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How to Put Ads Into Your Apps - AdMob - Xcode, Swift, iOS

The best and free course series that actually shows you how to efficiently boost your app with AdMob ads the smart way

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May 2017

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What you will learn

Integrate the Google AdMob ad network into your iOS apps.

Show a banner ad

Show an interstitial ad

Show a reward based video ad

Set up ad unit IDs

Navigate the AdMob dashboard


“I want to make money with apps.” - the main reason why people enter the world of app development.

The proof

In the past 6 years I have built a five figure brand / app empire: Rebeloper. I’ve been selling source codes on all the app marketplaces. I’ve been building simple apps for clients for $199 and huge games for $25.000. My team and I have been building a consistent, strong brand for Rebeloper. (You can read about our values on our site) Most importantly, we have tested a plethora of monetisation systems. We’ve tried everything that we could think of. From ads to content marketing, from In-app purchases to posting on Instagram; you name it we most probably have tried and tested it. This is how we managed to survive and now it’s time to give back to the community. 

It’s time to show it all to you. 

It’s time for you to not make all the mistakes we made. 

It’s time for you to learn from our 100.000+ hours combined experience.

Want to start making money with apps today? Read on…

Why should you enroll into this course?

The thing that no-one is talking about is how to make money with apps. There are a ton of tutorials and courses on coding and design, but there is a huge shortage on courses about how to actually make money with your apps. I have decided to come out and create a series of courses that explores, discusses and teaches you how to actually make money with apps. I call them the “How to make money with apps” series.

Who am I?

I have been a professional iOS developer for more than 6 years now. I’ve experienced the highs and lows of the industry. Now it’s time to share my knowledge with you and other likeminded appreneurs just like you. 

My 2 Rules

I have settled on 2 rules that these series must meet. All of the courses in the “How to make money with apps” series must fulfil both of these 2 rules:

  1. You need to make money the next day you finish the course
  2. You need to be able to implement the course in one day or less

Let’s take a closer look to these rules one by one.

1. You need to make money the next day you finish the course

I’ll start off with the cheesiest quote ever: “Time is money”. But you know it’s true. And I don’t want to waste your time. With my experience in the field I have distilled these courses to be actionable right away. It’s simple: You watch the course today; implement the knowledge you gained the very same day and instantly earn money the next day. No BS here. It doesn’t matter if you earned 1 cent or $10.000 the next day. What matters is that the money started rolling in.

2. You need to be able to implement the course in one day or less

No 30 day trials here. No half a years of development. No upfront costs. You need to make your move in one day or less. This is important because of automation too. The more times you can replicate the strategy the more money pours into your bank account.

My goal for 2017 is to help 1000 small business owners (or entrepreneurs) to make their first $1000 till the end of the year.

About this course

This course is part of a series on how to make money with apps. It teaches you one way to earn money through advertising. The ad network of our choice is AdMob. You will learn how to integrate AdMob into your projects so your app may show ads the very next day.

Most people are stuck when trying to figure out how to make some money with their apps. One of the easiest ways to do it is through ads in their apps. I will cover all the steps needed from signing up for an AdMob account to showing all the ad types supported by AdMob.

Now it’s your turn

You can choose to:

  1. Enrol into this course
  2. Take a look at my author page to see my other free courses from the “How to make money with apps” series


How to Put Ads Into Your Apps - AdMob - Xcode, Swift, iOS
How to Put Ads Into Your Apps - AdMob - Xcode, Swift, iOS
How to Put Ads Into Your Apps - AdMob - Xcode, Swift, iOS
How to Put Ads Into Your Apps - AdMob - Xcode, Swift, iOS



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PHASE 1: BUILD your AdMob app

Why AdMob

Google Analytics from Firebase in your app

Sign up for an AdMob account

The AdMob dashboard

How to create a new AdMob app

PHASE 2: WRITE the code

The Demo project

Showing a Banner ad

Showing an Interstitial ad

Showing a Reward Based Video ad

PHASE 3: OPTIMIZE and SCALE your advertising strategy

Final thoughts


Jan22 May 2020

Can read all this info on the InterNet... Want more technical stuff to dominate. Also, the course should be Firebase independent. Although Firebase is great, a course like this should show the Firebase independent way of getting into AdMob ! Second half has some interesting technical stuff, but I had expected way more.. sorry... bit disappointed

Jimmy24 December 2019

It was a good course explaining the concepts. The material is dated with respect to using the Google Mobile Ads SDK but was not very difficult to adapt to latest SDK version.

Jukka24 August 2019

Definetely. Short, comprehensive, everything needed was explained clearly. Also, cocoapods + code snippets were very good resources.

Scott15 November 2018

Alex is a fun and engaging tutor make no mistake. This course is easy to follow and the code snippets save you from digging through Google SDK documentation and getting frustrated. That said, having followed the course I became frustrated. The problem is that Google and Apple are naturally constantly updating aspects of their SDKs and iOS. For example, when you first set up your admob account you cannot begin to integrate banners or advertising immediately as Alex indicates. It might have been possible before but it's not now. You must wait until Google approves your account. This took over 18 hours actually before Google sent confirmation and it was possible to see banner receipts in the log etc. So just be aware of this. In addition, there seems to be a lot of changes with Xcode 10 and Swift 4.2. The Google SDKs are not uptodate so when you run Alex's code you get ALOT of errors in the log most specially concerning core telephony.xpc being invalid but this is not Alex's fault just a current state of the lack of coordination between Google and Apple which its why he still gets 5 stars. If I am honest the only thing the course is missing is actually the Reward Based Ads. In his video he's not able to get one served due to Mediation but what is missing is when you get one served and the log reports currency and amount where these values can then be used in your actually app...i.e as a reward. He doesn't cover this and I think it's kind of the whole point for Reward based ads. But as I say, a good beginners course and a good way to learn about integrating Admob.

Annabelle1 June 2017

Alex is a great teacher. In general, this subject maybe confusing for some but just rewatch it and follow along. Alex did a great job in walking you through step by step.


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