How To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Learn everything you need to know about starting your own SEO & Web Design business as a digital marketer.

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What you will learn

Setup a Wordpress Agency Website

Understand how to start an LLC

Find new clients through cold calling and other online methods

Understand how to outsource SEO

Utilize CRM and invoicing tools you can use with your business

Send & Create Proposals for clients

Understand basic concepts of SEO and offering it as a service


There are now over 130 lectures in the course and over 8.5 hours of content!

I've added over 60 brand new lectures which cover topics such as additional tools, prospecting methods, working with clients, reporting, outsourcing, organization, a project management approach to SEO and much more.

Have you ever thought about starting your own SEO Agency?

This A-Z Blueprint Will Teach You How To Build Your Own SEO Consulting Business

It's Time To Start a Real Business..  

Let's go through the "pains" of starting your own SEO consulting business...

Pain #1: How Do I Start My Own SEO Agency Website & Business?   

I walk through my own personal agency site and show you exactly how to set one up yourself using the Wordpress platform. I reveal everything I'm doing myself so you can model it. I even walk you through concepts of starting your business LLC. 

Pain #2: How Do I Start Getting SEO Clients?   

I'm going to walk you through actual case studies of how I landed both web design and SEO clients using various different methods. I leave nothing on the table and show you everything you need to know to do this yourself. This section alone includes over 3 hours of tactics and methods.

Pain #3: I'm Not Good At Closing Sales  

I'm going to share methods on how you can start closing sales right over the phone. One of the biggest issues with closing clients is actually getting them to move forward with saying "yes" and getting that first invoice paid. 

Pain #4: How Do I Manage Leads & Automate Client Outreach?   

I'm going to show you the exact CRM tools I use to collect prospect information and keep track of the progress you make with each lead. This will help you stay organized and automate as much as possible.

Pain #5: Ok Now I Have Clients, How Do I Do The SEO Work?   

I walk you through a step by step task list I use for my clients on a monthly basis. You can copy this exact list and modify it as needed for your own clients. The task list has 6+ months of very specific tasks you can do yourself or outsource with a virtual team. 

Pain #6: There Are So Many SEO Tools Out There, What Do I Really Need?   

I have specific videos covering various tools that I use in my business and why they are important. You will know exactly what tools you can incorporate into your consulting business. 

Pain #7: I'd Rather Focus On Sales and Not Do Any Of The SEO Work  

I dedicate an entire week to showing you outsourced SEO service providers you can use to literally outsource ALL of the work if you choose to. I give you the option of either doing it yourself or simply letting others handle all the work for you.

Pain #8: I've Already Invested In Other SEO Courses, How Is This Different?   

I spent thousands on various SEO courses, I started taking action on as much as possible but quickly found there were many 'gaps' in areas a lot of these other courses didn't cover. That's exactly why I built this course based on my own experiences of trial and error.   

What People are Saying...

I wish this course existed 5 years ago when I started my digital marketing agency!

I already own a digital marketing agency, but I bought this course as I thought I may find some useful stuff for me. And, I was very happy that I did it - my investment in this course was well worth. I wish such course existed 5 years ago when I started my digital marketing agency! This is a no BS, straight to the point course which will guide you in a very detailed manner how to start and run your web agency.

It will clearly show you the action plan for setting up a real business, and demonstrate how to prospect for clients using many proven tactics. It is indeed very useful and valuable information you'd need to run a successful digital marketing agency. As John shares his own experiences in setting his own digital marketing agency, you can learn how to avoid many of the pitfalls, saving your time and money. If you are planning to start a web agency selling services to offline businesses, I'd highly recommend you to enroll in this course. This course is packed full of useful actionable information. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer.

Raaj P. (Web Designer & Digital Marketer)

He takes you right along with him, like he would an apprentice in his own office...

I've taken some other courses by John Shea, so when I saw this new course--his most comprehensive yet--I didn't hesitate to buy it. Why you may ask? Because of the two words that come to mind when I think about John and his work: Authenticity and Actionability. Firstly, John is real--he's not just another mass course-producing vending machine that relies on flashy videos and slick promises, but with little substance.

John actually works full-time in real life, doing exactly what he's teaching in this course. And he takes you right along with him, like he would an apprentice in his own office, and shows you everything with great honesty. Secondly, you will discover many valuable, actionable strategies in this course--from starting up your LLC and website to finding clients and writing up contracts to outsourcing work. Even already established web or SEO business people are likely to discover useful tips. So if you want a fluff-free, non-sugar-coated look at what it's really like to have your own digital online marketing agency, and want all of John's insight into how he made his successful, then I strongly recommend for you to sign up now.

Dr. Philips. (Entrepreneur)

In-Depth Video Training 

8+ Weeks Of Video Training That Will Get Your SEO Consulting Business Off The Ground

Module 1 - Your Website

Duration: 35m

You will discover how to start your own consulting website to show your prospects and showcase your work.

Module 2 - Your Business

Duration: 20m

This module covers starting your business and what you should be aware of when getting started. 

