Become an Independent Business Consultant Today

A step by step guide to launch your work from home, freelance consulting business.

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Apr 2020

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What you will learn

How to become a self-employed business consultant

How to start and run your own consulting business

How to create and sell a consulting "product"

Lead generation through relationships and networking

How to work from home, pick your clients, pick your hours


Need a new start? A fresh challenge? Work on your passion? It's time to start your consulting business.

This course is a step by step guide to launch your Freelance Consulting Business.

We all know a freelance graphic designer, copywriter, photographer, and coach. There is a great business space for the freelance business consultant as well. And this course will get you there. Join to learn how to:

  • Turn consulting into a simple product you can sell easily

  • Make a first impression that converts contacts to clients

  • Create your network of clients and referrals

If you are itching to launch your own business after your time in the corporate or business world, then this course is for you. "Consulting" can feel like a broad, nebulous thing, and you can have many consultants in a room who are not actually in competition with one another.

What is the product? How do you describe it to your prospects? How do you connect with people and expand your reach?

This course shares a method to define what your particular skill and expertise is, and how to take that to the market. We will also get you ready to present yourself to the world, and then build a network of contacts that will keep you in business for the long term.

This course will get you - the independent business consultant - up and running so you can focus on client growth right from the start. 

Student Reviews

"Very informative. Excellent strategies for creating a successful consulting business."

"Rebecca was really great, she clearly knows her stuff. I hope to keep in touch with her, as I feel like she would be a very good resource!"

Course Overview

This course is structured in sections to address all the areas needed to launch your consulting business. Whether this is your main gig or a side income, this course will get you up and running, quickly.

We will start by creating a concrete definition of your service, so you have something to pitch right away. Then we will go through various steps to get your collateral, your marketing, and how to make your first contacts.

Then we will talk about the value of your network and how to use it for continuous business growth.

Check the Bonus section for new videos addressing different areas of work helpful to the freelance consultant.


Become an Independent Business Consultant Today
Become an Independent Business Consultant Today
Become an Independent Business Consultant Today
Become an Independent Business Consultant Today



What Will You Learn

Who Am I

Should You Become a Freelance Consultant?

Pre-Game: Define Your Expertise

What do you produce

What do you enjoy

Defining your new service as a product

Defining your business model

Determine your price

When to talk about your price

Do you need a mission statement?

Preparing Your Materials

Why branded materials matter

Online presence

Physical materials

More on Printed Materials

Lead Generation - Build your contacts list

Why it matters

Friends and Family

In-person networking

Online networking


What have you learned and how can you use it.

Relationship Building - Your marketing

Why it matters

Know - Like - Trust

How to make YOU matter - from my YouTube channel

Keeping in touch

A good Client Experience

How to prepare for a meeting

How to follow up a meeting

Thank you and keep in touch

This concludes our course

Bonus - Admin & Tips

Admin Tools

Marketing is everything you know

Branding is everything you do

Sales Targets are not a Growth Strategy

Grow Your Business When You Are Busiest

Don't Compete on Price


Lauren6 September 2020

I liked the pace of the course. It was more like a conversation and reminded me to think of a lot of things I wasn't thinking about. I believe I will revisit this several times before I launch my business because it has value before you start, during your planning, and once you've launched.

Zoey17 June 2020

Rebecca was really great, she clearly knows her stuff. I hope to keep in touch with her, as I feel like she would be a very good resource!

Marcio25 June 2019

Some interesting insights throughout the explanations. However, the course is a mix and match of different presentations at different moments, which reduces its perceived value. There's a mix of useful information but also repetition. It is worth for the discount price.


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