How to score a 5 in AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP)

Learn the strategy, understand what you need to absolutely care about, and gain access to some study material.

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How to score a 5 in AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP)
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Nov 2018
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This course explains what one need to absolutely care about and what should be the strategy to get 5 out of 5 in AP CSP exam. This course is not meant to teach the subject itself.

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🏆 **Master AP Computer Science Principles with Om Desai!** 🚀 ## **Course Title:** How to Score a 5 in AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) 🎫 ### **Headline:** Learn the Strategy, Understand What You Need to Care About, and Gain Access to Study Material! 📚✨ Are you ready to conquer the AP Computer Science Principles exam? With only **14%** of test-takers achieving a perfect score in 2018, securing a 5 out of 5 is no small feat. But with the right guidance and strategy, it's absolutely within reach! 🔍 **Course Description:** Om Desai, an accomplished course instructor who achieved a 5 on his AP CSP exam in just 8th grade, has distilled his success into a comprehensive online course. This isn't just a series of lessons; it's a blueprint to acing the AP CSP exam. **Why this course?** - **Expert Insight:** Learn from someone who's been in your shoes and achieved the top score. - **Proven Strategy:** Discover the approach that helped Om succeed, tailored for your learning style. - **Detailed Rubrics:** Understand how to align your work with the College Board's expectations. - **Real Examples:** See practical examples of Explore and Create tasks that score highly. - **Study Materials:** Get additional resources to supplement your preparation for the written exam. **What You'll Learn:** 🎥 **6 Part Video Series:** Over 1.5 hours of engaging, focused content broken down into manageable segments: 1. **Introduction to AP CSP Structure & Format** - Get a clear understanding of what the exam entails and how it's scored. 2. **Strategies for the Explore Tasks** - Learn the best practices for completing the Explore tasks effectively. 3. **Deep Dive into the Create Tasks** - Gain insights on how to tackle the Create tasks with confidence. 4. **Understanding and Applying Computer Science Principles** - Learn the core concepts you must understand to excel in the exam. 5. **Practice and Review** - Receive guidance on how to review and improve your tasks based on the rubric. 6. **Final Tips & Exam Strategy** - Get last-minute tips and strategies to maximize your performance on exam day. **What's Inside:** - A step-by-step approach to understanding what you need to care about in your preparation. - Strategies for tackling both Explore and Create tasks, with examples that demonstrate excellence according to the rubric. - A comprehensive overview of the key computer science principles you must grasp. - Supplemental reading materials to reinforce your knowledge for the written portion of the exam. **Who is this course for?** - Middle and high school students preparing for the AP CSP exam. - Teachers looking for resources to help their students excel. - Parents who want to support their children's academic journey. - Anyone interested in computer science and its applications. 📅 **Enroll now and take the first step towards achieving an outstanding score on your AP CSP exam!** 🎓 Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from a success story who has been where you are. With Om's guidance, you'll gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to tackle the AP CSP exam with the best possible outcome in mind. Let's embark on this journey together! 🤝🚀


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March 5, 2023
I like it! It's quite an informative and comprehensive introduction to the AP CSP Course and Exam, and it's great that the tutor has organized the series in a manageable manner that's easy to keep track of.
February 9, 2021
As an AP CSP teacher... this is a good effort from a student, but the content is not relevant to the title.
December 3, 2018
Its a little slow moving course but if you stick around then it provides wealth of information to save you from making silly mistakes in completing & submitting some of the tasks requirements for AP CSP, and I think that's the key to score well. Provided preparation material is a bit useful but course doesn't actually teach that. Meaning, over-all, informative course to take if you know the subject and focusing on improving your score, but don't take it if you want to learn the subject matter itself.
December 1, 2018
The course provides the information & knowledge what is says it is meant to provide. I think this will really help me in targeting 5 out of 5 as I prepare for this AP exam. I think the details we usually don't focus on and lost some points are well explained here. It is slow going course for my taste though, but that is a personal preference and depends on how much you already know. Also, I couldn't figure out how to access details in the "Description Section" so I have asked that question. Hope the instructor will answer soon. I would highly recommend and perhaps rate it 4.55 if allowed to rate in fractions :) Going with the rating of 4 for now....



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