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How To Analyze Your Niche Market

Discover a data-driven approach to get a better understanding of your market environment.

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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

How to analyze your competitors and grow your business

Step-by-step instructions to find your competitors in less than 5 minutes

How to use the #1 competitive analysis tool for free

Quick & easy way to determine site traffic with SimilarWeb

Why you have to perform content, website, social media & email marketing audits

Templates & Swipe Files

… and much more!


Your competitors are the best case study in the world. If you want to grow your business, you need to learn from their strengths & weaknesses.

At least that’s what the most successful and fastest-growing businesses do: they study their competition.

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Discover A Simple Way To Analyze Your Competitors

  • Simple strategy to identify your competitors in less than 5 minutes
  • Analyze your competition like a business analyst & consultant
  • Perform strategy audits

Contents & Overview

This course will reveal to you a proven & tested way to research your competition like a professional marketing consultant.

After giving you a brief introduction to our simple & intuitive research process, we’ll cover how to research your competitors.

These lessons include how to set up an Excel spreadsheet to have all your data in your place, three ways to identify your competitors and how to use the No. #1 competitive research tool for free.

Next, we’ll cover how to create four different types of audits: general audit, content audit, social media audit & email marketing audit.

We also included templates that will help you understand the content, social media & growth strategy of your competitors with ease.

By the time you complete this training, you’ll be able to research your competitors like a professional and be able to take the necessary steps to massively grow your business!


How To Analyze Your Niche Market
How To Analyze Your Niche Market
How To Analyze Your Niche Market
How To Analyze Your Niche Market


Foundation Series

Meet & Greet

How Our Competitive Research System Works

How To Research Your Competitors


This Excel Spreadsheet Will Transform Your Business

Three Ways To Identify Your Competitors

SEMrush - Our Secret Weapon

How To Use SEMrush For Free

How To Determine Site Traffic With SimilarWeb

Why You Have To Create Benchmarks

How To Analyze Your Competitors


Analysis #1 - General Audit

General Audit Template

Analysis #2 - Content Audit

Content Audit Template

Analysis #3 - Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit Template

Analysis #4 - Email Marketing Audit


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Barbara13 January 2020

I am totally new to online market, so I wasn't sure of what to expect from this course. I learned alot on how to keep up with others in my field. These are ideas I wondered about, but wasn't sure how to do. Thank you for making me more informed.

Elias15 August 2018

Discover a data-driven approach to get a better understanding of your market environment. Think before to start a blog, who else is in the market ? - It is a very good summary course.

Pam18 August 2016

As always, another great course by Patrick. It includes some great tips for how to analyze your competition, many of which were new to me. I really appreciate the templates that came with the course as well.

Stephanie14 June 2016

Somewhat basic & a lot of repetition once a concept has been introduced. This should/could have been much shorter.

Johnn21 April 2016

This was a good course. Actionable and touched on the major points for understanding more about the competition. I especially appreciated the worksheets.


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