How to Day Trade for a Living: From Beginner to Pro

How to Profitably Trade Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Futures, Options, Commodities, NFTs, etc.

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What you will learn

Learn essential trading fundamentals

Learn the secret of how to trade for a living

Understand the best trading strategies including support and resistance

Learn to develop your own trading edge in any market

Understanding risk management and trading psychology

Get proficiency in how Fundamental, Sentimental and Technical Analyses work in trading

Learn to trade various financial instruments including stocks, cryptos, forex, etc.

Comprehend derivative trading and how to maximize leverage in making profits

Learn the different patterns and skills to become a consistently profitable trader

Learn how to manage emotion and remain discipline in all markets


How to Day Trade for a Living: From Beginner to Pro

In this class, Day Trading Fundamentals: How to Profitably Trade Stocks, Indices, Forex, Cryptos, Derivatives, etc., we expanded on the idea of trading to help you become a consistently profitable trader. We studied how to trade financial market instruments including stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, exchange-traded funds, commodities, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), etc.

As we all know that trading can be hard, we have decided to simplify it in this course to help you kickstart your career in trading financial assets. Also, day trading can be a very lucrative career if it is properly done.

As such, we started the class by elucidating the concept of trading and why you should be a trader. Although day trading (otherwise called intra-day trading) is immensely popular, there are other kinds of trading like swing trading, high-frequency trading, position trading, investing, news trading, trend following and range trading, among others. Most importantly, we elaborated on the distinction between trading and investing to help you decide if you want to play a more active role in the financial market or want to be a passive investor. Furthermore, we expanded on different tradable securities including futures and options that offer high leverage, even to retail investors.

To trade effectively, we recommended that new traders should use The Confluence Strategy that employs optimizing the benefit of fundamental, sentimental, and technical analyses. Fundamental analysis is purely associated with the intrinsic value of an asset and prediction is dependent on the fair, real value of the assets. The sentimental analysis simply deals with the love-hate relationship between traders and tradable financial assets. This method of analyzing the market is mostly applied in the case of cryptocurrencies. An example is when the tweet of Elon Musk alter small the prices of cryptocurrencies. Finally, technical analysis deals with charts and patterns. Here, we are trying to use past performance to predict future results. We discussed the most common technical indicators used by traders.

Finally, we covered several risk management strategies to help you in mitigating risk in your trading journey. As risk is proportional to reward in trading, we explored how we can be asymmetric traders that maximize returns using take-profit while limiting risk using a stop-loss. Equally, we expanded on trading psychology to enable us to remain calm and consistent in trading despite our trading outcomes.

In summary, this class is a comprehensive guide on trading to help you kickstart your trading career and trade for a living.


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What Is Trading?
Types of Trading
Trading vs Investing
Bull vs Bear Traders
What to Trade as a Trader?
Financial Instruments Explained
What Are Derivatives?
Why Trade Derivatives?
How to Choose a Broker?
How to Manage Risk in Trading?
Using Fundamental Analysis in Trading
What's Sentimental Analysis?
The Magic of Technical Analysis
Understanding Charts
Support and Resistance


April 26, 2022
This class exceeded my expectations. It covered the essentials of day and swing trading for all markets especially forex, crypto and stocks. I love the fact that the instructions are clear and practical. I completely recommend.



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