How to Find A Job in Canada and Apply for a Work Permit

Finding a Job in Canada is easier with the right information

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Understand the Canadian labour market

Labour market trends by occupation and location

Where to find jobs in your field

How to find your NOC

Resume writing and job preparation tips

Sample documents including resumes, cover letters, employment reference letters

Employers and industries that are hiring

What is a LMIA and how to get one


Welcome to this introductory guide on finding a job in Canada and applying for a work permit. This is an introductory course to our flagship program.

If you have made the exciting move to enrol in this program. You'll be glad you did!

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Find employers that are hiring in Canada;

  • Find jobs in your field;

  • Locate jobs that can support your immigration application;

  • Get labour market information pertinent to your specific occupation;

  • Prepare a solid application that makes you stand out as a candidate;

  • Have all the tools you need to ace your Canadian employment interviews;

  • Find out where is the best place to live in Canada based on job prospects;

  • Know the steps involved in applying for a work permit to work in Canada;

And much more...

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Please note that the information contained in this course is not meant to be legal advice.

The information provided in this course is for general information purposes only and is not a substitute for consulting with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant or lawyer. It should in no way be relied upon as case specific advice and does not constitute legal representation or give rise to a representative client relationship.

Taking this course does not guarantee that you will find a job in Canada, however, it provides guidance and practical information on finding work in Canada.


How to Find A Job in Canada and Apply for a Work Permit
How to Find A Job in Canada and Apply for a Work Permit
How to Find A Job in Canada and Apply for a Work Permit
How to Find A Job in Canada and Apply for a Work Permit



Introduction and Overview

Welcome and meet the instructor

The Canadian Labour Market

Top 5 Industries Experiencing Labour Shortages

How to Find Your NOC

Best Places to Live and Work in Canada

Best Places to Live and Work Popular Rankings

Occupational Profiles

Working in Canada Tool

Work Permits in Canada

Types of Open Work Permits

Work Permits for Spouses and Common Law Partners

Work Permits for Students

Work Permits For Permanent Resident Applicants

Who Needs A Work Permit

Labour Market Impact Assessment - LMIA

LMIA Exemptions

Work Permits for Special Situations

Work Permit Eligibility

Documents Required for a Work Permit

Where to Apply for a Work Permit

How long does it take to process a Work Permit

Do you Qualify for two week Processing of your Work Permit

Fees Involved in Applying For a Work Permit

Extending Your Work Permit

What to do if your Work Permit Application is Refused

LMIA Jobs in Canada

Finding A Job in Canada's Hidden Job Market

Interview DOs and Don'ts



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