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How To Find Keywords To Reach The First Page Of Google

Learn to do simple, yet highly effective Keyword Research

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How To Find Keywords To Reach The First Page Of Google



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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

A beginner-friendly introduction to the role of Keywords online

Complete explanation of what Keywords are, their use and importance

The various types of keywords and their different meanings

A full case study taking you through the process of Keyword Research

Learn to use 2 extremely useful tools for completing Keyword Research

Be able to identify Keywords to avoid

Ways to know which Keywords will suit your needs the best

5 Tricks for making the most of your Keywords

Best Practices for Keyword usage

Things you should never do with Keywords

Further learning and ways to continue building your knowledge


If you are someone who has a blog, website or E-Commerce store you may understand how difficult it can be to get people to discover you naturally online.

Learning to do Keyword Research will give you an instant head start and advantage of increasing your chances to appear on the all-important first page of search engine results.

Keyword Mastery shows you exactly how to use keywords to boost the SEO potency of your content and improve how search engines view your articles.

Watch a live case study in action as we go step-by-step through the process of Keyword Research.

What Keyword Mastery will teach you:

  • What keywords are and why they are important
  • How Keywords can help you reach the first page of Google
  • The reasons why doing Keyword Research can increase organic traffic
  • How to use fantastic tools to carry out Keyword Research
  • Tips and tricks for using Keywords in your content to boost your rankings

Contents and Overview

The course will guide you through the full process of Keyword Research, aimed at beginners and full of important and useful information.

Starting with an overview of what Keywords are and the purpose they play in the online world, you will quickly grasp the importance of using Keyword Research and begin to understand how people are using it to gain an almost unfair advantage.

You will then be taken step-by-step through the full process of Keyword Research.

Armed with your newly acquired knowledge, I will show you how to use two extremely powerful tools that will give you lists of viable keywords you can use to rank higher in search engines.

Throughout the case study, you will discover expert tips to ensure you carry out effective research, whilst learning how to avoid obstacles other website and blog owners often get tripped up by.

Once you have learned how to use the two pieces of software, I will teach you how to use your keywords to maximum effect.

The end result is a wider knowledge of how people use Keywords to reach the front page of search engine results, and all the information required to join them!




About the course

The most important things you will learn by taking this course

Keywords Explained

Introduction to Section 1

What Keywords actually are?

How Keywords are used

Keywords and Search Engines

Types of Keywords

Summary of Section 1

Learning To Do Keyword Research

Introduction to Section 2

The classroom case study explained

The tools you will be using

The process of generating Seed Keywords

Analyzing Seed Keyword results

Tool 1 – Over the shoulder training - Part I

Tool 1 – Over the shoulder training – Part II

Tool 1 – Over the shoulder training – Part III

Tool 2 - Over the shoulder training - Part I

Tool 2 - Over the shoulder training - Part II

Sorting Data into columns

Using Keywords To Maximum Effect

Section 3 introduction

5 Tricks for making the most of your keywords

Keyword Usage – Best Practices

Things not to do with Keywords

Further reading and Congratulations

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sw12 August 2019

It seems "Google keyword planner" are going to charge now. Maybe should update the usage of "google keyword planner".

Elsa5 August 2019

Amazing! I cannot find the right keyword to express my gratitude for the never-ending natural flow of lessons that had consistently given information from the first lesson upto the last. Your honesty of giving-all your knowledge is greatly felt. Thank you! Each just-learned lesson will definitely put into action.

C4 February 2019

This course is great for those who know nothing about keyword research. The topics are in logical order, and the instructor presents the material clearly and at a pace that is easy to follow. My only complaint is that too much time is spent explaining how to use "Long-Tail Pro Platinum" for keyword research. Long-Tail Pro Platinum isn't cheap; it is a tool best used by experienced keyword researchers, not the beginners for whom this course is intended.

Muhammad26 July 2018

very helpful course , thank you for this amazing course and i hope you to make another course in more detail about "how to implement keywords into our articles".

Carlos29 December 2017

First Of All, Thank You for Your Info. I have been studying S.E.O. and Internet Marketing and Video Marketing for 12 + years and know that Keyword Research is like the ABC's is to Reading. The beginning was mostly all about basics but when He got to the tutorials on learning to use the Keyword Planner and Long Tail Keyword tools was Great. Which I have mostly used the Keyword Planner and the Jaxxy Keyword Tool but a week ago they had a promotion on the Long Tail keyword which I purchased for a year. And which was the Keyword Tool which I have wanted to use for a long time. I also use Several FREE Keyword TOOLS. Soovle, and Google Trends and keywordtool.io/ and Auto Suggest on Google and Related Keyword search's. And I am sure there are others but the Most Important thing is to Learn to use one at a time so that when you Create a Video and or Content, or you Outsource on Fiverr, etc.. You can know the Competitiveness of a KEYWORD and the Search Volume. Charlie Gonzales, American Plumbing http://www.sandiegoplumberonline.com

chee20 December 2017

the concept of keyword research is clearly explained and why people should use targeted keywords on their websites to help visitors to find what they are looking for online. right to the end of lecture 18, i can already identify some basic keyword research strategies using Google keyword planner. the only problem is that since then, Google has only allowed users to check the range of average monthly searches. other than, that i like the pace of the content so far. The part where long tail pro was being introduced, I think there is a part missing where the instructor was suppose to compare the keywords found using google keyword planner and long tail pro. I will check again and see if it was indeed left out. The course is basic and I took it to reaffirm what I already know just to make sure I am doing things right.

Imad11 November 2017

lot of meta data, I would prefer to get more quickly to the main explanations and the most important part of the sections

Franciscus11 September 2017

Beginner online marketers should start here. Because at the end of the day you're online you will need keywords for all your online efforts.

Jiri10 September 2017

Quick, simple and understandable overview of keyword research. Yes, there are much more tools, but nobody can review them all. Google Keyword Planner is must and you have there one premium tool on top that. I like it and recommend it.

Nikita12 July 2017

If I were to rate this class solely how the instructors presented the information then it would be a 5 star course. However, there has been some major updates to Google Keyword Planner/ AdWords that it's hard to follow along with the lessons. Since, the information is no longer accurate. I would love to see an update to this course.

Azhar12 July 2017

Excellent piece of advice. It was very good level of knowledge about keyword research, even learned how to use Google Keyword planner.

Niraj3 July 2017

Loved the way google keyword planner explained. I was not aware of this tool. Thank you so much. It will be so useful for me in near future

Varchasv15 January 2017

The course is informative, more so with the hands on learning over a sample project. I would recommend taking this course to get a practical insight into keyword research and for learning to use simple tools to generate great keywords.

Rachael16 September 2016

Great for a beginner but maybe a little slow paced. Over-the-shoulder sections were very useful. Overall well worth the time and cost

Heather2 March 2016

If you are new to keyword research or have a basic knowledge with Google Keyword planner tool then this training provides you with an enhanced, indepth explanation of how to use the tool. The narrator/tutor is clear and concise and provides action steps to work along with him. By doing this it promotes a better understanding which makes this course very easy to follow. Much appreciated!. Heather UK


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