The Secrets to Weight Loss, Burn Fat and Gain Muscle Fast

For Women and Men: Diet Plan and Training Exercises to Have Flat Belly, Abs, Tight Buttocks while Remaining at Home

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Sep 2017

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What you will learn

Losing the weight you want without going to the gym

How to Use the Power of Visualization to Realize Your Dreams Quickly

The 4 Super Foods I Eat Every Day

5 Tips for Keeping a Diet

A Method to Eat Your Preferred Food Without Storing It into Fat

The Best Exercises for Having Shaped Buttocks While Staying At Home

The 21 Best Abdominal Exercises

How to Apply the 3 Secrets to Have a Better Self Confidence

My Magic Secret against Water Retention

Tips for Having a Better Body with Proper Nutrition

The Secret Method of the "Mirror"

How to Lose Fat 2 Times Faster

2 Methods You Should Absolutely Do To Progress More Quickly

What are the Best Food Supplements

Absolutely Avoid Foods


Join my community of over 6 MILLION PEOPLE who regularly listen to my secrets !

Dear Reader:

  • Do you have trouble losing fat, having a flat stomach or having abs ?
  • Have you ever felt that, no matter what techniques you use or the methods you have been told, you can not have real meaningful changes when it comes to having a better body ?
  • Are you uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a swimsuit ?
  • Do you have trouble losing fat in some specific spots of  your body ?
  • Do you want to go to a gym but you do not really have the time or money?

If yes,

you are not alone.

And let me reassure you of something

It's not your fault !

When you really want to take your life in hand, then read very carefully what follows

You really deserve to possess the body you desire, just like me.

Because if you are reading this article, it is not a mere coincidence. Maybe there's a part of you that you want to improve now, even if you're not necessarily aware of it.

     Or maybe you're tired of stagnating by watching you every day in the mirror without actually making great improvements.

Or then you are tired of seeing some girls and boys slaving over the bodies of certain actors or actresses of cinema, singers or singers, while they could just as much ecstasy in front of you (when you really know how to do)

The good news is:

            You do not need to hire me personally (at a high cost) to show you the secrets you will discover.

      Everything you need is explained very precisely in this program, in detail, step by step, and I take 100% of the risks and consequences to the fitness industry and other sports "gurus" who want to make a large number of dependent people by leaving them always waiting.

Nothing will be hidden from you here.

Whether you've never played a sport in your life or have an expert lever, wherever you are, you'll find all the details you need to progress.

No matter your age and your professional situation.

You will discover for example:

  •  How To Lose The Weight You Want To Lose Without Putting The Feet In A Sports Room
  •  Tips for Having a Better Body with  Nutrition
  •  The 4 Super Foods I Eat
  • The Connection Between Your Mind and Your Muscles
  • 2 Methods You Should Absolutely Do To Progress More Quickly
  •  5 Tips for Keeping a Diet How to Apply the 3 Secrets to Have Confidence in Self
  •  The Best Exercises to Have Rounded Buttocks
  •  My Magic Secret against Water Retention
  •  How To Defeat Your Brain on Sugar Consumption
  •  The Best Abs Exercises (All Levels)
  •  Food to Absolutly Avoid
  • How to use The Power of Visualization
  •  The Secret Method of the "Mirror"
  • How to Lose Fat 2 Times Faster
  • A Method to Eat Your Preferred Food Without Storing It into Fat
  •  What are the Best Food Supplements
  • How To Continue To Enjoy Yourself In The Restaurant

There is also NO Financial Risk for you ...

Of course, you are protected for a 30-day warranty - so if at any time within 30 days of your receipt, you do not feel that this is for you, simply return the program and you will receive a refund.

Be fast however!

Once the stock is exhausted, the product will be removed from the sale or it will be banned for its controversial nature with the secrets it contains, the program will never be produced again (it will also be sold at a much higher price for people who do not get it on time).

Also take before and after pictures of yourself, because you will really change.

See you soon !



