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How To Make a 3d Platformer In Unreal Engine 4

Learn how to make a 3d Platformer games with enemies, different platforms and more with blueprints in Unreal Engine

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to make a 3D platformer In Unreal Engine ( We will go over how to create a 1UP system coin collect, damage system, health system, moving platforms, enemies and more )

How to create a boss fight with a health bar and enemy AI, in this course we go over how to set up some AI that are player will be able to fight

Develop your understanding of Unreal Engine Blueprint system

Learn to create a save game to save variables we will go over how to save the player lives, coins and levels he has unlocked

How to make a main menu and level unlock system


In this game design course, I will show you to make a 3d Platformer Game from Start to finish using Unreal Engine 4. You will also get the complete project files for this game to look around and go through this project.

This course contains 7 Chapters which will cover a range of topics :

How to setup a game project In Unreal Engine 4

How to make enemies AI and Boss Battle

How to create different type of platforms such as moving and falling platforms

How to set up level unlock system

How to set up sound effects and more


How To Make a 3d Platformer In Unreal Engine 4
How To Make a 3d Platformer In Unreal Engine 4
How To Make a 3d Platformer In Unreal Engine 4
How To Make a 3d Platformer In Unreal Engine 4




Setting Up The Player

Creating The Project

Download Resources

Importing The Character

Adding Animations To The Player

Adding Items To The Player

Adjusting Size and Camera for the Player

Setting Up HUD For Player

Displaying The Amount Of Coins We Have To The HUD

Displaying The Amount Of Health We Have To The HUD

Setting Up Actors

Importing Actors

Moving Platform

Falling Platform


Waving Flag



Damage System

Damage System


Creating Health Pick Up

Creating Slime Enemy

Boss Part 1

Boss Part 2

Boss Part 3

Menu System

Level Select

Main Menu


Pause System


Prototyping Levels

Level 1 Prototype

Level 1 Prototype Part 2

Death Box

Level 2 Prototype

Save Game

Creating The Save

Saving The Amount Of Coins The Player Has

Setting Up Life System Part 1

Setting Up Life System Part 2

Extra Live

Creating A Level Unlock

Reset Game


Setting Up Sounds and Music

Final Touches

Exporting The Game

Download Final Project

More Game Development Content

Bonus Lecture - More Content


Angel21 June 2021

Great course a lot of valuable information hopefully the instructor can make a course on a topic a bit more advance like making something like tomb raider or grand theft auto

Dmitry3 May 2021

Short and very useful. Teacher describes every his step. After this course you will know how create your own systems. P.S. It would be great to have it in FullHD .

Grant8 April 2021

This course is actually good. I know a little bit of Unreal. But this was a top place to learn to consolidate my knowledge. I also like this style of short snappy and to the point instruction. Really look forward to the next course with this instructor.

Heinrich31 March 2021

This course brushes over too much content too quickly. I feel that this course needs to be much longer to accommodate more detailed explanations.

Fabio8 February 2021

the content taught is pretty good, actually its pretty much what i always wanted, but i wish the instructor was a bit clearer when speaking and also didn't do everything so fast without really explaining what each thing does.

John23 January 2021

so far so good i was trying to learn c# during the week and just could not get on with it but now using unreal what took 3 days i managed to do in 20 min it's awesome.

Gökhan13 November 2020

I already following this educater in youtube, his tutorials are very simple, understandeble and useful. I just bought this course to support him.

Dariana2 November 2020

Before taking this course I already took 30 hrs course about Unreal engine for beginners. So I didn't find it difficult to follow the course because I knew many concepts and it helped me to refresh my knowledge and also to learn a ton of new practical skills. It has all the information necessary for the creation almost of any 3d platformer, and it can be learned in a matter of a day. For complete beginners it can be difficult to follow because of the pace, the instructor really managed to squeeze 20 + hours of materials in just 3 hours! But it is also rewarding to see the progress so fast! And the project with all assets is very beautiful, too. I would recommend two things to make this course just perfect. 1. Please use a better microphone, sometimes its a real strain to listen as the sound is too low. And talk a little bit slower if you can )) 2. Please use highlights (Camtasia would be perfect for that), as your pace is really fast and sometimes a student can miss one second, fail to press on a checkbox because he just didn't notice it and then nothing may work as expected. Or make the pace slower when you need to chose something or tick a box, so that the students are aware of what you are doing. Overall I loved your course, learned a lot, and I would be happy to buy more courses from you because they are practical, beautiful and very fast paced (it is an advantage for me). I would love to see a course about dialogue systems for quests in Unreal (with multiple choice and animations depending on the choice, to make story-driven games with multiple endings, like Detroit or Heavvy Rain style). There are no courses on Udemy and very few tutorials on Youtube about this type of games in Unreal. So please make one if you can! Thank you again for the great course!


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