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How To Make A Retro FPS In Unreal Engine 4

You will get to learn how to create a Retro FPS with multiple different guns, enemies and actors like explosive barrels

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to create an Old School Retro FPS Game In Unreal Engine 4

How to make FPS weapons we will go over how to create many different weapons including : Pistols, Miniguns, Rockets Launcher and More

How to make 2 different types of enemies we will create a ranged and a melee enemy

Develop your understanding of Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint System

How to create User Interfaces we will go over how to make game over screens, player HUDs, main menu's and more

How to make actors we can place in the world like explosive barrels, sliding doors, door which require key cards , lava and acid


In this game design course, I will show you how to make a Old School Retro FPS Game (similar to the classic Doom and Wolfenstein games) from Start to finish using Unreal Engine 4. You will also get the complete project files for this game to look around and go through this project.

We will be coding this project using Unreal Engine 4 blueprints a power visual scripting system which will allow us to create the game without writing a line of code.

This course contains 7 Chapters which will cover a range of topics:

How to make multiple different weapons such as RPGS, miniguns and pistols

How to create enemies with blood particle effects

You will learn how to make multiple different HUD elements such as : game over screens, player HUDS, main menu and pause screens

How to create objects we can place in the world such as doors which require key cards and exploding barrels and more

At the end of this course, you will also get the project files this can help if you wanted to look at something specifically in the project during the events of this course.

I have gone through the whole project and organised and commented on all the blueprint code to explain what everything does.


How To Make A Retro FPS In Unreal Engine 4
How To Make A Retro FPS In Unreal Engine 4
How To Make A Retro FPS In Unreal Engine 4
How To Make A Retro FPS In Unreal Engine 4




Setting Up The First Person Character

Removing The First Person Gun

Download Resources

Creating The Base Weapon

Creating The Pistol

Adding Weapons To The First Person Character

Creating The Shotgun

Creating The Mini Gun

Creating The Uzi

Creating The RPG Part 1

Creating The RPG Part 2

Creating The Punch Weapon

Creating The Axe

Creating Weapon Swapping For Our Guns

Creating Weapon Swapping For Our Melee Weapons

Creating Weapon Swapping Between Are Guns And Melee Weapons

Creating Animations For Weapon Swapping

Creating Ammo HUD Part 1

Creating Ammo HUD Part 2

Giving Sound Effects To Our Weapons

Giving The Player Health And Shield

Giving The Player A Retro Camera and Sprinting

Creating A Health Pick Up

Creating Shield Pick Up

Creating Ammo Pick Up

Creating Enemy AI

How we are going to use a Dot Product to create are enemies

Creating The Enemies Flipbooks

Setting Up The Enemy Blueprint Part 1

Setting Up The Enemy Blueprint Part 2

Setting Up The Enemy Blueprint Part 3

Adding Enemy Damage System

Creating Blood Particle Effect

Creating Blood Decal

Creating Player Damage System

Creating Enemy Attack System

Making Are Enemy Move Around The Map

Creating Projectile For Are Ranged Enemy

Creating Are Ranged Enemy

How Add Your Own Enemy Sprites

Making interactable world objects

How To Make A Sliding Door

How To Make Door With Keycard

How To Make An Explosive Barrel

How To Create Lava Pool

How To Create Acid Pool

Designing The Level

Designing The Level Part 1

Designing The Level Part 2

Applying Textures To The Level

Creating End Level Stats Screen

Creating Menu Systems

Creating A Main Menu HUD

Creating The Main Menu Level

Creating A Pause Screen

Final Touches


Download The Project

More Game Development Content

Bonus Lecture - More Content


Arthur12 August 2021

This course is listed as a Beginner Course. If you are teaching a beginner course it's not a race to the finish. Slow down. Had to set the speed to .75 and sometimes .5, Rewind ALOT. I like the course but in a teaching environment you should slow your pace a bit.

Toby26 June 2021

This is a lovely course! I've really enjoyed doing it. By staying quite simple and short, this course has really helped to clarify UE4 FPS mechanics for me, and has given me more confidence. Also, I chose it because it focuses on making 2D character animation in a 3D world using the UE4 Flipbooks sprite system, which is quite neglected elsewhere - I think it has lots of creative potential. We've made a nice template project by the course (and can also download the project as made by the tutor). The teaching style is very clear and pleasant. Thanks UISCO!

Gert16 June 2021

The course does what is promised, but sometimes a few comments on why some choice makes sense would be nice. For instance, why are bullets counted with float values when there are integers available? There is also lots of duplication in the blueprints that one could probably eliminate by defining new functions. I understand that this doesn't fit into four hours, and that there are other courses that go into detail there, but OTOH, it would have been sufficient to show importing code only once for each way how it could be done.

David1 June 2021

No BS, straight to the point approach which I really liked. The end result is a super basic but decent template for you to kickstart your project and expand upon. The only things that I disliked were: 1) That it was 720p. Text is barely readable on a 4K monitor and since it's a fast paced course, pausing wasn't always helpful. 2) The audio quality: The volume is very low and while doing the course I had to lower everything else down. Bumping the volume up will bring up the low frequency hum of the teacher's mic. 3) I had the feeling that I was learning as the same time as the teacher. In some cases you'd follow the instructions just to end up with weird results that would be addressed and fixed at the end of said video or in the subsequent ones. Overall the course was super helpful as a beginner and the few shortcomings that it has lead me to search or develop different approaches on my own, which I consider to be part of the learning of this course.

Denis23 May 2021

Très bien expliquer, des sous titres aurais été parfait, mais c'est très bien montrer et ont entend bien.

Mathews23 April 2021

It is a good course :) . I would recommend for people who have at least a basic Unreal knowledge though.

Dmitry28 March 2021

This is the perfect course for the retro fps game. The teacher explains every his step and gives you the idea of in-game systems (it's very important). It's short and very informative course. Exactly what I was looking for. P.S. Keep in mind that you have to have basic knowledge of what is a game engine and how it works before taking this course.


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