How to Move Abroad as a Skilled Professional: Work Abroad

This course will talk about how you can move abroad as a skilled professional and take you through their journey

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

This course is for someone who dreams to live abroad and work in one of the developed countries like, Australia, Canada, US, UK, New Zealand, European countries

Journey of Skilled immigrant and major milestone over the Journey to move abroad

Make one self aware about the challenges for moving abroad as Skilled Immigrant and preparing self in advance

Find all the userfull resources and latest update about skilled immigration, like English language requirnment, common challenges in process


By this course, I would like to share the journey of migrant professional, how they move abroad. And also encourage others to get benefited from these migration programs run by many developed countries.

However, due to lack of information, uncertainty and complex visa process, many of my friends and colleagues do not want to take any risk to immigrate these countries.

Moving abroad itself is a challenging and long process and many are not aware or prepare for it.

If you are one of these highly in demanded skill professional, you will surely want to know possible options to migrate to these countries for yours's and your family’s for a better future. So, if you want to know more, please join the journey.


How to Move Abroad as a Skilled Professional: Work Abroad
How to Move Abroad as a Skilled Professional: Work Abroad
How to Move Abroad as a Skilled Professional: Work Abroad
How to Move Abroad as a Skilled Professional: Work Abroad




Right Audience of This Course

Skilled Immigration Basics

How to migrate other country

Who is SkilledTrade Professional

Skilled Program Points Criteria

Quiz 1

Skilled Immigration Common Questions

Why migrate to other country

Which country you can immigrate

When you want to migrate to new country

Quiz 2

Skilled Immigration Common Process and Help

Section Introduction

Where to Start

Search for Right Consultant

Common VISA Processes

Point Score

Quiz 3

Skilled Immigration Challenges and Community

Assess your English Language correctly

Join Like Minded People

Quiz 4




Femina7 December 2020

The course is very easy to understand, to the point, and informative. Might need to add some animation and images to the slide. But overall very useful course. Must be recommended for engineers want to move abroad or a student planning to go for study abroad.

Dipak7 December 2020

Overall, the course was very crisp, clear, and to the point. Many useful and practical information about Skilled Immigration. Very useful.

Disha5 December 2020

Very informative course. Give very much needed glance of journey of skilled immigrant and important milestone on their way. Very much needed course.

V5 December 2020

The course has given me what I was looking for. This course has perfect timing in my life as I am looking for an opportunity to move abroad and this course has provided all answers I was looking for and struggling to find. Thank you very much for the wonderful course. Keep going.

Shaurya5 December 2020

The course was to the point, crisp and clear. Easy to get the wast topic in a short time. Great Course....!!!

Dhara23 November 2020

This the course I was looking for. Very useful content and to the point explanation with very short videos keeps you engage.

Kartik23 November 2020

This is really useful course for the skill professional people who wants to migrate into foreign or develop country. The instructor has given very depth level information for the migration process. I will recommended this course to all of my friends and thank you Vipul for the amazing and useful information.


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