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Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot: Telegram + Amazon and more

Your success without a website! Automate your Affiliate Income and earn using Telegram. No coding required! Just tools.

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Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Learn how to earn money as an affiliate, even without a website.

Be able to setup your Telegram channel on full autopilot without programming skills.

Know how to fine tune your offers and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Gain knowledge on how to promote your products on your Telegram channel.

Familiarize with the best affiliate programs and networks besides Amazon.


  • NO shortcuts.

  • NO get-rich-quick schemes.

  • NO mindless PPC Advertising.

Say YES to getting your promising legitimate business based on marketing automation!

Affiliate Marketing is a serious business that requires all your dedication and focus.

But what if I told you that you could automate all the tedious tasks that waste countless hours of your work and just let you earn money with Telegram, while you can focus on growing your audience?

With affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates, you can earn money using Telegram as a tool to promote products from the most famous brands to your audience automatically, and receive a commission for every purchase made through your link!

Telegram is the best upcoming platform for affiliate marketing because it lets you create your stream of products to show your audience and earn a commission every time a user buys from your link. No coding or experience required.

Now don't worry if you aren't familiar with Telegram or Affiliate marketing, because we will take a step by step approach.

If you want to make money or you are already making money with affiliate marketing, this is the course for you.

You can't spend your life looking for the right products and deals for your followers. A bot can do this for you, fully automating and scraping posts for you 24/7 in a way that you never thought was possible. In this course, I'm going to show you how to use Telegram as your tool to make money with Affiliate Programs like Amazon and many more.

People trust Amazon and other well-established platforms; that's the reason why they are so successful. You can be successful too as their affiliate.

Affiliate income is reliable and secure because you independently earn money, recommending products from famous brands without effort.

Automate and customize your affiliate income in a way that would not be possible without Telegram. If you want to know more, enrol now or just look at the free preview video for this course!


Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot: Telegram + Amazon and more
Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot: Telegram + Amazon and more
Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot: Telegram + Amazon and more
Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot: Telegram + Amazon and more




Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing FAQs

Is Marketing Automation Everything?

Market Strategy

The Most Important Rules of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing + PPC = EPIC FAIL

Revenue Models Comparison

Niche Player Strategy

Market Analysis Tools

Affiliate Marketing Basics

What is an Affiliate Program & Network

What is an Affiliate Link

Affiliate Network Overview and Key Stats

Link Shortening

The Amazon Affiliate Program

The Best Affiliate Programs & Networks

Telegram Automation

Why Telegram?

Your Autopilot Publishing Tool

Set your Channel on Autopilot

Setting up your Reflinks

Post Templates

Product Image Template

Tweak your Product Stream

Comparing your Statistics

Further Customization + Manual Posting

Best Practice + Key Considerations

Promoting Your Telegram Channel

Tools for Affiliate Success

Invite Page Likes

Create Graphics for your Social Media

What Affiliate Programs are the Competitors Using?


Crunch the Numbers! Part 1

Crunch the Numbers! Part 2 - New Version

Crunch the Numbers! Part 3 - Affiliate Marketing + PPC

Download The Excel File


Mary10 August 2020

Luca is very easy to follow and the content is clear and not overwhelming to learn , especially as a beginner.

Sourabh11 July 2020

very good course but in India, post posted by post looks fake because it old is too high(means the cost of items is not at that cost ) and tells us about all features. Is any feature regarding to location so that it is easy to target

Vaibhav30 June 2020

The perfect course I was searching for. Lots of knowledge and how to's. Explained well. The Automation tools need to have some free options if they exist.

Rahul19 June 2020

I was just started an affiliate marketing on amazon but not getting any sales but I hope this course may help me to reach my success.

Yatima11 June 2020

Nice course, it's a very gentle introduction to a complete different world of marketing: you don't even think about the existence of businesses like affiliate marketing; you play the middle-man advertising products of other sellers and earn a percentage after they sell, this course explains how to automate this procedure as much as possible, so you don't advertise products manually anymore, but you become the person managing a community and bots will advertise products for you from which you will get a percentage, it's a very niche and indirect type of business; in a way the most similar analogy is that you become a broker helped by bots between big sellers like Amazon and a community.

Lorenzo8 June 2020

Molto positiva, ha superato di molto le mie aspettative su questo corso, soprattutto nella sezione riguardante alla crescita organica.

Sourabh7 June 2020

The entire course is pretty much generic and entry-level. The only purpose of this course was to funnel you into buying their bot for Telegram and most of the course focuses on the bot only. There isn't much of an affiliate strategy being discussed here. I must say it was a total waste of time for me.

Farley5 June 2020

This was a great course! The instructors truly delivered on their promises, and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Jerome4 June 2020

Molto interessante, spiegata nel modo piú semplice, e strutturato in modo fin dalla radice. Molto Buono!

Amerigo3 June 2020

The best Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot course available on this platform can provide You with the basics and all the tools you need to create your own business. The course is aimed to anyone, even novices, and is accessible for a special price.

David3 June 2020

I have been dealing with digital marketing for years and I have never experienced affiliate marketing, this course has helped me a lot to clarify processes and return on income with small tricks and focusing more on creativity than on the economic aspect

Alex2 June 2020

Affiliate Marketing is something that I have always found interesting but I never really had the time to study and learn something practical about it, maybe because it's such a vast topic that it looks scary from a beginner's perspective. Well, this one doesn't beat too much around the bush, it's a straight forward course in 5 to 10 minutes pills about how to get in the affiliate market, from theory to practice. Luca and Matteo are fun to watch and great in explaining the important parts of this topic, so I don't say it a lot but this has been one of the best ways I've invested my time in, and I hope to put all this newfound knowledge to practice someday.

Andrea2 June 2020

Un corso semplice e chiaro, che riesce a farsi capire anche da chi non ha mai fatto parte del settore nè ne ha qualche conoscenza.

Giovanni1 June 2020

Easy to follow even for a newbie. Clear and straightforward. The communication strategy is very clear and gets to the point.

Viviana14 May 2020

The perfect course for people that want to learn affiliate marketing and take it to next level exploiting Telegram


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