How to Monetize a Blog

Everything you need to know in order to monetize a blog (without being a computer expert)

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How to Monetize a Blog



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Feb 2019

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What you will learn

How to make money blogging

What affiliate marketing is and how to do do it

How to set up a blog

How to write your first post that makes money

How to set up an Amazon Associates account

How to market your blog

Tips for successful blogging


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make MONEY blogging?

Just a few years ago, I was working a boring 9-5 job. Wasn't crazy about it.

Now I'm a professional writer earning six-figures doing what I love. No office, no stress, and no boss breathing down my neck.

I had to learn a lot to get where I am today. Hit a lot of bumps on the road to success.

Fortunately, after you take this course, you won't have to take the hard way I did.

I've condensed everything I've learned about creating, writing, and marketing a blog in this easy-to-follow 17-part course. Once you're done you'll know how to:

  • Start a brand new blog in 15 minutes or less.

  • Pick a topic that people are passionate about (and will spend $$$ on).

  • Write a blog post that converts readers into spenders.

  • Market your blog without spending a single dollar on advertising.

Get the life you want now! Sign up for this course TODAY.




Who is Dave Hamrick?

How to Monetize a Blog

Why Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Types of Affiliate Marketing

What are Niches?

How to Find a Niche

How to Discover Niches on Amazon

How to Discover Niches on Quora and Reddit

Self-Reflection (What Gets You Excited?)

How to Examine the Competition

How to Perform Market Research

How to Set Up an Amazon Associates Account

How to Set Up a Website/Blog

How to Write a Blog Post That Sells

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Conclusion and Tips for Success


Heer6 October 2020

Mr. Dave, you are amazing with what you teach! This course was incredibly helpful. I've begun with my blog recently and this course was exactly what I was looking to learn. Thanks a ton!

OSHIM6 September 2020

Actually It is a great course on Monetisation of a blog but It lacks some practicality of the ideas mentioned.

Harry1 September 2020

He was not bad, but there are other options to developing a successful Blog without affiliate marketing like Amazon.

Geri27 June 2020

Dave appears to have a great deal of knowledge with an authentic desire to share. I like his easy way and look forward to a great experience. Rock on, Dave and thank you. Hurray, half way through, remains exciting information to research, have not landed on a niche yet...ok, I got to the end and it’s definitely more complicated than writing a blog, the pieces are falling together and I’m now ready for a protein shake and starting to blog. Great experience from a master!

Kristina13 June 2020

So far, I think Dave has some valuable suggestions. He says, "To be a successful writer, you gotta wake up every day and write. What could you write about every day? Just make sure your topic is something that you love."

Nora12 June 2020

Dave is such a relatable person. His style of teaching is so positive that you feel his energy and can't help but laugh along with him. It's not hard to absorb everything he is teaching. Love it!

Scott28 April 2020

Very insightful, thank you so much for putting in time do make this course. Very helpful. I took a lot of notes and was able to do most of it step by step with you during the course.

Robert28 April 2020

Good overview on strategies on starting a blog and monetizing it. Decent beginner content including how to find your niche, sign up for affiliate marketing, website creation and marking strategies. Well done.

Ted16 April 2020

So far the content is interesting and inspiring. I’m excited because if I can be taught the marketing and monetization, I love to write.

Lynnette12 April 2020

I learned from this course is to work hard and to do more than everybody else if you want to be sucessful and to do what your good at.

Magnificent4 April 2020

I got a great idea with affiliate marketing and can already think of ways how I can use that for my blog. I am going to go on Quora now and do some research on my topics. There were some great tools and tips in the course.

Matt4 March 2020

Great free course... it did have the vibes of a trial run at building a course... not the first go at it... but I feel that once the bugs are ironed out this could be a fun Udemy instructor... it would be fun to see him own his geek side even more and maybe even teach a course as one of his characters... that would be fun... and different enough I'd sign up for course that I had no interested in... but then again... I take courses for fun while I'm high and working on my site isit420ornot.com so I really appreciate the podcast sort of vibe... but would like to see a little more entertainment... not too extreme like a YouTuber... where things can get more show than the knowledge... just a thought from a stoner... who knows his niche... too shy to go on camera to do it himself...

Joseph23 September 2019

Material was good and relevant however the presenters constant laughing was very distracting. It was a serious subject and should have been dealt with in a serious manner.

Richard21 August 2019

Lots of useful information here that I can utilise - many thanks to Dave for this free course, it is appreciated!

Sumit4 March 2019

Very nice way methods. Most of these the guys know but there are some methods that no one knows about them. Great In-Depth Knowledge. Surely a go from my side.


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