How to Find Easy Markets to Publish Your Books In

Learn how to find what readers want and give them what they will pay for so you sell more books more easily.

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Sep 2016

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What you will learn

Find underserved markets where readers are hungry for more books

Learn how to research markets and choose the best ones to target

Collect and analyze data and make the best decisions on what to publish

Publish books knowing beforehand that there is a market already waiting to buy them

Work less and get better results because of good market decisions


Most authors don't make money because they don't make the right choices before they start writing.

The difference between success and failure is what goes on before you publish your books, and that's what this course is all about... teaching you what to do, so you can uncover the markets that are underserved.

Markets where there are readers wanting more books than are currently available - so you know before you even start writing, there's a hungry crowd waiting to buy your books when they're published.

This is the easy way to build a successful publishing business, rather than writing what you THINK are the right books and wondering why they don't sell when you publish them.

In the course I will teach you all you need to know to find these markets, to analyze them and to make the best decisions to ensure your success.

This is where I've seen the most success in the thousands of authors I've trained. 

This is where I've seen authors getting the best results the soonest.

This is how any new or struggling author should approach their publishing business if they want that business to give them financial security with ongoing sales where they don't have to struggle to promote books that are hard to sell.

You have a 30-day, 100% money-back no questions asked guarantee so you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of time saving to gain... and in that 30 days you will have collected data, based on this training that will transform your business.

Click on the Take This Course button in the upper right hand side of your screen and get started now... and get ready for some big changes to your publishing fortunes.


How to Find Easy Markets to Publish Your Books In
How to Find Easy Markets to Publish Your Books In
How to Find Easy Markets to Publish Your Books In
How to Find Easy Markets to Publish Your Books In




What do You Want to Achieve?


Choose Your Market: Part 1

Choose Your Market: Part 2

Tracking Indie Books

Too Hard Market: Part 1

Too Hard Market: Part 2


Care in Checking Rank

Digging for Gold: Part 1

Digging for Gold: Part 2




Tracking and Trending: Part 1

Tracking and Trending: Part 2

Blending In and Standing Out: Part 1

Blending in and Standing Out: Part 2






It's all about the Characters


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CL1 October 2020

An excellent course about market research and meeting reader expectation. Highly recommend to all fiction writers and serious non-fiction publishers.

Tabitha29 June 2020

Very useful information. It would be great if the instructor gave it a little bit of his face even though that does not reduce the value of the content. I have learnt a very important step in publishing a book that I had not thought of and that have changed my mindset in a positive way but which has come with the feeling of yes I can do it, and yes I want to do it. Thank you.

Callayna2 March 2020

I took this course but it's out of date. Amazon is always changing how they do things. For example, if you're looking at publishing kindle books and want to make money you're up against 99 cent books and kindle unlimited - both of these will completely distort the market. Another reason analyzing the 100 best seller list doesn't work because the categories don't match. He does give some good advice though, on following the authors writing in your category, but I didn't see any easy way to establish market trends and gaps.

Steve30 October 2019

I am finding this course very helpful. It's not easy for me to critique the content at this stage since I don't yet know what I don't know. But I am enjoying the course.

Boris2 September 2019

This was a very in-depth explanation of how to assess the demand of a niche before going into it. It does what it says it will do.

Gopal19 July 2019

Excellent course - Geoff is a great teacher with a clear, easy-going style that promotes learning. And his content quite obviously comes from years of experience in the field.

ROBERT11 April 2019

Geoff described a well defined path to success and convinced me that if I follow it I would find success.

Kathleen3 April 2019

Wow he is good, lots of great advice and info... Thanks a bunch definitely a course I will go back to visit...

Sophie30 March 2019

This course is just excellent. Down to earth... and it's not letting you dream and start writing without a solid foundation in research first. Thank you !

Steve3 March 2019

This course for me was more like a review of sorts about do's and don't and yet i found things that i did not realize like the book cover section so pick this course up.

Maira11 January 2019

Yes. I’m just getting started with writing and have tons of stories to tell. I’d like to do that in a way that appeals to customers.

Julie10 January 2019

Very concise and to the point, which always gets my vote. I want support and I think I'm going to get it. This presenter really seems to know his stuff. I feel like I'm in the right place.

Cindy7 January 2019

This course is a great match for me. I like Geoff's straight-forward and honest approach. I like that he gets straight to the meat and doesn't include fluff.

Glenda23 November 2018

I think it's a good match for me. I am very much enjoying the listening experience and hope to be able to implement the information.

Nicola21 November 2018

This is another really good course. Great explanations. I feel like I understand amazon and indie publishing, and all the opportunities, so so much better thanks to taking this course


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