The Secrets to Weight Loss, Burn Fat and Gain Muscle Fast
The Secrets to Weight Loss, Burn Fat and Gain Muscle Fast
The Secrets to Weight Loss, Burn Fat and Gain Muscle Fast
The Secrets to Weight Loss, Burn Fat and Gain Muscle Fast


Section 1 - Introduction

Session 1 - The Reasons Why This Course Will Change Your Life

Session 2- How to Get Fast Results

Session 3 - Why more than 2 Million People Have already Put their Trust in Me

Section 2 - How to have Confidence in your Body and in Yourself

Session 4 - The 3 Secrets of Self Confidence

Session 5 - How to Apply the 3 Secrets to Have Confidence in Yourself

Section 3 - The Secrets of Fat Loss

Session 6 - 5 Tips for Maintaining a Diet

Session 7 - 3 Simple Secrets to Lose Weight

Session 8 - How to Lose Fat 2 Times Faster

Session 9 - How to Eat Your Favorite Food Without Storing It in Fat

Section 4 - What you Need to Know about Training

Session 10 - Why you Should Listen to your Body

Session 11 - 3 Horrible Things that can Happen if you Lift too Heavy

Session 12 - Connecting Your Mind with Your Muscles

Session 13 - 2 Methods You Must Do To Progress More Quickly

Section 5 - Introduction to Abs Training

Session 14 - How to Train Your Abs Effectively

Session 15 - Additional Advice

Section 6 - The Best Abs Exercises - Beginner

Session 16 - Basic Crunch

Session 17 - Reverse Crunch

Session 18 - Side Crunch (Part 1)

Session 19 - Side Crunch (Part 2)

