How To Sell Your Invention and Set Up Your Business

Learn how to sell or license your product or business, plus we teach you how to set your business up for success!


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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Selling your invention

Go to market with invention

Identify potential buyers

Licensing options


Go to market

Identify the market


As entrepreneurs, inventors, and visionaries, our team has experienced first-hand, all of the challenges of turning an idea into a reality. Ed Ramirez, the founder of The Entrepreneur Project has also experienced the benefits of transforming an idea into a product or business. He has experienced all of the hardships that come with inventing a product or starting a business and he has a whole host of knowledge that we are now able to share with you today.

At this point in your entrepreneur path, you’ve likely assessed your finances, your time, and your expertise, and have made the decision to manufacture your product on your own. Up until now, you’ve been working in the world of ideas. Now, you’ll be shifting from the conceptual to the material. We are going to teach you about all the manufacturing practices such as mold production, product costs, test production run, packaging design, shipping logistics, and local manufacturing pros and cons.

Once we discuss the manufacturing practices, we are going to go into the basics of distribution. We will start by discussing the reseller landscape, how to forecast your future distribution, third-party logistics and if you should use them, and how you can live or die by distribution.

We will provide you resources to our recommended manufacturers, third-party logistic companies, graphic designers for your packaging materials, and more! 


How To Sell Your Invention and Set Up Your Business
How To Sell Your Invention and Set Up Your Business
How To Sell Your Invention and Set Up Your Business
How To Sell Your Invention and Set Up Your Business


Decision Plan

Go to Market or Licensing


Licensing Options

Go to Market with Invention

Selling Your Invention

Identify Potential Buyers

Identify Market

Business Set Up

Business Plan: The Heartbeat of Your Business

How Important is a Business Plan?

Initial Business Funding

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