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How to get a job offer and work permit in Canada.

Best practices for getting a job in Canada for foreigners and professionals abroad.

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Learn the basic of the work permit/ visa application process.

Learn about the different Canadian Immigration Programs that foreign workers can apply to work in Canada.

Learn how to research the Canadian Labor Market and the different tools available for foreign workers.

Learn how to Implement job search strategies in order to increase their possibilities of getting a job in Canada

Iniciate the steps to get licensed or upgrade your skills and start your job search.

Learn how to assess their readiness for the Canadian Job Market.

Learn how to effectively search for a job in Canada from abroad.

Learn how to create a Canadian resume and cover letter.

Learn how to get ready for an interview with a Canadian employer.


This course has been developed to assist International trained workers like you to learn how you can become eligible to apply for a work permit and eventually for Canadian Permanent Residency via the Express Entry System under the different immigration programs available In Canada and what you will require in order to begin your application.

It also covers some resources like LinkedIn, Interviewing skills, Job search strategies, and Canadian Resume templates that are designed to assist professional immigrants to navigate the Canadian labor market and secure employment.

Checking other sources besides the Job Bank in Canada.

This course also prepares you for the settlement process, from getting your things across the border to finding a job in Canada. 

During this course, we will review information such as:

  • Canada work permit eligibility,

  • Canada work visa cost,

  • temporary work permit Canada,

  • how to get a job offer from Canada to express entry,

  • job offer from a Canadian employer,

  • Canadian work permit with a job offer,

  • Post Graduate work permit,

  • Live-in caregiver,

  • Rural Canada,

  • the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program,

  • Labor market initial assessment (LMIA),

  • processing times,

  • NOC codes,

  • Canadian resume,

  • Openwork permit in Canada,

  • Canada work permit jobs, 

  • NAFTA: Intra-companies transfers,

  • Francophone Immigration,

  • and much more...

You're going to get over 12 hours of video lectures, access to the recommended resources, our student discussion forum, and the ability to ask me any questions you may have as you progress through the course. 

On top of all that, you get lifetime access.

In summary, this course is a good do it yourself guide for working and immigration to Canada.

By the end of this course, you will know some of the strategies and resources used in your immigration journey, job search in Canada, and how to integrate into the Canadian labor market and start your new life in the True North.

This course is taught by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).


How to get a job offer and work permit in Canada.
How to get a job offer and work permit in Canada.
How to get a job offer and work permit in Canada.
How to get a job offer and work permit in Canada.




What are you going to learn in this course.

Overview of the Canadian Immigration System.

Why people from around the world want to come to Canada?

Important message about the course

Exploring the recommended tools in Nexus Canada Blog

The Canadian Labor Market

Where do you want to live and work in Canada

Using the NOC Matrix.

Creating a Job Market Report in Job Bank.

How to find your Occupational Profile in CICIC.ca

The Canadian Hidden Job Market

The Canadian Workplace Culture

How to prepare for your job search in Canada.

Preparing your Canadian Resume, Cover Letter and Reference letter.

Interviewing Online: strategies and best practices.

Optimizing your job search in Canada.

Recommended Job sites in Canada

Using Linked In as part of your Strategy.

Using Magnet as part of your Strategy.

Getting a work permit.

What is a work permit?

Types of work permit in Canada.

What is a LMIA?

Importance of a job offer.

Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP)

Special situations- Work permit holders

Employers who have been non-compliant

Beware of SCAMS to get a job in Canada!

Working in Canada: The difference options.

Studying and working in Canada

Working on Campus

Who can work Off Campus?

Working as a Co-op student or Intern in Canada

How can you help your spouse to work in Canada?

Stay in Canada after graduation: Post-graduate work permit.

International Mobility Program.

Business People

The NAFTA Agreement: Professional opportunities.

Getting a NAFTA work permit as a professional.

NAFTA: Intra-Company Transfers

GATS and other Free trade agreements (FTA)

Agricultural workers: Immigration programs

Agricultural workers – Online resources.

Live-in Caregiver Program

Live-in Caregiver Program: Employer guidelines.

The Work Permit Application

Applying from outside of Canada

Applying for a work permit from Inside Canada

Spousal Open Work Permit Application

Proving your Work Experience

Police Certificate and Criminal Background check.

Medical Exam

Find out if you need to give biometrics

Check processing times

Inadmissibility issues.

Extend your work permit — Temporary workers

After you apply-What to do?

Essential Strategies for Success in your job search

Prepare for your career in Canada.

Developing your Soft skills

How to use your educational credential evaluation in your job search in Canada

What is Jobversity?

Canada Top 100 Employers

How to connect with Canadian Employers

How to find the contact information of Canadian Employers?-Recommended tools.

Cold-Calling/ Email Script

Survivor Jobs

Pre-arrival Strategies & Settlement Recommendations.

Prepare for arrival — Temporary workers

Canadian Immigrant Integration Program:CIIP

Recruiters and Employment Agencies in Canada.

Prepare for Canada: Online services

Online Settlement Fair

In-TAC Virtual Career Expo

Banking in Canada: Newcomer Programs

Renting in Canada.

Labor Market Information by Province/Territory

British Columbia





New Brunswick

Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

Newfoundland and Labrador



Specials programs for Foreign Workers.

International Experience Canada

The Global Skills Strategy

The ICT Start Up Program

Francophone immigration – Express Entry

Job Offer opportunities in Rural Canada.

Atlantic Pilot Program

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot: About the process

Northwestern Ontario

OINP Canada Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream

Conclusion and Bonus.

Course Wrap up and Thank you.

Bonus Lecture


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