Module 3 - SEO Training

Duration: 1h 30m

We show you how to create a project management approach for outsourcing SEO Tasks and how to perform them.

Module 4 - Getting Clients

Duration: 2h 30m

This modules shows live case studies of actual clients I brought on board and various ways you can bring on new clients for your business. 

Module 5 - Closing Sales

Duration: 1h  

This module covers closing sales and working with existing clients once you have them. 

Module 6 - CRM Tools

Duration: 20m

This module covers automation and using CRM tools for tracking prospects and lead data. 

Module 7 - SEO Tools

Duration: 1h  5m 

This module covers various SEO Tools I use within my business that will help with all aspects of SEO. 

Module 8 - Outsourcing SEO

Duration: 1h               

This module covers outsourcing SEO to various services providers and companies. 

Module 9 - Taking Action

Duration: 10m

In this module we discuss taking action on what you've learned and how you can go out and start generating some new business.

Bonus Content

Duration: 2h                

The bonus section includes interviews and live calls to help you propel your business and get you motivated to do more. 

Even More Testimonials...

Incredible amounts of information on starting a digital marketing agency.

“Really enjoyed having each lecture description in discussion area. You literally optimized the course for everyone to learn as much possible without spending time taking notes or hunting down your resources.

Excellent, clear, concise instruction presented in a professional, straight forward manner. I have to say I am a bit shocked you would just lay out a business for people like this, but believe me when I say, it is greatly appreciated John.

You really got me thinking about narrowing down my niche and approaching this from a completely different manner, as well as outsourcing and finding a partner. I really enjoyed and appreciate the course and the amount of information shared in it. Outstanding job honestly."

Ron R. (Web Designer & Digital Marketer)

It's very helpful for me to learn from someone who is actually in the trenches and doing it...

“This is someone who actually works in the digital marketing field and knows the tools and tricks to get results. Its very helpful for me to learn from someone who is actually in the trenches and doing it."

Marco L. (Entrepreneur)

No stones are left un-turned...

“The instructor walks through all the steps he takes and has taken to build his web design/SEO business. No stones are left un-turned. I walked away from this course feeling like I could repeat the exact steps outlined and be successful."

Eric S. (Entrepreneur)

John actually built an agency from this model...

“I was really happy to see that this course was built from experience and not just from theory. John actually built an agency from this model (and shares real world examples in the course), and thanks to this course I am confident I can too. Well worth the money!"

Lee M. (Entrepreneur)


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Week 1 - Introduction To The Course

What To Expect From This Course
Have Questions?
Action Steps

Week 1 - Building a Simple Agency Website

Should You Focus On a Specific Niche & Service Offering?
Getting Creative With Your Agency Name
Registering a Domain
Web Hosting
Setting Up Your Website With Wordpress
Creating a Professional Email Address
Recommended Themes & Plugins
Website Graphics & Business Cards
Another Source For Graphics
Walking You Through My Niche Focused Agency Website
Offering Web Design & SEO?
Real Quick..

Week 2 - Setting Up Your New Business

Introduction To Week 2
Starting Your Own Company
Registering an LLC
Setting Up Your Business On Google+ & Yelp
Why Having a Partner Will Help Grow Your Agency

Week 2 - A Project Management Approach To SEO Tasks

Introduction To This Section
Introduction To Trello
Trello Setup & Demo
Trello SEO Overview
Google My Business
Bing Places
Apple Maps
Bing Webmaster Tools
Google Search Console
Wordpress Plugins
Google Analytics
Pretty Link Lite
Marketers Center Services
Schema Markup
Google Shares
Brightlocal Reports
SEO Powersuite Audit
On-page SEO
Silo Structure
Final Walk Through

Week 3 - How To Acquire New Clients

Introduction To Week 3
Introduction To Getting Clients For Your Agency
Video & Photo Tools
Creating Valuable Website & Local SEO Analysis Videos For Potential Clients
Prospecting Strategy #1 - Hot Lead Finder
Prospecting Strategy #2 - Finding Businesses That Already Spend Money
Prospecting Strategy #3 - Using LinkedIn To Approach Prospects
Prospecting Strategy Bonus: LinkedIn Auto Client Method
Using Moz Local
An Example Prospect Video That Landed Me a $750/month Client
An Example Prospect Video That Landed Me a $500 Website Design Client
Using Scopeleads To Find Unlimited Prospects
Template Emails For Contacting Potential Clients
Following Up With a Cold Call
Cold Call Tactic - Offering To Setup The Google+ Business Page
Offering To Meet Clients In Person
HubSpot Sales For Email Prospecting

Week 4 - CRM Lead Tools & Automation

Introduction To Week 4
Getting Started With Nutshell
Setting Up a Lead System In Nutshell
Integrating WuFoo Forms with Nutshell
Using Google Drive as a CRM

Week 5 - Closing Sales & Working With Existing Clients

Introduction To Week 5
Contracts For Your Work
How To Invoice Clients
Providing Clients With a Proposal For SEO
Creating Case Studies After Getting Positive Results For Clients

