise in many of the videos (especially the fountain running in several).

Paul6 December 2020

Just completed the introduction. I think it is important to understand the the reasoning behind what you are doing. It all forms the overall strategy for success.

Ed17 October 2020

Needed to get some video marketing into our regular marketing schedule. Dom's course has really helped give us a starting point to build and grow our video marketing. Thanks!


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