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Email Marketing: Start Growing Your Own Email List Today

Start building and marketing to your own email list subscribers with tools like MailPoet (free), MailChimp, or AWeber.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Get more people to subscribe to your email list

Use free tools to build an email list

Design beautiful and customizable opt-in boxes

Create a lead magnet that turns website visitors into subscribers

Drive more traffic to your website that turn into subscribers


You're here because you want to build an email list, right?

It's great to have you here! Email Marketing is crucial for business success.

You might have just started a website, and need to build an email list from scratch. Or maybe you already have a website with a list, but want to grow your list faster.

Either way, you're in the right place.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Phil and I run my own 6-figure business, with the help from my email list. Plus, I'm the creator of some of the world's most popular online courses - with over 150,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews like these ones from this course:

Phil has done it again. I have many of his courses. I really appreciate his passion and instruction. I get motivated with his courses. EXCELLENT. - Michael Young

The guy really seems to talk from his own personal experience and his course is really easy to follow. I'm really looking for to apply in my business what I am learning from him. - Guy Nadeau

Succinct, well-structured, friendly and helpful. Before starting the course I had all the ingredients ready to go - a website, a lead magnet, and email client - but no idea how to put it all together. I was able to follow along with this course and literally do each step as it was demonstrated. I was up and running in no time. - Dr. Darren Wicks

My Promise to You

I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. 

I want to make this the best course on how to grow your email list. So if there is any way I can improve this course, just tell me and I'll make it happen.

What's this course all about?

Start Growing Your Own Email List: We will teach you how to turn website traffic into desirable email subscribers that you can market your products and services to. After taking this class, you'll know how to:

  • Sign up for a free and easy-to-use email marketing service
  • Create the perfect lead magnet
  • Design beautiful high-converting opt-in forms
  • Drive more high-value traffic to your website that will subscribe to your list

Regardless of what your level of experience is with web design and marketing, this in-depth course is designed to provide you with everything you need to get started.

Contents and Overview

You'll start with the basics and learn how list-building works. You'll learn the different types of email marketing services. By the end of the first section, you'll be signed up for an amazing free email marketing service.

You'll learn what a lead magnet is, and how to create a perfectly irresistible lead magnet. You'll learn how to use basic tools like Microsoft Word and Quicktime to create high-quality lead magnets. By the end of this section, you'll have a lead magnet that will surely get people subscribing to your list.

You'll then learn how to create beautiful opt-in forms on your website using free tools like Magic Action Box. You'll learn how to customize them so that they look modern and professional. By the end of this section, you'll have a website with lead magnets and opt-in form that gets people subscribing to your list.

By the end of this course, you'll have a funnel that gets people on your email list. From there, you'll be able to market your products and services to them.

With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!




Email Marketing: Start Growing Your Own Email List Today
Email Marketing: Start Growing Your Own Email List Today
Email Marketing: Start Growing Your Own Email List Today
Email Marketing: Start Growing Your Own Email List Today


Introduction to Course

Welcome to the Course

Why List-Building is So Important for your Business

How I Doubled Email Opt-Ins with 3 Steps (in Just 24 Hours!)

How to Succeed with this Course and get your First 1000 Subscribers

The Basics of List-Building and Getting Email Subscribers

Introduction to Section

How Does List-Building Work?

The Most Popular List-Building and Email Marketing Tools

The Free Alternative List-Building Tool I Love

Walkthrough: Sign Up & Install MailPoet

How to Send Mail with MailPoet

Practice Exercise: Install a List-Building Tool

The Perfect Lead Magnet Formula

Introduction to Section

What is a Lead Magnet?

Tools I Use to Create Lead Magnets & a Practice Exercise

Setting Up an Automated Email to Send Your Lead Magnet

Practice Exercise: Set Up Your Lead Magnet

Create High-Converting Opt-In Forms

Introduction to Section

High-Converting Opt-In Formula

Examples of Beautiful Opt-In Forms for Inspiration

Practice Exercise: Write Out Your Opt-In Text

Free & Beautiful Opt-Ins with Magic Action Box

How to Customize the Magic Action Box

Practice Exercise: Create a Stunning Magic Action Box

Add a Top Bar Opt-In Form for Free

Top 9 Converting Places to put Email Sign-Up Forms

How to Get More Web Traffic

Introduction to Section

Get More Web Traffic with Blog Articles

Get More Web Traffic with YouTube Videos

Get More Web Traffic with eBooks

Get More Web Traffic with Social Media

Course Conclusion

How to Export Your List to Import into a Premium Email Service

Thank You & What's Next?

