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How To Get Your First 10,000 Facebook Fans In 2018

The New, Non-Traditional Way To Grow Your Fanbase Like A Professional

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Nov 2018

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What you will learn

Build a large community of followers on Facebook using the power of a new method

Why the “ordinary” way of getting fans is dead

Proven step-by-step system to get thousands of targeted fans that will effectively get people interested in your business

Drive free traffic to your website

Use your fans as social proof to sell more products and services

Lower your advertising costs

... and much more!


If you've ever looked at your competitors and become jealous of the number of "likes" on their Facebook page, this course is for you.

You'll learn exactly what it takes to build a large community of followers with a brand-new and sneaky approach.

With a proven step-by-step formula that's easy to implement, you'll set up an automated system that will effectively get people interested in your business.

After all, the more followers you have on social media, the more traffic you can get to your site, and the more sales you can make.

Build Your Facebook Fanbase to Drive More Traffic to Your Site & Boost Profits

  • Why you can’t afford the “traditional” way of getting fans
  • Proven & tested system to build a raving fanbase with an automated script
  • Step-by-step formula to get thousands of highly targeted fans

Contents and Overview

This course begins with an introduction into why the old, traditional way of building your fanbase is dead and how this system works.

Next, we’ll cover how to install the script on Google Chrome, how to run it and why you should harness the power of a little known feature called “Boost Post” to give your fan page more exposure.

Last but not least, you’ll discover two strategies to double the growth of the fanbase along with different ways to use this script to grow your fanpage even faster.

By the time you complete this training, you have mastered the probably most powerful, cheapest and fastest method to get thousands of loyal Facebook fans with minimal effort.


How To Get Your First 10,000 Facebook Fans In 2018
How To Get Your First 10,000 Facebook Fans In 2018
How To Get Your First 10,000 Facebook Fans In 2018
How To Get Your First 10,000 Facebook Fans In 2018


The New Way Of Building Your Fanbase In 2017

Meet & Greet

Live Demo: How This System Works

Why You Are Allowed To Use This Script

How To Install The Fanpage Booster

Taking The First Step

How To Build Up Your Fanbase With Two Clicks

How To Give Your Fanpage More Exposure

How To Double The Growth Of Your Fanbase

My Three Favorite Image Resources

What Are The Limits Of This Strategy


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Rashi5 November 2020

The method in the video simply doesn't work. Nor have the handlers updated the new method. Please don't waste your time and money on this course.

Abdullah20 March 2020

Yes it's good , but I'm trying to install fanpage booster, but the is message pop up that username or password is wrong.

Matt24 October 2017

Very easy to follow and understand plus access to plugin is awesome to use on our fanpages to help invite those who have engaged with our post but not yet liked our post.

Grey23 February 2017

Nothing's perfect, but... I have 20 years of internet marketing experience, beginning with email marketing in < 1996... the software is well designed, and does precisely what it's supposed to do. Much appreciated.

Peggy2 January 2017

strateg;y sounds good and mostly of what I expected. a new twist to get larger volume of likes on my fanpage is good if ok with facebook.

Gary26 December 2016

I knew most of this already and I was following this strategy already so it's hard to be completely wowed by it. The script is pretty cool though and will save time, the cost is worth it just for that.

Giulia18 October 2016

The reason that I give this course the rating is because I already knew this strategy. I found out about it through a blog post I read a couple of months ago. However, I hadn't found a way to automate the process and because of that, this course is worth it. There was nothing particularly useful to me in the course apart from the script. But if you're relatively new to Facebook and want to automate a process that works, then I recommend the course.

Enzo12 September 2016

This is a great course and easy to understand This course teaches you exactly how to grow your fan page from scratch to 10,000 follower When you apply this course you can see how your online empire grows Thank you so much :D

Asaduzzaman11 July 2016

Good work... I have learnt some new things. I will request to add more lectures with more techniques. Thanks

Saurabh10 July 2016

nice but the account is showing error while login in to fanbooster.de i.e Your account has been suspended because there were too many devices (IPs) can access this page. Please try again tomorrow. (Error Code: ip_access_limit)

Adrian23 June 2016

As usual Sandor over delivers. This is an excellent strategy that I've not seen before but has tremendous potential to get results compared to paying for Page Likes. I'm already starting to implement them.

Lisa22 June 2016

doesn't teach how to increase from 0 - 10 000, but rather use what you have. Like an existing 500 - 1000

Del13 June 2016

Your facebook page has to already have engagement in order for this to work. If you just started and have almost no likes then this won't work.

Ránura13 June 2016

wow.. hoep this still works in 2016 june.. I dont see the invite button anymore..Plz tell me it works

Aslan8 June 2016

How I get The Script "Ihr Konto wurde gesperrt, weil es von zu vielen Geräten (IPs) Zugriff auf diese Seite gab. Bitte versuchen Sie es morgen wieder. (Fehler-Code: ip_access_limit)"


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