How to reach advanced level in English as a foreign language

How to make the jump from intermediate to advanced level in English

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

How to reach advanced level in English as a foreign language

Tips and ideas which will help you get a lot better in English

How to get high scores in English tests such as IELTS and Toefl

How to understand complex texts and conversations in English

How to speak fluently in English


In this course, we will learn about the things we can do to improve or English as a foreign language and the steps we can take to reach advanced level in English. During this course, I will share all my knowledge and useful tips that helped me in the past to accomplish my goal to reach advanced level and I'm sure it will help everyone who enrolls in this course just like it helped me. After completing this course, you will get a lot better at English and how much you work at it will determine how long it will take for you to reach advanced level and be able to prove it in related language tests.

You can also find helpful quizzes and supporting documents in this course. This course is divided into four main sections. These sections are reading, listening, speaking and writing in the same order. During the course we will try to learn what can we do in order to improve our skills on all of these sections which will finally help us reach advanced level in English as a non-native English speaker. If you are preparing for an English test whether it's for educational or work purposes or just personal reasons, it is very important to prove that you have reached advanced level in English and you are more than capable of accomplishing what you plan to do.


How to reach advanced level in English as a foreign language
How to reach advanced level in English as a foreign language
How to reach advanced level in English as a foreign language
How to reach advanced level in English as a foreign language





How to improve vocabulary

Vocabulary Quiz

Phrasal Verbs Lecture

Phrasal Verbs

Complete the sentence by filling in the blanks with the best word available

Read the passage to review the vocabulary you have learned. Answer the questions

Reading Tips

Reading Quiz

Reading Practice

Reading Practice Quiz

Reading Practice - Learning Pronunciation


How to improve listening skills

Listening Practice - Novak Djokovic Interview

Novak Djokovic Quiz

Listening Practice - MLK Speech

MLK Quiz

Listening Practice - George Foreman Interview

George Foreman Quiz

Listening Practice - Michael Jordan Speech

Michael Jordan Quiz

Listening Practice - Dolph Lundgren Speech

Dolph Lundgren Quiz

Listening Practice - Roger Federer Interview

Roger Federer Quiz

Listening Practice - Neil Degrasse Tyson Interview

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Quiz

Listening Practice - Kobe Bryant Interview

Kobe Bryant Quiz

Listening Practice - Lisa Kudrow Interview

Lisa Kudrow Quiz

Listening Practice - Courteney Cox Interview

Courteney Cox Quiz

Listening Practice - Yvonne Orji Interview

Yvonne Orji Quiz

Listening Practice -David Schwimmer Interview

David Schwimmer Quiz

Listening Practice

Listening Tips

Listening Tips Quiz


How to speak fluently in English


How to improve speaking skills

Speaking Quiz

Speaking Practice

Speaking Tips

Speaking Tips Quiz


How to improve writing skills

Writing Quiz

Writing Practice

Writing Tips

Tips Quiz

Final Section

How to maintain the advanced level

Maintaining advanced level Quiz

Final Lecture


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