Week 5 - Working With Clients

The Bigger Picture
Onboarding Your Clients
The Typical Types Of Clients You Will Find
Scheduling Bi-weekly or Monthly Calls
Taking Notes & Being Hands Free
Organization For Next Steps, Scheduled Calls & More
The Importance Of Regular Communication
The Mentality Between Getting a $300 Client vs. a $1000 Client

Week 5 - Pro-Active Communication About Client Success

What Does It Mean To Be Pro-Active?
Listen to 5 Phone Calls
Leadpages Custom Rank Tracking & Audit Reports For Clients

Week 6 - SEO Tools I Use

Introduction To Week 6
SEO Powersuite
LongTail Pro Keyword Research
UpCity Local SEO
GeoRanker For Checking Your Rankings
Sales Genie
Leadpages & Thrive Themes
Social Media Auto Posting: JetPack & Buffer
Infinite WP - Website Management

Week 7 - Outsourcing SEO & Becoming The Middle Man

Introduction To Week 7
Should I Outsource Or Do The Work Myself?
Finding Whitelabel SEO Providers
Pricing Your Services Higher
Bartering Services
SourceMarket (Now KonKer) for SEO Services

Week 8 - Conclusion & Focusing On Staying Consistent

Staying Focused On Your Business
Conclusion To The Course

Bonus Section: Interviews & Resources

Bonus: My Highly Recommended Agency Guide
Interview with Rahul of - Part 1
Interview with Rahul of - Part 2
Bonus: Learn Even More About I'm Landing $1000 Clients Every Month

Bonus Mini Course - Google My Business Optimization

Upcoming Mini Courses
Why Having Google My Business is Critical For Every Local Business
Intro to Google My Business
An Example Google My Business Page Setup
Setting Your Service Distance & Address
Selecting The Best Business Category
Creating a Good Introduction For Your Page
Tagging Photos Inside Of Google My Business or Using Picasa
Bulk Tagging Photos With a Location
Organizing Photos From Clients
Viewing Insights About Your Business
A Completed Google My Business Profile - Getting to 100%
Why Reviews Are So Important
Responding To Reviews
The Review Handout Generator
What I've Noticed From High Impression Count Google My Business Pages

Bonus Mini Course - SEO Audits

Creating Zero Issue Audit Reports - Introduction
Why is an SEO audit important?
Introduction To SEO Powersuite's Website Auditor
Running Your Audit Scan
My Website Auditor
Running Advanced Audits With Screaming Frog
SEMRush Website Auditor
Yoast SEO For Wordpress
Bulk Editing Title & Meta Tags
Fixing Alt Tags - Media Library Extended
SEO Enforcer Plugin


October 7, 2021
The information about Trello set up and to use it was the best explanation I received compared to other courses I had studied. The coverage of the SEO Tools and their advantages and disadvantages was of great value to me. John Shea's teaching style is direct and insightful.
August 13, 2021
Until now, I'm very satisfied with the course, because I learn more about creating a Digital Marketing then in a blog or by searching Google.
January 12, 2019
This is now 2021 when courses for starting a digital agency if way over priced and under serviced. however this course cover from the concept to the client acquisition.
August 3, 2017
wow! such an amazing course. I just graduated and started my own advertising agency I want to thank the teacher so much for the insights and the knowledge he has provided. Truly beneficial and his ideas and startegies for getting clients using a video audit for lead generation is my favorite thing I learned. Hope you continue to provide more courses
July 27, 2017
Excellent course. Gives great advice in numerous sections. I already watched similar courses, but I' m still learning a lot. Thanks so much.
July 17, 2017
Good intro and insight into planning before you setup an agency. Useful document templates provided and a clear strategy for finding potential clients. The detailed breakdown of tools you can use was very useful.
July 8, 2017
LOVE the to-do lists and actual tasks you've laid out. I've never seen that before. You're not speaking in theory and abstracts - it's all actionable. Thank you!
July 6, 2017
Excellent course put together by John. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to get a head start in the Digital Marketing space.
May 27, 2017
I did not like the beginning, the pace was too slow and unconvincing. However as the course went on, it improved. There are several good and practical advices which - along with the relative scarcity of courses about this topic - make it worth buying.
May 22, 2017
This course is awesome, one of the best courses so far.This is just a cooked meal ready to serve. With this course there is no excuse, as to why one should fail to start his or own agency.
May 12, 2017
I love how detailed the instructor is with every step. He just lays it all out and tells exactly how to do each thing.
May 10, 2017
John Shea is a great teacher - he simplifies every step he took to create his own Digital Marketing Agency. Plus, he teaches you the basics of SEO. Totally recommended!!
April 1, 2017
Great course, instructor is dedicated to making my business a success, and I've learned a lot. Very grateful for having been able to take this class. Helped me ALOT!!!
January 26, 2017
Perfect for beginners, but not so valuable for someone who already has a bit of knowledge with SEO and setting up sites.
January 26, 2017
John is very thorough in taking a person step by step how the process would work in real life - this is not a theory class. Excellent value; highly recommend!



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