How To Startup Your Own SaaS (Software As a Service) Company

Build The Next Breakthrough Startup SaaS Company - Bring Your Idea To Life

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What you will learn

Do market research to come up with a software idea

How to get very specific coming up with your idea

How to come up with a brand name

How to stay organized using Google Drive to build your software

How to find and work with a Joint Venture Partner if you choose to

You will learn how to hire a developer using freelance sites such as Upwork

How to pick a programming language for your sofware

You will learn how to setup trials, and payment systems for selling your software

You will learn how to find the right design and layout for making the right impression

Use "beta" user feedback to improve and fix issues prior to launch

Record training content for your software users

Properly market and launch your software to the massess

How to setup long term support and grow your software over time


Are you entrepreneurial and yearning to build the next big thing without a programming background?

Have an idea in your mind that you want the world to see?

Maybe you don't like current solutions and want to build a solution to a "pain" you've faced?

That's what this course is for - you are going to:

  • Learn about the benefits of building your own SaaS (Software As a Service) business

  • Come up with your own unique software idea

  • Use market research to find paying customers

  • Find a joint venture partner to build a business with

  • Hire your first developer to build your software

  • Work and communicate with your developer over time to maximize results

  • Properly test and QA your software prior to launch

  • Beta test your software with users and get proper feedback

  • Create helpful video content that can train your users

  • Market and launch your software for high impact results

  • Support your users and grow your software long term

If you've ever had a SaaS startup idea of your own that you really wanted to execute but didn't know where to start, then this course enables you to realize how to build it from design to shipment without writing a single line of code.

Who's teaching it? My name is John Shea and I've been in the online marketing space for over 6 years. In 2017 I launched a SaaS application called Evolutly and decided to share everything about how I launched it inside this course. 

Why would I take it? There is nothing like the feeling that you can build anything. When I started learning about software development, I felt overwhelmed by all that I had to learn though I still wanted to. 

If you're ever felt that way or don't have too much time to invest in learning, then this course will convince you that is very possible to take your ideas and make them into reality.

What will I do? You will mostly be working with your ideas and a developer to bring your idea to life. Most of the work involves your instruction to help them create your vision.

How much time? Most of the time will be dedicated to working with the developer and marketing your product properly. Most of the time invested will be on the developers side and not yours. Depending on how complex your idea is could depend on how long it takes to come to life.

Who is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to build the next big thing

  • Investors looking to quickly validate concepts

  • Designers interested in making their work come alive

  • Development beginners who seek to understand SaaS startups

  • Anyone wanting to get into the rapidly-growing world of startups


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Week 1 - What To Expect In This Course

Introduction To The Course
Need Help?
What Are The Benefits Of a SaaS Business?
Examples Of Successful SaaS Companies

Week 1 - Determining Your Niche

Go Where The Pain Is
Getting Very Niche Specific
Market Research
Getting Your Target Customers Feedback

Week 2 - Getting Organized & Planning

Coming Up With a Brand Name
Using Google Drive To Stay Organized
Creating Your Feature "Wish List"
Creating Your Master Task List Document

Week 2 - Finding a JV Partner & Funding

Why a Partner Can Help You Grow & Launch Faster
Learning From My Success and Failure With Partnerships
Creating a JV Contract With a Partner
Crowdsourcing To Raise Funds
Should You Take Out a Loan?
Real Quick..

Week 3 - Hiring a Development Team & Your Backend

What Programming Languages To Consider
Introduction To UpWork
Submitting a Job & Vetting Your Prospects
Other Freelance Sites
Hosting For Web Development
Using Bubble For DIY Software and Mockup

Week 3 - Moving Through Development

Why Communication Is Critical
Perseverance & Consistency Is Key
Creating Short Video Clips
Payment Platform Options & Recurring Payments
Your Payment Gateway Options
Creating Trials For Your Software
First Impressions Are Huge - It's 2017
Custom Interface Options Vs. Paid Theme Layouts

Week 4 - Testing & Quality Assurance

Why Testing Is So Critical
Tackling Bugs Quickly and Being Detailed

Week 4 - The "Beta Phase"

Giving Out Demo Accounts and Beta Access
Tracking Beta User Feedback

Week 5 - Creating Training Videos For Your SaaS

Creating Training Videos For Your Software
Tools For Recording Your Training
Video Hosting

Week 5 - Marketing Your SaaS - "The Launch"

