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How To Create Highly Successful Retargeting Campaigns (2021)

Increase your advertising ROI by implementing Remarketing campaigns across Google Ads (AdWords) and Facebook/Instagram!

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Apr 2018

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What you will learn

Understand what retargeting is and how powerful it is

Design the correct retargeting strategy for your business

How to set up retargeting in Google Ads and Facebook Ads manager

Analyse the success of your retargeting campaigns

Know what you need to do from a GDPR compliance perspective


From an Ex-Googler / LinkedIn(er)

A highly effective course, designed to guide you through implementing Retargeting/Remarketing strategies to gain huge returns on your advertising spend. 

I’ve designed this course to be as time-efficient and practical as possible. The course is designed with the purpose of allowing you to set up effective Retargeting campaigns to take your return on investment to the next level.

This course will take you through from developing your Retargeting strategy, implementing campaigns across Display, Video and Search on Google, YouTube and Facebook (And Instagram). We will also discuss measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns and finally GDPR compliance.

When correctly Implemented a Retargeting strategy can be a great addition to your marketing efforts. Due to the fact that potential customers are already aware of your brand, conversion rates from Retargeted users can be 10x higher than cold users.  In this course I will illustrate that it is far from beyond the scope of marketers. Over the years platforms like Facebook and Google have made it increasingly easy and effective to implement these strategies.

Even with the changes bought about by Apple's iOS 14 announcement, Retargeting remains a valid strategy since Google and Facebook have implemented new measurement frameworks to maintain retargeting, lookalike and similar audiences.

I look forward to teaching you!


How To Create Highly Successful Retargeting Campaigns (2021)
How To Create Highly Successful Retargeting Campaigns (2021)
How To Create Highly Successful Retargeting Campaigns (2021)
How To Create Highly Successful Retargeting Campaigns (2021)




What is Retargeting?

How to develop the right Retargeting strategy for your business

Developing your Retargeting strategy

How Google Tag Manager can help you with Retargeting

Using Google Analytics to build your audiences

Using Google Analytics to build your audiences

Retargeting via Google Adwords

Retargeting in Adwords via Display

Retargeting in Adwords via Video (YouTube)

Retargeting in Adwords via Search

Retargeting via Facebook and Instagram

Introduction to Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram

The Facebook Pixel

Setting up Facebook and Instagram Retargeting

Facebook Lookalike audiences

Advanced Strategies: Negative and Sequential Video Retargeting

Negative Retargeting in Google Adwords

Negative Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram

Sequential Retargeting via YouTube

Measurement and Optimisation

Measurement and Optimisation

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance




Arjan23 August 2020

The course tells you about the basics of Retargeting. It doesn't explain how to setup funnels, campaign and ads.

Muthu24 September 2019

configuring google tag manager is fine, but what do we do with the tag manager? creating a sample tag and explaining how it works would have been nicer.

Praveen2 September 2019

This course was well explained but need more advanced and in-depth explanations. Overall, it's worth a ride!

Ashit29 July 2019

this is very basic, I was expecting some advanced remarketing segments but this course is really good for the beginners.

Bradley30 May 2019

I really recommend this course as a good into/overview of retargeting with some hands on tools, in a clear and concise way.

Brian29 January 2019

This is probably the best course I've taken on Udemy. He covered a lot of information in a short amount of time. I'll refer back to it as I create more remarketing campaigns.

Michael18 September 2018

I found the speaker engaging and easy to listen to. The content was well laid out and I found it comprehensive. Moreover, his pronunciation was clear and I would definitely recommend him for international users who perhaps aren’t native English speakers. I work in an international business environment and I believe the course would be accessible to my entire office from intern up.

Frederique1 September 2018

Great course to learn about retargeting and be able to do it right away. Simple, practical, easy to understand and implement. Very useful!

Julia16 July 2018

Great easy to follow and very practical course. Useful especially for the beginners. I now feel I have enough knowledge to start testing retargeting campaigns but I also feel there is a lot more to it. Could do with a little bit more in depth information. I'd say it is a perfect base for a further learning. I also really liked the way the course was presented.

Louise20 April 2018

Thought this course might be a bit of a stretch for me, but it was so clearly explained that I ended up really enjoying it. Instructor was enthusiastic and easy to follow.

Chris18 April 2018

The course was the perfect duration to allow me to study and practice in my own time without sacrificing sleep or other commitments! Very time effective. At the same time, it's been comprehensive enough for me to take away valuable insights and techniques that I can actually apply as of today...refreshing to genuinely learn something off the bat rather than most courses where it takes about 5 lectures to really reveal anything. It was also really easy to follow with the combination of explanations, screensharing, and reinforced learning. For the most part I actually thought everything around retargeting was going to be complicated and take up a bunch of my time so I put it off until finding this course and just going for it straight away. I took notes as I went, but am primed to launch now and think others should strap in too. Good stuff.

David12 April 2018

Really enjoyed this course! Engaging and enthusiastic instructor who explained things in an easy to follow way. It was a good level for me (someone who has run a few basic Adwords campaigns in the past) and I felt it was a good pace! Would highly recommend!

Alex11 April 2018

Really helpful course for me. I'm looking to launch a business and this has helped me with some really practical (and up to date) strategies. Really easy to follow and charming instructor. Nice blend of theory with practical demos/screenshares for actual implementation.


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