Section 7 - The Best Abs Exercises - Intermediate

Session 20 - Plank

Session 21 - Side Crunch - Intermediate

Session 22 - Leg Raises

Session 23 - Crunch with Knee Raised

Section 8 - The Best Abs Exercises - Advanced

Session 24 – Pulse-Up

Session 25 - Toe Taps

Session 26 - Lateral Plank

Session 27 - Scissors

Session 28 - Side Crunch - Advanced

Session 29 - Climbers

Section 9 - The Best Abs Exercises - Expert

Session 30 - L-Sit

Session 31 - Side Plank with crunches

Session 32 - Climbers - Expert

Session 33 - Hollow Hold

Session 34 - Side Crunch - Expert

Session 35 - Star Plank

Session 36 - Wipers

Section 10 - An Optimal Nutrition

Session 37 - Why Nutrition Represents 80% of your Success

Session 38 - The 4 Super Foods I Eat

Session 39 - The 3 Best Fruits to Eat

Session 40- Foods to be Absolutely Avoided

Section 11 - Tips for Having a Better Body With Nutrition

Session 41 - My Magic Secret Against Water Retention

Session 42 - What you need to know about Acid-Base Balance

Session 43 - A Better Body Thanks to Fat

Session 44 - How to Deceive Your Brain if you Have a Sugar Addiction

Section 12 - The Best Exercises for Having Rounded Buttocks

Session 45 - The Bridge

Session 46 - Donkey Kick

Session 47 - Forward Lunges

Session 48 - Backward Lunges

Session 49 - Fire Hydrant

Section 13 - Some Exercises to Develop Your Upper Body

Session 50 - Knee Push-ups

Session 51 - Push-ups

Session 52 - Dips

Section 14 - How To Do Cardio at Home

Session 53 - Why Cardio is Really Impotant

Session 54 - Jumping Jack

Session 55 - Knee Raises

Section 15 - The Main Stretches You Should Know & Do

Session 56 - Pectoral Stretches

Session 57 - Shoulders Stretches

Session 58 - Biceps Stretches

Session 59 - Triceps Stretches

Session 60 - Glutes Stretches

Session 61 - Quads Stretches

Session 62 - Hamstrings Stretches

Session 63 - Adductor Stretches

Calves Stretches

Section 16 - How to Truly Control Your Spirit

Session 65 - You Should Always use this Mind Method

Session 66 - How to Pass Plateaus

Session 67 - How To Stay Motivated When You Do not Have Energy

Section 17 - Final Advice

Session 68 - Why You Need A Sense of Urgency In Your Life

Session 69 - You Must Think Of This Thing as much as Possible

Session 70 - What you Have to Do to Stay Focus

Section 18 - Conclusion

Session 71 - How to Use this Program on the Long Term

Section 19 - Bonus 1 - The Best Food to Eat in a Restaurant

Session 72 - How To Continue to Enjoy yourself at a Restaurant

Section 20 - Bonus 2 - The Special "Mirror" Method

Session 73 – The Secret "Mirror" Method

Section 21 - Bonus 3 - Should Food Supplements be Taken ?

Session 74 - My Experience on Food Supplements

Section 22 - Gift 1: Secret Protocol of the 6 Steps of Self Hypnosis (17$ Value)

Session 75 - Secret Protocol of the 6 Steps of Self Hypnosis

Section 23 - Gift 2 - Training program ($77 Value)

Session 76 - Special Program for your Training

Part 24 - Gift 3 - Diet Plan ($77 Value)

Session 77 - Special Diet Plan

Section 25 - Gift 4 - Tips Sheet

Session 78 - Tips Sheet

Section 26 - Gift 5 - How to Really Connect your Mind with your Muscles

Session 79 - Learn how to Connect Your Mind with Your Muscles

Section 27 - Warning

Session 80 - Warning (to Read)


Ay24 December 2018

It's really good and straight to the point, but the nutrition system is not good at all, at least for me.

Aahmedmeer27 November 2018

This course contain enough and valid info about the abb developement , but what i like the most is the nutritional plan and info that instructor offers , Thanks you bro

Brian4 November 2018

I really enjoyed this course. There is a very good progression from beginner to advanced and then onto expert. David caters for everyone. He gives very good training advice, e.g. progress through each stage slowly and only move on when you feel you are ready. He presents the exercises by video and performs lots of reps thus allowing you to copy his technique. David also provides training programs which are easy to understand and follow, as indeed are his suggested eating menus. All in all, a very well prepared and informative course. Thank you David.

Dhanpat24 August 2018

very much helpful course as given Details with good exercise an instruction very clearly it. Gain a Good Muscle ..... very faster I've say lot of thanks............... Dear, David Michigan

Dinesh5 August 2018

As far i know about workouts and the way he teaches are co-relating and also he is speaking the truth about facts. I am listening to my body how much it can take and practicing accordingly. Hope i will add a review again once i see complete results of doing this for bit long time. Workouts are not for instant results, give it its time and you see it!!!!!!!

Ash27 July 2018

I found the course to be inspiring. I am the last person in the world to go out and buy cottage cheese, salmon, tuna, or even bananas, but I now have all of these things in my kitchen. I've even been trying to do the exercises David gives demonstrations of. I'm not there yet as I need to build my energy levels, but for most people you could just get in and do them as they're simple and from the looks of things very effective. Cheers :)

Conor2 July 2018

Very well presented course. Direct to the point. Easy to remember the content and David is very nice and can get his message across quickly and expertly. I would highly recommend.

Anonymized15 May 2018

I'm sorry but i don't like the course. You don't explain how to lose fat. You go to fast. Without explaining everything.

Hagit3 September 2017

Great course I learned a lot!!! The variety of exercises, tricks for proper nutrition and focus on the brain simply make the difference Recommended for everyone

John30 July 2017

Without a doubt the best class on Udemy. I tried the other one and this one is more complete, and the speaker really knows his work.

Madison30 July 2017

Amazing course, I did not know that it was that simple to lose weight. Very clear instructions and good advice. I had only one regret: not having know this udemy course before, it would have saved me a lot of time, effort and money,

D'amant29 July 2017

Super! I love this program!!! ❤❤ fantastic coach, realy easy to practise. Thank you David for helping me !


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