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off


Jamie19 September 2020

I love Phil! He was the first teacher I had when I started my entrepreneurial journey and I’ve kept him and his courses with me all along. He always seems to have what I need, and I can’t believe how much content he has available! Thank you Phil! ??

Warren20 June 2020

Great content, I liked the teaching style and the call to actions. Can't wait to start putting this knowledge into action.

Yash2 March 2020

I love Phill and his methods of Teaching. He is a great mentor and I am happy to have enrolled in multiple courses taught by him.

Sohel9 December 2018

Phil just doesn't talk about the topic but also he has shown how actually the email marketing is done from A to Z.

R3 June 2018

Very informative and helpful. One thing you might want to look into is updating/reconsidering your recommendation of Magic Action Box. This plugin hasn't been updated in 2 years and it doesn't work with the theme that the instructor recommended installing in his Word Press for Beginners course. Other than that, it's a great course and I came away from this course knowing a lot more than I did when I started! If you are new to email marketing, I recommend you take this course - it's well worth the cost. Thank you Phil Ebiner - great job!

Sarah26 February 2018

First 3 videos were just intro so far, I knew that material already. Sometimes I feel like programs have "filler" material without any real education so that they can appear to be offering more.

Chris18 January 2018

not in-depth enough, working the free apps yes, but there is much more in-depth information he could have provided. People are looking for a true ABC instructional program. I did get some caveats from the material so I guess it was worth the price for the what I did learn.

Paul20 December 2017

Everything has been valuable so far as introductory information, but in order to get 5 stars, I would like more details on strategy or techniques that have been successful for you or other e-mail marketers when composing e-mails.

Idan16 June 2017

I like it. The course is focused, which helps a lot to understand all about what is an email list, and everything around. This is a must-have base for anyone who makes email marketing.

Derek15 May 2017

This was a really useful and informative course - many thanks Phil. Plenty of actionable content, well presented.

GerPrz14 May 2017

Great course, susinct and to the point with no fluff or product pitch. Shows how to identify and build a list with almost no cost. Every module takes you step by step with clear explanations and examples for each stage. Thankfully there are no distractions like funky into video or backround music. One of the best Udemy Courses I've taken. Thank you.

Enzo19 April 2017

Another amazing course that will teach you the basic foundations of email marketing. This course discuss on how to capture email subscribers and with three simple steps by making optin. This course also discuss the importance of email list building and how to create lead magnet to attract subscribers so you can have following to market and the monetize to. The Course teaches you what types of email optin to use and email autoresponder to use for your email marketing operations. There is also a free tool which is the mail poet plugin that can be used for free and start sending automated lead magnets that will provide value to your subscribers. The tool was taught in a step by step format on how to create and send emails. The last and important part is the magic optin box,that creates beautiful optin box that will attract subscribers to your email marketing. Amazing optin box can be created in simple easy steps you just have to follow the guide give by the instructors. Resources and step by step workflow were given to guide you to produce amazing optin box.Most of all the last part, strategies was given on how to drive traffic to your optin box and will get your lead magnet. This course is very direct to the point that will give you the value you will need to produce your first 1,000 email subscribers to market and start making your thousands to millions of dollars. Thank you so much :D

Rita7 April 2017

I felt the instructor did a great job of explaining and connecting with his audience. I also liked the pace. It was slow enough to follow along and implement as we went along. My only issue was that my MailPoet was a newer version than the instructor's, so for certain parts of the lesson I could not follow along. And when you're not a computer geek, like me, that's very confusing and ends up in certain things not being done.

Nora3 April 2017

I am still in the introductory part. I can only rate the clarity and ease of the lecture. I don't yet know the content quality.

Matthew24 March 2017

Im very keen to learn the content of this course and i value the fact that we are keeping costs low and have been shown alternatives.


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