How to give your laptop a second life - SSD, HDD, RAM, Fans

Upgrade to a Solid State Drive, add RAM, clean the fan, replace thermal paste, test your laptop. Remove a virus.

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Dismantle a Laptop Easily

Upgrade to a Solid State Drive in Minutes

Clone a Hard Drive Easily or Make a Back-up

Add and Replace RAM in your Device

Identify Basic Components Inside of a Laptop

Clean the Fan and Heatsink

Replace Thermal Compound

Upgrade BIOS

Check Sensors and Temperatures of CPU and HDD

Remove a Virus

Speed up your Laptop


Give your laptop a second life with this course! Is your laptop too slow? Overheating? Maybe you have a virus? Want to add some RAM or a brand new Solid State Drive (SSD)? This is a hands-on course focusing on both hardware and software aspects, showing you how to get started in these areas.

You've come to the right place. These high quality videos show you how to open a laptop, identify what's inside and upgrade it. Give your laptop a second life!

• How to dismantle a laptop easily
• Learn how to remove a hard drive and RAM
• Replace your old hard drive and add a new SSD
• Clone your old hard drive - no back up required
• Add RAM to your laptop
• Clean the fan
• Replace thermal compound on your cpu/gpu *
• Check the temperatures of your CPU, graphics card, and hard drive
• Test your laptop and make sure it is stable
• Update BIOS
• Check tips and applications to help you get rid of a virus or trojan
• Learn if it makes any sense to use a cooling pad
• A lot of tips and tricks

In over 3 hours of content, this course covers all the basics about hardware and software updates for your laptop. Learn how to open a laptop, replace the hard drive, and clean the fan. All lectures are recorded in Full HD showing you all details. I focus on Windows-based devices but there is a chapter dedicated to MacBooks as well (how to open, remove the disk, RAM, etc.). 

There are lectures for more advanced students (*) too. Tips, tricks, and applications you need to know! What are you waiting for? 

Give your laptop a second life. Join now!


How to give your laptop a second life - SSD, HDD, RAM, Fans
How to give your laptop a second life - SSD, HDD, RAM, Fans
How to give your laptop a second life - SSD, HDD, RAM, Fans
How to give your laptop a second life - SSD, HDD, RAM, Fans



What to Expect in this Course

Basic Terms you Want to Understand

Does it Makes any Sense to Upgrade my old Laptop?

What's Inside of a Laptop?

What Will I Learn?

What Tools Will I Need?

Let's Open a few Laptops

Hard Drives, RAM, Wi-fi Modules, and Fans

Do you Know Enough Laptops' Hardware now?

Before you Move on...

Upgrade your Laptop using an SSD (Solid State Drive)


SSD - is it Worth it?

SATA to USB Converter

Do not Lose your Data - How to Clone a disk

Let's Install our new SSD

Let's Take a Stopwatch and Check the Bootup times

Challenges and Windows Installation

A Challenge for you! Why is our SSD so slow?

A Challenge - Walkthrough With Examples

Windows 7, 8, and 10

Installing MS Windows from Scratch

How To Upgrade a MacBook

How To Upgrade a MacBook

Replacing a disk in MacBooks

Upgrading RAM in a MacBook

How to Clone a Drive and Install a Solid State Drive in MacBooks

Upgrading RAM

Memory Types

How to add RAM to your Laptop

How much RAM Will I Need for Windows 7/8/10 and MacBook?

Software to Verify and Troubleshoot

Gathering Information About a Laptop

Cool Applications you Need to Know

Backups are Important

A Cooling Pad - Does it Work?

A Cooling Pad - More Tests

How to Clean Laptop Fan and Heatsink - For Advanced Users Only

Removing the Fan and Heatsink

Cleaning it all and Applying the Thermal Compound

Now to Remove Viruses, Trojans, and Ads

The Best Antivirus Packages

How to get rid of a Virus

Hardware Solutions - UTMs and Firewalls


How to Update BIOS - Part 1

How to Update BIOS - Part 2

Let's Summarize Our Course

Summary and Bonus Videos

Upgrading to Windows 10

What is a Computer Network?

An Interview with an IT Engineer

Hardware Solutions - UTMs and Firewalls


Dedy26 January 2021

Menurut saya pengalaman kursus ini sangat baik untuk menambah pengetahuan dan pemahaman seputar notebook

Zachary24 November 2020

Well, knowing about the USB thing and how to figure out the RAM are both things that will be very helpful for me in the future.

Aga21 March 2020

The course is brilliant! I learnt a lot of useful things. It was a perfect match for me. Good job! Thanks!

Polly8 March 2020

yes, I had no experience looking inside a PC, so this explained everything for me to start and get familiar

Williams12 August 2019

very practical,step by step in-depth explanation is given. easy to follow even if you have no prior experience with laptops. good job!!!

Alan28 June 2019

Clear and detail videos except the last bonus part of videos that doesn't seem to fit in at all. Overall still great!

Aleksandra21 May 2019

Another outstanding lecture! Thank you Mariusz for making my life easier ? I was about to throw my old laptop away but with your help I think I will keep it? Many thanks!

Maciej22 January 2019

Very helpful course. All the information was practical and easy to implement in real life. I enjoyed it a lot.

PIOTR13 January 2019

Wery helpful course.Marious transmits informations to the recipient in a very clear way. Very useful if you start to play with computers. I recommend it.

Lee5 November 2016

Subject matter presented is for those who are in need of very basic information, not for advanced users. Not enough information in reference to hardware issues such as monitor screen replacement, motherboard replacement, etc. For Windows users, material presented are very basic references to software tools that are mostly used for periodic maintenance procedures and upkeep. Instructor makes references to more information being available from Youtube sources, which is already well known by most computer users. I would not recommend this course to anyone above a beginning level of expertise.

Ernest2 August 2016

I am a System Engineer and using SSD for many years on my computer. Recently, some of my clients want to upgrade their SSD & RAM themselves because the price becomes reasonable on the market. Probably, there are many personal sensitive data on their notebooks or computers ;) I think they can achieve their goals after watching this "Step by Step" lesson because it is easy to follow. Besides this, Marious is a nice guy and always replies students' questions in his courses quickly. I highly recommend this course to everyone!


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