"If You Build It, They Will Come"
Building a Sales Page With Clickfunnels
Building a Sales Page with Thrive Themes Content Builder (Alternative)
Adding Your Pages With Wordpress
Telling Your Story
The $12,000 Evolutly Webinar Case Study
The $40,000 SaaS Case Study - Phone Wagon
Scheduling One on One Demos
Hiring a Virtual Assistant For Outreach
Cold Email Prospecting With Mailshake and Linkedin
Finding Joint Venture Opportunities & Affiliates
Networking To Your Benefit - Doing Interviews
Guest Blogging
Beta List
Product Hunt
Black Hat World
Paid Advertising

Week 6 - Long Term Support & Conclusion

Setting Up a Support Desk
Intercom Chat & Announcements
Customer Support and Feedback
Conclusion To The Course

Bonus Content

Interview with Paul James - Founder Of Requistimate
Bonus: How I'm Landing $1000 Clients Every Month


May 9, 2022
I was impressed by the fact that the course covered so many different aspects of creating a SaaS company. I also loved the fact that most of if was based on John's personal experience launching his own company.
April 27, 2022
From first seconds it was looking nice, but when author said that he created Evolutly which looks very unpofessional and seams like is not popular at all (I am nut sure there is at least one client with such awefull pricing scheme), I have a big dubts he knows topic at all
August 26, 2020
Introduction course! Coming from an SEO & content niche site owners, I am struggling with the development part more than the marketing stuff. I would give it 5 stars if it goes into more details on that
April 8, 2020
The course is very generic when it comes to SAAS company development. It is heavily relied on how to use third-party services, while I expected to learn more about software development and more details about practices how to architect software, run the team and manage the whole process of the software development. In a nutshell, I have a feeling that course neither fully goes on the business side of the SAAS development and neither on the side of actual software development process. It has a poor concentration on particular topic and teaching you internet, rather than SAAS company startup development.
December 24, 2018
Good overview over the Saas market! It's focused more on marketers than on developers but gives you an interesting plan to start your own business.
May 5, 2018
John Shea course is one of the best courses on Udemy on starting a SaaS(Software As a Service) Company.John's course is up to date and what takes his course to the next level is that he goes into how Digital Marketing,Outsourcing,and SaaS development integrate together.There is no other course that connects all the dots.I recommend that you take this class as soon as possible.Great course.Take it!
March 9, 2018
Only paid $11 and found it hard to get value out of it. Nothing detailed enough to justify $200. All of this information can be found for free and in a more entertaining manner. Respect of hustle of creating the course, but it missed on what I was expecting.
February 1, 2018
John Shea will give you the various options for each step of developing your business. From hosting to freelancing, you will have a good idea how to implement your idea and the associated cost expectations.
January 31, 2018
This course is a case study of his own SaaS startup in Digital Marketing. If you're looking for a real 'How To' on starting your own SaaS company in an industry other than marketing, this course offers limited advice beyond how to organize information in various Google Docs. No disrespect intended.
December 28, 2017
The course was excellent. It was well researched, well organized and original. The presentation style of the instructor was friendly and the explanations were clear. I would have liked to see suggestions for further research into the nature of SAAS companies. This would be for business ideas and also for a better understanding of online services. For example, there is a book - SAAS for Dummies which gives some additional details about SAAS. There are also industry lists but I do not know where to find them. I would have also liked to see more suggestions on continuing education - how to keep up with new developments and ideas - although the digital marketing blog recommendations were excellent. However - for a reasonably priced course - the instructor went beyond his call of duty.
December 20, 2017
The instructor really showed he spent a lot of time creating this course. The pace was great, allowing me to get through in just a couple of weeks. Retention was easy because the instructor engaged my learning. After completing the course, I feel I am ready to implement the strategies I learned.
September 10, 2017
This course is awesome! I have just finished the entire course, I only need to watch the last bonus video with the interview, and then I'm done with the course. I have already gotten ideas for making 3-4 SaaS companies! Looking so much forward to start developing my new "SaaS's"!!! I can highly recommend this course to anybody, who might thinking about taking this course, but is not completly sure, if it's the right course for them! It's a killer course! Thanks a lot John, for taking me through how to make a SaaS company from A-Z!
September 2, 2017
Great job! This course is filled with amazing information on SAAS company creation and the current online business environment. The instructor is very concise and open about what he did to establish his online presence and has very much empowered me to realize these opportunities. This is truly an excellent course and I will definitely recommend this course to others interested in starting an online business.
August 22, 2017
Instructor is doing a good job of setting up our expectations for the course and getting me excited at the possibilies that can come from my final product. Some courses make me want to tap out by this point. Not so much with this one.
August 21, 2017
The course is well-organized and thorough. It gives you a nice introduction to the SaaS space and introduces you to enough tools and platforms to get you started in the right direction. How good it is depends on what you want to get out of it. It's​ exactly what I was looking for, loads of good info to take action on. Thanks John!



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