How To Dominate Excel Formatting & Charting

Former Top Strategy Consultant Reveals How to Master the #1 Skill Every Employer Wants, Almost Overnight

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How To Dominate Excel Formatting & Charting



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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

How to dominate Excel formatting & charting in less than 4 days

No theory, but 100% job-focused knowledge of Excel with lots of practical examples & shortcuts!

How to analyze and understand data, without the need for a complex mathematical background

Visualize data in a clear & appealing data, and gain a competitive advantage!

Shortcut Excel strategies that are uncommon in the everyday workplace yet incredibly useful and powerful!

Stand out from the crowd: Produce professional work like a McKinsey consultant

Excel strategies you won’t find in any book

Become comfortable with day-to-day operations, and dominate common Excel hurdles instantly

Become dramatically more productive and simplify your daily workflow by learning simple shortcuts to tackle virtually every formatting problem

… and much more!




Excel is a key skill for virtually every office employee today, but because the software provides what seems like an infinite number of functions, it can become confusing.

If you struggle with Excel, know that you're not alone. Even though Excel is designed to make your life easier, 82% of users report that Excel causes them stress.

This course is for you if you:

  • Struggle to find online tutorials that make using Excel formulas easy
  • Make mistakes in Excel and feel disappointed with the results
  • Become angry and frustrated because Excel actually reduces your productivity

Take The Best Seats In The House & Discover How To Succeed At The Modern Workplace With Excel:

  • Work in Excel in a simple yet professional way
  • Create Excel spreadsheets that are clear and uncluttered
  • Make elaborate charts that even average workers will understand

Content & Overview

First, we’ll cover the foundations of Excel formatting and charting. You’ll discover the basics of cells, data and charting, which includes a comprehensive tutorial on how to build charts.

Next comes how to format cells and data the McKinsey way. I’ll explain 8 Excel cell formats with practical examples and how to effectively navigate large data sheets. Plus, you’ll learn how to never lose overview by using five uncommon shortcut functions.

Moreover, I’ll show you step-by-step how to build a chart the McKinsey way and combine stacked column charts with normal column charts to enable advanced data labeling techniques.

Last but not least, I included three bonus tutorials covering freeze panes vs. split windows, techniques to show key data only and drop down menus.

By the time you complete this class, you’ll learn the renowned McKinsey way of formatting charts and tables, from basic to advanced.

This training is 100% job-focused and contains only practical knowledge of Excel to format data and charts. In contrast to books and 36-hour Excel courses, you won't waste your time with 500 irrelevant Excel features that you'll never use. Instead, you can put these new skills to use right away!


Getting Started

What You Will Learn - Excel Formatting Secrets by Top Consultants

Why Your Work Has To Look Professional: The Secrets To Advance Your Career

Data Made By The Average Joe Vs. Data Formatted The McKinsey Way - Part 1

Charts made by the Average Joe vs. Charts Formatted The McKinsey Way - Part 2

The Foundation

What Is A Cell? - The Key Element Of Excel

What Is Data? - The Origin Of Awesome

What Is A Chart? - Your Means To Success

What Is Formatting? - The Secret Sauce To Make You Look Awesome

McKinsey Cell And Data Formatting Secrets

Cell Formatting Secrets

Conditional Formatting Secrets

McKinsey Data Formatting Secrets

McKinsey Chart Formatting Secrets

Chart Types

Chart Formatting And Design Essentials

McKinsey Chart Formatting Secrets

Congratulations & Conclusion

Bonus Secrets

Never Loose Overview On Your Data - Freeze Panes Vs. Split Windows

How To Show Only Key Data - Hiding, Unhiding, Grouping

Let Others Only Fill In Data You Want - Drop Down Menus

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Sandor's Course for Up to 95% OFF!


Stella25 September 2019

so far, learn nothing new, not very structured learning. Always praying how good Macency consultants how good they are, That's fine but show me how to do it exactly. The speaker must be one of the genius consultants.

Oliver6 September 2019

Some of the videos are a lot of circling back, also a lot of volume changes between vods, meaning constant speaker changes.

Oscar20 November 2017

Es fácil de entender y se sigue con claridad. Algunos ejemplos pueden ser más concisos. Me ha gustado mucho.

Denise20 April 2017

The instructor knows his Excel, and I learned a few good tips (I especially liked the lecture about using the X/Y scatter table to make dynamic labels), but I don't think I can replicate his results without more instruction and a lot of practice.

Kenneth13 February 2016

I am truly impressed by the quality of this class, the instructor shows super tricks to create top quality documents.

Vivienne21 January 2016

I was hoping that I would be learning excel, however the tutor knows his stuff but is going through the lessons as if the student knows it already!. He doesn't explain each action of the different buttons and drop down list. I wasn't impressed!

Brandon23 December 2015

This training is one of the few courses on Udemy that deserves to be called a complete, step-by-step tutorial on charting and formatting. I am impressed by the expertise and knowledge of the instructor and can highly recommend this course to everyone who's struggling and wants to learn more about Excel! So much better than reading a book on this topic! 5 stars!


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