Keto Kickstart: Get Faster Weight Loss With A Ketogenic Diet

Learn exactly how to quickly lose weight, gain energy, and improve your health by eating a ketogenic diet.

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Nov 2018

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What you will learn

Effortlessly lose weight to get into those jeans hanging in your closet.

Reduce blood sugar to reverse or avoid type 2 diabetes.

Improve metabolic health conditions like fatty liver disease and PCOS.

Gain energy, mental clarity and eliminate sugar addiction.



If so, you need to eat a ketogenic diet.

I've helped a ton of people be successful eating keto and I can help you too!


If you're unhappy with your weight and have tried everything with no results....cutting calories, fad diets or hitting the gym for hours, then you are NOT alone!

For the last 50 years our way of eating has been driven by governmental guidelines that tell us to move more and eat less. Or that eating low-fat will make you healthier.

The low-fat eating experiment has been an epic failure.

The problem is simple...

You've just been focusing on the WRONG EATING PLAN.

But there's another BIG problem...

The internet!  It's full of misinformation and contradictions.

With information overload, it's hard to make sense of it all!

You want to make a change and be successful, but just don't know where or how to start.

And so you end up… not starting at all.

Keto is incredibly effective when done right.

So I created Keto Kickstart to help people do keto the right way.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • What it means to go keto and what a keto eating plan looks like. 

  • How keto works in your body to improve many common health conditions. Yes, there is a keto advantage for weight loss. 

  • How to determine your carb target to get fast and sustainable results. 

  • What foods to eat and what to avoid when going keto. 

  • A 5-step action plan that walks you through the process of implementing a keto diet. 

  • How to overcome some of the common challenges when starting a keto diet. 

And you get 3 juicy bonuses...

  • Bonus #1: The Ultimate Keto Food List

  • Bonus #2: Keto Dining Out Guide

  • Bonus #3: 7-day meal plan

You are probably asking this question...

How is this course different from all the other keto courses on Udemy?

My guess is that I'm the only college nutrition professor teaching a ketogenic diet course.  I've seen people change their lives through the power of food.

As a PhD and a registered dietitian, I'm not willing to risk my credentials by providing a bunch of bogus information. I want to help more people (that's you) by making a high-quality course full of practical information that gets you results.


See you inside!



Keto Kickstart: Get Faster Weight Loss With A Ketogenic Diet
Keto Kickstart: Get Faster Weight Loss With A Ketogenic Diet
Keto Kickstart: Get Faster Weight Loss With A Ketogenic Diet
Keto Kickstart: Get Faster Weight Loss With A Ketogenic Diet


Foundation of Your Keto Plan

Introduction To Keto Kickstart

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

5 Reasons You Should Go Keto

How Keto Helps You Burn Fat

Keto Improves Metabolic Health

How Low Carb Should You Go?

What Foods To Eat On Keto

Implement Your Keto Eating Plan

Game Plan To Implement Keto

What To Do Before You Start Keto?

Step 1: Kitchen Detox

Step 2: Meal Plan & Shop

Step 3: Keto Cooking

Step 4: Rules For Eating Keto

Step 5: Evaluate Progress

Troubleshooting Your Keto Plan

Introduction To Troubleshooting

Overcoming Keto Side Effects

Time Management

Weight Loss Plateaus and Stalls

Dining Out Keto

Keto On A Budget

Monitoring Your Ketones


Thank You and Bonus Materials

Thank You and Bonus Materials

5 Common Keto Mistakes People Make.

Do You Need Ketosis For Weight Loss?

Should I Eat If I'm Not Hungry?

How Do I Get My Mojo Back?

Is It OK to have a cheat meal?

Should I Exercise On A Ketogenic Diet?

How Do I Determine If I'm In Ketosis Without Measuring Ketones?

Should I Use Ketone Supplements?

Should I Snack Between Meals?

Should I Track My Macros?

How Often Should I Weigh?

Should I Track Net or Total Carbs?


Simarjot28 June 2020

I think this course is not apt for an Indian on a vegetarian diet. Should have included a vegetarian meal plan also

Carolynn18 May 2019

So far so good. I find Dr. JJ easy to understand. He goes into depth on basic areas, which I like. I look forward to continuing my keto journey with Dr.JJ and my personal Dr. I have not asked Dr.JJ any questions yet, but I feel like he is approachable and I like that too. Dr.JJ on keto minute 31 (I believe), it's suppose to be on keto supplements (which I was interested in), but it is a repeat of a prior keto minute on "cheat meals". I hope you read this and can do the keto minute on keto supplements. I'm enjoying and learning from your keto course. Thank you, Carolynn


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