How to Flip Items on Facebook Marketplace From Home

Learn How to Flip Items Like a Pro for Extra Cash from Home

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

How to efficiently search for items on Facebook Marketplace

How to tell which items are good deals to flip for profits

How to sell items for the maximum profits

How to flip items on FB marketplace efficiently and entirely from home


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Fundamentally, flipping an item on Facebook marketplace is simple. With enough effort, almost anyone can brute force their way to making some extra cash. Simply find items on FB Marketplace for less than what you can sell them for, and profit the difference. The price you ultimately sell an item for, minus what you paid for it, minus any other costs/taxes/fees/personal time/risk/etc. equals your profit. So, why have I authored an entire course on the topic? Frankly, it’s harder than it looks, time is a precious resource, the competition growing, and even a slight edge can make the difference.

In this course, you'll learn the principles to profit from flipping on Facebook Marketplace while minimizing risks, costs, and personal time investment. You'll learn the safest and most efficient ways to browse items and choose which items to buy. You'll learn why most people's approach to flipping on Facebook Marketplace leads to frustration and inefficiency, and how to circumvent these issues. I also explain in-detail how to know if you're getting a good deal, how to protect yourself from risks, and how to sell your items for the most profit. Most importantly, the tactics I teach in this course allow you to operate completely from home. By the end of the course, you'll be armed with the skills essential to building a sustainable side-hustle income.


How to Flip Items on Facebook Marketplace From Home
How to Flip Items on Facebook Marketplace From Home
How to Flip Items on Facebook Marketplace From Home
How to Flip Items on Facebook Marketplace From Home




Problems With The Traditional Approach To Flipping on FB Marketplace

Depreciation and Selling Your Own Junk

Searching For Deals Far and Wide

Casting a Wide Net

How To Browse Listings

Which Listings To Look Out For

Which Items Are We Interested In?

The Two Types of Listings: Facebook Marketplace Street Smarts

Comps and Playing Devil's Advocate


Playing Devil's Advocate

Striking The Deal

Securing a deal

Paying For Shipped Items and Some Common Sense

Selling Your Items and The True Cost of Driving

Listing Your Items

The True Cost of Driving (PICK-UP ONLY!)

Taxes, Legal Stuff and Conclusion

Taxes and Legal Basics


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