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How to Make Organic Soap, Make Bath Bombs & Handmade Soap

This course is a complete guideline on Organic soap making and Bath Bombs Naturally

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

How to Make Organic Soap, Make Bath Bombs and Handmade Soap

Creating the Lye and Oil Solutions

Molding and Curing the Soap

How to Make Bath Bombs

Making Basic Bath Bombs

Making Ultra Softening Bath Bombs

Making Milky Bath Bombs

Making Herb or Flower Bath Bombs

How to Make Handmade Soap

Making Your Soap

How to Wrap Homemade Soap


Hello Guys welcome to this course.  In this course you will How to make Organic soap,  Make Bath Bombs and Handmade soap naturally.  Because Organic soaps are a great way to naturally soften and heal your skin. While you can easily purchase organic soaps, with just a little bit of prep work to acquire the necessary tools and ingredients, you can learn to make your own organic soap at home. The process takes patience and even a bit of experimenting to get the proportions of additive ingredients right. Learning and mastering the basics of soap making will allow you to branch out into creating other unique, organic varieties.

If you love bath bombs but can't justify the price of fancy store-bought bath fizzies, then quench your skin-moisturizing thirst by making your own bath bombs at home! The process is simple, requires only a few ingredients, and will leave you soaking in relaxation. Try one of these four bath bomb recipes and give yourself a spa day in the comfort of your home.

For those who are making handmade soap from scratch, lye is essential in bringing about a chemical reaction that would produce the finished soap. However, the downside of lye is that it is a corrosive substance, which could bring about burns, scarring and injury, if not used with proper precaution. Fortunately, there are still ways for novice crafters to use lye in a safe and effective manner. Additionally, using different molds to create the finished product can allow you to create themed soap that would fit your preference.

Wrapping handmade soap is a great way to step up the presentation. If you are selling it online, then it could also help protect it during shipment. There are several ways of making handmade soap, such as melt-and-pour and hot/cold process. Both require different methods of wrapping, however, because of how each type of soap continues to act after curing. So enroll this course.  Thank you


How to Make Organic Soap, Make Bath Bombs & Handmade Soap
How to Make Organic Soap, Make Bath Bombs & Handmade Soap
How to Make Organic Soap, Make Bath Bombs & Handmade Soap
How to Make Organic Soap, Make Bath Bombs & Handmade Soap


How to make organic soap at home easily

How to Creating the lye and oil solutions

Mixing the soap batter


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Bath Bombs Making

Making Basic bath Bombs

Making ultra softening bath Bombs

Milky bath Bombs making

Herb or flower bath Bombs


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How to make Handmade soap naturally

Equipment collection

Choosing additives

Making your own soap

Correctly Cleaning


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How to Wrap Handmade Soap

Using shrink wrap bags

Using wax paper

Using plastic wrap

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