How to love myself so I can be happy and attract love.

Clear your blocks and feel alive!

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Sep 2019

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What you will learn

How to become emotionally secure, feel loveable, and because of this, be able to attract love.


Congratulations on investing in yourself. You are one of the lucky ones who sees the value in understanding that LOVE is an inside job. This course holds the keys for you to feel whole so you can attract love into your life. You will discover what your limiting beliefs are and create an emotional foundation for love in your life. I encourage you to do one exercise per day. What you will need is a Journal and a willingness to learn and grow. All video material is easy to follow to make the process enjoyable and empowering to get really positive results.

Much LOVE awaits you



How to love myself so I can be happy and attract love.
How to love myself so I can be happy and attract love.
How to love myself so I can be happy and attract love.
How to love myself so I can be happy and attract love.


Introduction: Welcome to this Self Love Online Course. You will love this!


In this video I explain what a unconscious limiting belief is and what is does.

The Journaling exercise and the proof it works.

Energy Psychology is a powerful tool we will use in this next section.

Energy Psychology also known as EFT Tapping this powerful technique to self love

Attention Training and Managing emotions.

Practice exercise to Manage your emotions.

Time to be a loving empowered person to yourself.

Body Love Connection using attention and emotions. This is a guided mediation.

Taking Action to build confidence using your new Identity.

Practicing a brilliant way to be Human. Creating a daily practice.


Lisa27 October 2020

The information was good but I wish it would have been longer and gone into more on each topic. Teacher was lovely.

Matthew15 February 2020

I really liked the energy of the teacher, but the course seems like a bunch of disconnected things kind of put together. These are all valuable practices for sure, but it would be nice if the course was a bit longer and filled in the gaps a bit more. It definitely has a spiritual aspect which is fine, but incorporating some self esteem and psychology exercises might be useful. The teacher often refers to resources which I don't see and I was expecting a lot more things like journal prompts instead of a short video talking about the importance of journalling. With all of that said, the most important thing is that the teacher embodies what she is teaching which is surprisingly rare and worthy of your attention for that alone.


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