How To Crowdfund

This course will discuss all aspects of crowdfunding. By the end, you will know how to use crowdfunding.

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Mar 2015

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What you will learn

Understand when to use crowdfunding (and when not to use crowdfunding).

Understand the difference between donations and equity crowdfunding

Know how to set up a crowdfunding campaign

Know how to run a crowdfunding campaign

Be able to select and use a crowdfunding platform

Know how to use copyright, trademarks and patents to protect your idea.

Know what real estate crowdfunding is

Understand the basics of the JOBS Act

Know about DC Equity Crowdfunding

Understand Title IV of the JOBS Act


  • What is Crowdfunding?

  • The JOBS Act's definition of "crowdfunding," “crowdfunding platforms," and  “emerging growth companies"

  • How to get up to $1 million through crowdfunding

  • The risks and rewards of taking advantage of crowdfunding

  • Intellectual property protection

  • Choosing a crowdfunding platform

  • SEC Title IV Regulation A - how does this work?

  • Indiegogo vs Kickstarter

  • State-level crowdfunding

  • How to stay on the right side of the law when soliciting funds

  • How to identify and deal with reliable crowdfunding platforms and companies

  • How businesses owned by women and minorities can raise new capital, as well as those now shut out of the capital markets (restaurants, day-care centers and others ignored by finicky venture capitalists and skittish bankers)

  • How investors can identify opportunities, avoid fraud, perform due diligence, and then make an intelligent investment

  • Understanding Title IV of the JOBS Act

  • The course is divided into five classes.

  • Course material include .pdf and text documents, and audio explaining the subject.

  • It will take five hours.

  • Take this course if you want to know how to create and manage a crowdfunding campaign.

All students receive a free copy of our book Top 50 Crowdfunding Campaigns: Fifty Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns Kindle Edition


How To Crowdfund
How To Crowdfund
How To Crowdfund
How To Crowdfund


Introduction: How to think about crowdfunding

Definition of Crowdfunding?

Tools of the trade: computer resources and social media tools

Crowdfunding Overview

Creating a crowd in crowdfunding




How to protect your ideas

Intellectual Property and Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Platforms

Indiegogo and Kickstarter

Example Crowdfunding Campaigns

How to run a crowdfunding campaign

Length of time and dollar amount for a campaign

Top 50 Crowdfunding Campaigns

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real Estate Crowdfunding

The JOBS Act

The JOBS Act

Title IV of the JOBS Act

Title IV of the JOBS Act

Detail on Title IV Reg A of the Jobs Act

DC Equity Crowdfunding

DC Equity Crowdfunding


Sam22 September 2020

I am new to crowdfunding and this has helped me to understand the basics of it. Bill is really good and took his time to explain all the various parts of crowdfunding.

Joel4 March 2018

Information is good, but very general so far. I'm very familiar with this field so it's a bit early for me to assess the course ( only about 15 minutes in… )

Hongcheng12 February 2018

very useful course which covers almost all the details you need to know about crowdfunding. a lot of real business examples are provided to help you get a better understanding of crowdfunding platforms, strategy, etc. I was not that familiar with this issue before, but this course really gave me a wonderful introduction.

Jeff25 November 2017

It’s very basic. The captions don’t really follow the videos. The lecture videos seem to start in the middle of a lecture. It feels like a lot of content is missing

Carla10 October 2017

The information I learned in the course had to do with the difference between equity and non equity. I had know idea about the details of equity crowdfunding and the instructor did a really good job spelling out the general terms. This course should be ongoing as policies and technology changes. I enjoyed the course a great deal.

Austin20 June 2017

The edit could be better. Contents are new to me and I found them easily to understand. Maybe a ppt slide version of this video could be easier to read/listen (like the investing video)

Tithi30 May 2017

This course taught me a lot about general knowledge in crowd funding. From where you can raise the fund i.e. either kickstarter or indiegogo to the regulation behind it namely title 3.

Eneshal24 April 2017

The workshop session very informative and I understood the information Crowdfunding opportunities engages consumers, business and partnerships within a entrepreneurial spirit and beyond. The instructor crossed reference the information was very knowledgeable of other relative requirements. Stayed on task and the most important key is questions I wanted to ask throughout the course we're answered at some point. Well done ✔


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