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How to Make Passive Income With Bitcoin Lending

Bitcoin Lending course for earning in your sleep, even without cryptocurrency experience - A 6-Step System

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

How to use cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase / Coinbase Pro

How to lend Bitcoin using 3rd party websites to generate passive income

How to set up a business PayPal account

How to purchase Bitcoin using limit orders and without fees

How to automate the entire system so you can do the things you love while you earn money passively and automatically


Passive Income Course Covering Everything You Need To Passively Earn Money From Bitcoin Lending!


Discover How to Make Passive Income Online Using A 6-Step Bitcoin Lending System:

- A step-by-step video for each of the 6-Steps in the Automated System!

- Inside look at my personal accounts!

- Unlimited earnings, with a small upfront investment!

- How to do all of this without any Fees!

- This course is about results! If you don't see them within 30-days, you get your money back!

No more endless searching for the “right” passive income Bitcoin course, this course is ready to watch whenever you are, you can take it anywhere, and watch it at your convenience in the privacy of your home or on the go!


Put In as little as 5 minutes to Get This Method Started Then Sit Back And Watch Your PayPal and Bank Accounts Fill With Passive Income Money!

You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

This course is absolutely life changing, I hope you take this opportunity to learn it! You'll be walked through how successful investors are making money with Bitcoin the “Smart Way” and how to minimize risk and maximize profits by creating your very own Money Machine. These passive income websites allow you to work from home or anywhere with internet and earn passive income long into the future.

This course is the best way to start making passive income online.

Learn from years of Bitcoin investor experience, as well as the Tricks/Tips to earn you more passive income that are included in this course.

Let me share my passive income secrets with you.

Don't go on wondering "what would have happened if I did". You won't be disappointed, plus you get an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. What have you got to lose?


You'll also get:

✔ Lifetime Access to The Course

✔ Quick & Helpful Support in the Q&A Section

✔ 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

Remember, this course is only available here on Udemy, you won't find it anywhere else. Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts.

There's a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee so say "yes" now, enroll today and decide later!

Who this course is for:

  • No prior online income knowledge is needed.

  • Busy individuals who need extra income.

  • Those looking for extra income online.

  • Those with Beginner to Advanced passive income experience.

  • Those who want to be able to make money online while they do whatever they want.


How to Make Passive Income With Bitcoin Lending
How to Make Passive Income With Bitcoin Lending
How to Make Passive Income With Bitcoin Lending
How to Make Passive Income With Bitcoin Lending



What Will I Learn In This Course?


Account Setups & Learning The Lending Process

Creating Your Coinbase Account & Investing Your First $100

Creating A PayPal Business Account

Setting Up Your Lending Account

Setting Up Your Lending Account Pt 2

Introduction to CoinbasePro & How to Buy Bitcoin Without Fees

How to Set Your Lending Settings & Begin the Lending Process

Final Thoughts & Troubleshooting

Final Thoughts



Tony8 October 2020

The course was good at going through the steps to setup the process - however, I believe more emphasis should've been made on what is actually happening. There are some big risks with this method, and I think there should be a disclaimer in the description of this course so people can see before purchasing this course whether or not they are willing to take on this risk. Some people may be disappointed after hearing about these risks towards the end of the course.

Ogunniran3 October 2020

The Lecture is too passive, its not really engaging please work on that. But absolute Kudos to you Sir. God Bless

Thomas9 August 2020

its very great course and the instructor give very highly information not like majority of instructors here they just want make money thank you bro for everything

Mel13 July 2020

Need Farther prof on the 3rd party site. Got some research result but almost all of them is negative feed backs.

Jorge10 July 2020

Shitty course edition is bad his voice is like he is slepping or something, this is a quality youtube tutorial, dont waste your money.

Davide1 July 2020

Long story short: a scam. I have been studying cryptos for 6 months now, I have done my research and every single feedback about xCoin is negative + pretende in a 15% interest is really a scammer things. Every other exchange offers lower fees and lower interest rates. That's not way to create a passive stream of income, this is a way to go broke...

Siddhesh1 July 2020

Good explanation, solves the issues immediately. Would love if you did a live demonstration to buy bitcoin.

Robert15 June 2020

The course is amazing and I cannot wait to try it. I will inform the instructor of my success if any. If I have any problems, I will inform him. Thank you.

Amit29 May 2020

It was excellent but I need the present scenario of this course. I want to know what is going on now.

Enigel26 May 2020

The course is ok BUT there is a big problem with Paypal and scammers that run around xCoins looking for suckers and part them with their money. The idea is reasonable but the environment is uncertain. For small sums it might work but for bigger volume you just might end up holding the (empty) bag.

Andy18 May 2020

really easy to follow but some of the steps have changed because the program has altered but once you figure it out alls good hopefully, we will see once the money starts to roll in :)

Arlindo10 May 2020

Even with the background noise in some videos, the voice is still fine and is understandable. My main concern here is how to avoid all the scammers from xcoins which is not mentioned once, aside from that, its a bit shady on the fact you can lose your paypal account, what if you do? what can u do about it? So you're taking the risk of being scammed by whoever loans you bitcoin, by paypal limiting / shutting down your account. As far as I can see what u can lose is weighting more than what you can gain, perhaps if you have additional information on how to guarantee the safety of your paypal account while using xcoins and how to avoid scammers if that is even possible within xcoins, I would probably raise the rating, best regards.

Aaryan7 May 2020

I think as a free course u will get this much of knowledge about money lending is like unexpected.hence,i gv 5star ????

Olawale24 December 2019

It's a good course. I wish it's possible to download the videos so that I can watch them again, without internet buffering hassles.

Jay18 December 2019

I've been trading bitcoins for atleast a year. Your lessons finds me a new ways of earning of bitcoins from trading to lending. Thanks for your help, Sir! Cheers!


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