How to have fluent listening skills in English

How I learned to speak 4 languages fluently and how you can do it too! Simple strategies to help you have fluent English

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Nov 2018

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What you will learn

Learn simple strategies to improve their listening skills

Learn how to improve your English even with limited time

Learn how to make studying EASY!


Spoken English is hard to understand...

and you are probably so busy working and studying that you don't have time to improve your English...

You feel like your listening skills in English are really really bad...

The best way to improve your English listening is to travel to an English speaking country but this is super expensive...

Well, a few years ago, I was exactly like you... I didn't have a lot of money to travel to different countries and I was super busy working and studying...

I was determined to be fluent several languages and travel the world,

I know this is what you want too!

For years I tested and tried everything, and now I present all my super simple strategies in one simple course for you to learn how to improve your listening in English even when you are super busy working and studying!

You CAN do it!

In this course you will learn how to use your lost time !

Time you spend travelling to work...

Cleaning your house...


With the right strategies , you can learn how to dramatically improve your listening skills!

Learn the simple strategies to have amazing listening in English!

✔ Understand native speakers better

✔ Make new friends!

✔ Pass job interviews!

✔ Learn the strategies that have helped me become fluent in FOUR languages!

✔ Get new job opportunities and a better life for you and your family!

✔ 30 minutes of free videos that can dramatically help your listening in English!


How to have fluent listening skills in English
How to have fluent listening skills in English
How to have fluent listening skills in English
How to have fluent listening skills in English



Introduction and the first step to fluency!

Listening is training not studying!

Check out my youtube channel! New videos every week!

Prepare and focus your listening

The power of repeating and shadowing

Listening and reading at the same time

Listen to what you love

Downloadable and Finding materials online

Slow down the recording make it easy !

Video Mp3 and PDF downloads!

BONUS Grammar lecture : Present perfect vs past simple part 1

Bonus grammar materials!

Bonus : Learn English Speaking Course-Do you to do ya

Bonus : Learn English Speaking Course-How to speak English fluently!


DIKSHA9 October 2020

This listening skills will help me too much to listen & speak English language in future. It’s the best so far.

Татьяна24 September 2020

Курс удобно слушать на фоне, так как каких-то суперценных советов я не уловила. Больше рекламы преподавателя: сначала канал, потом курсы... И странные бонусы, которые между собой как-то не связаны. В общем, на Udemy есть много других увлекательнейших бесплатных курсов на тему изучения английского языка.

Abdullah17 September 2020

excellent course to practice speaking and listening with a good way. Thank you for your effort and happy to complete this course.

Zaheer-Ud-Din-Akram11 September 2020

This course is good for the students those don't have proper way to improve English listening skills. This course help me to improve my skills. I recommends other students to join this course.

Maria9 July 2020

At the beginning I think the course it si not for me because my grammar is not good, and either my english level in general, but finally I think is good for me

Francis30 June 2020

Excellent ! A very nice introduction to how students should approach listening skills. Terry gives good advice at what kind of materials we need to focus on rather than jumpin' into watching movies or listening to the radio like crazy. It's definetely put my mind on the right track. Thanks !

OSCAR4 February 2020

I like the videos. I realize that I always wanted to finish podcast in place of learn, I usually listen boring topics and I did exactly the oposite, so, this course is to get useful tips how to learn english.

Jhony1 February 2020

5 estrellas porque realmente es excelente. Terry es un extraordinario y entusiasta educador. Sus cursos todos son 5 estrellas. Los recomiendo.

Lasria10 October 2019

It was a good course for me. Terry spoke clearly and understandable. All those tips are very useful and worth to try.

Vinod23 September 2019

I really enjoyed this course. got enough tips to learn English. Thank you very much for this course. Did a good job!

Akrati9 September 2019

The course is really helpful for motivating you to learn new languages and to bring fluency in it. It helped me a lot.

Tuhinangshu7 September 2019

I am an Indian, and in my country all the official work is done in English. Though I was not from English Medium school, I had to struggle hard for few years in my college. I was average, but not above par. Now, the thing is that, this video has some very easy and convenient process to grow your English that I was missing to catch up. I am really hopeful to reconcile the missing factor of my English learning and practice more and more. Thanks for the help. Tutor

Meenal1 August 2019

This course is a road map for those who actually wants to improve their listening skills. Listening eventually improves the Speaking as they both are positively correlated.

Sehar20 July 2019

Videos are interesting and engaging. Moreover the examples make overall concept clearer. Course is better than my expectation and I recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their listening skills.

Bhojraj6 June 2019

It's a short and concise but fantastic course. It helped me find out what exactly I need to do to achieve my desired goal. Thank you very much


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