How To Make A Freelance Website 2020

For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Creatives, Freelancers

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Jun 2021

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Ready to Import Complete Freelance Websites With Content.

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I'm going to be taking you from A to B in designing a fantastic looking website, which will work for your business and grow your online presence.

I'm making this super easy, so anyone can start, design, and have an online website in just minutes

This is going to be a simple and fun experience

The goal is for you to create a successful freelance website so you can stand out from the crowd! A website designed to highlight your best work, so you look like an expert right from the start.

So What's your site about?

Consulting, coaching, content writer, blogger

This will help you get clear on some ideas for your website design and layout

Next, what is your goal for your website?

Sell your services..

market yourself...

Build a community..

Showcase your work or expertise..

Is it blogging?

This will help you get dialed in, to a specific goal or outcome for your website.

What transformation or experience your website giving your audience.

Look, your website needs to do three things within 5 Seconds of someone landing on your website,



and convert

Ask yourself the following questions when designing your site.

is it crystal clear what you're presenting to your audience?

Will they be able to understand what you do within 5 seconds of landing on your website?

Why should someone continue on your website what's the main benefit you help people with, in other words, what's the transformation, the Experience people can expect from you?

And lastly, you simply pick your starting point.

Get started with any of these free starter sites, customize and design it to fit your needs..


How To Make A Freelance Website 2020
How To Make A Freelance Website 2020
How To Make A Freelance Website 2020
How To Make A Freelance Website 2020




Hosting & Website Optimization

Hosting & Website Optimization

Installing Theme & Website Set Up

Installing Theme & Website Set Up

Building Your Website

Building Your Website

Creating Your Header | Footer | Custom Menu | Product Page

Creating Your Header | Footer | Custom Menu | Product Page


Olagunju21 September 2020

The lectures so far just equip me with confidence on how to go ahead to create and launch my website. Thank you.


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