How to Cold Email: The Complete Guide!

The Outside-the-Box, Guerrilla Secrets to Connect, Sell, and Set Meetings With High-Value People That Only Pros Know!

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Jan 2020

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What you will learn

This course will teach students how to connect with strangers and set meetings with people they've NEVER spoken with before!

Students will learn the THREE always-get-opened subject lines!

After this course, students will know how the MOST EFFECTIVE cold-email formula that will result in replies!


If you’re trying to build a business, make more sales, or get your ideas out into the world, connecting with high-value people is a must.

The BEST way to do this is over email!



This is because most people don’t know the tactics, formulas, and strategies to win by using cold email outreach!

The fact is, through good cold email outreach I’ve generated millions in new business opportunities, booked gigs for comedy all over the world, and connected with world famous writers, actors, and artists.

Now, you could go other courses and learn the SAME CORPORATE STRATEGIES that sales drones have been using for years - but those tactics are old, out-of-date, and no longer work.

This is a HUGE opportunity for YOU!

In this course, you’ll learn the GUERRILLA tactics for connecting over email that only the top 1% of cold connectors use. You’ll learn how to budge replies out of some of the most-targeted high-value people.

By using these tactics, your emails will stay top-of-inbox and will get solid replies.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this course:

  • THE BEST formula for writing emails that get replies.

  • The THREE subject lines that will always get opened!

  • Ten templates you can use TODAY to start setting meetings.

  • The 20 outside-the-box, guerrilla tactics that nobody but successful cold emailers do.

  • How to reach out & get responses over non-email platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others

  • The ONE THING that truly successful cold emailers do that everyone else trips up over

  • The three mindsets that will lead you to connect with amazing people

  • The THREE BITS OF VALUE you can always offer even people who seem like they have it all, and will get them to respond

  • Everything you need to know to connect with high-value people over email, get on their calendars, and get them to buy from you!

I’ve personally learned all these skills from SCRATCH in the world of sales in a way that nobody else has - in 2014 I was in debt, homeless, and used these same skills to work my way to earning six figures a year!

This course will have you connecting with and meeting with people you haven’t been able to connect with ever before; it’ll grow your network and your business.

If you take this course and take action on the lessons in it, you’ll be blowing away your goals.

If for any reason that doesn’t happen, you’ll get a full and immediate refund, no questions asked.

So, if you’re ready to know the untold, guerrilla tactics for connecting with others and growing your business through cold emailing, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

Take care,



How to Cold Email: The Complete Guide!
How to Cold Email: The Complete Guide!
How to Cold Email: The Complete Guide!
How to Cold Email: The Complete Guide!



A little about me

What You'll Need For This Course

Course assignment

Get ready to email people!

Notes On Materials Provided In This Course

Foundational Thoughts

Into to Foundational Thoughts

Intro To Emails

Three Mindsets

Know Your Benchmarks

Cialdini's Six Principles

Relationships Are About Communication

Bad Email Examples

Big Time Strategy


Intro to Organization


Writing Cold Emails

Intro to Writing Cold Emails

What's the Purpose?

Questions This Email Must Answer




F-Type Emails

Subject Lines

Revise, Revise, Revise, Revise!

Send It and SEND IT!

Follow The Hell Up

"Outside The Box" Tactics

Intro - Outside The Box Tactics

Fun Tactics

Outside The Box Tactics

? Guerrilla Tactics ?

Useful Tools

Intro to Useful Tools

Streak For Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail


Alternative Forms of Outreach

Intro To Alternative Platforms

Overview on Alternative Platforms





The Rest...


Final Thoughts


Chris24 November 2020

This course dives deep into the mindsets and foundations behind what makes a great email. It not only gives you templates but teaches you how to write your own templates which is insanely valuable. It's also delivered in a clear and entertaining way to keep you engaged. I cracked up at least a few times, Brendan has a hilarious personality. I love how in depth it goes into each topic, it leaves nothing on the table.

W18 August 2020

Course is filled with great tactics and mistakes to avoid Best part- "F" type email examples Lots of insights, great course Thanks Brendon

Lance1 July 2020

This course is the perfect combination of practical technique and motivational speech. Brendon takes some pretty complex ideas and not only makes them digestible, but makes them exciting too. I can't wait to apply these strategies. Thanks Udemy for providing this class!

Alan4 February 2020

Reassuring that I'm writing most emails correctly. However, Brendon talks too fast and stumbles which can be annoying.

Paula3 February 2020

- Straight to the point - Effective Methods; few people responded to my emails recently.- I am super happy ??? - Good Relationship Strategy (especially if you are networking). - Overall best cold email writing method on the Internet. Currently, I am practicing to become a Cold email Jedi. Thank you so much, Brendon, for making this course!

DIVASRAJ17 January 2020

Very very Good course,i think i learned a lot about cold emails with this course ,definetely i will share this with my friends, Thank you so much for this :)

Seb12 January 2020

Great practical course with plenty of tips, examples and counter-examples. It goes to the point and is really packed with value.


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