The Confidence & Self-Esteem Masterclass

Build Self-Confidence, Raise Your Charisma, and Strengthen Your Self-Esteem. The Ultimate Guide to Authentic Confidence.

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Self Esteem
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May 2022
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What you will learn

Build the Confidence to Handle Uncomfortable Situations with Ease

Build the Self-Esteem to Be Yourself and Show Your Authentic Self

Build the Self-Compassion to Support Yourself in Tough Situations

Build the Self-Confidence to Stand-Up for Yourself & Others

Overcome Disliking Yourself & Treat Yourself Like Your Own Best Friend

Overcome Loneliness & Feel Deeply Connected With Others

Overcome Social Anxiety & Build Social Courage

Overcome Destructive Thinking & Build Empowering Beliefs


"Imagine the main insights from 50 books and 8 courses, squeezed into an easy to understand framework to give structure to this information"

Welcome to the Confidence & Self-Esteem Masterclass!!!
Great that you are willing to take ownership and build your self-confidence.
As you are probably searching for the right course that fits your individual needs, I hope this little guide will help you make the right decision.

  • You have severe social anxiety and are searching for a teacher that has been at the same place.
    "How I overcame social anxiety" by Tobias Atkins is a great choice. I am not a big fan of the final section as this is a bit too "pseudo-psychologic" for my preferences, but this is even a bonus section so it doesn't really count as a negative argument :)

  • You are looking for a course with many easy to implement techniques.
    "Double your confidence" by Jimmy Naraine is a great choice for you. For me it was lacking structure and was too short-term oriented, but there surely were many great short-techniques to quickly boost your confidence. My two favourite ones are part of this course.

  • You are looking for a course to increase your charisma and do not care about the price.
    "Charisma University" by Charisma on Command is the right choice for you. It is hosted on their own website and was with 600$ far too expensive in my opinion. However, when you have the luxury of not having to worry about money, there surely is a lot of value in this course.

  • You are looking for a course to build long-lasting confidence and care about structure.

    Then this course right here is the right choice for you. You have to be willing to take action, but if you are ready to take ownership of your self-confidence this is by far the most complete course currently out there (At least from what I have stumbled upon on so far).

    Imagine the main insights from 50 books  and 8 courses, squeezed into an easy to understand framework to give structure to this information.

And if you are wondering why I recommend other courses here, this is because it is not about the competition but about helping you overcome the tough situation of not feeling good enough. Plus, as I know that every person has different preferences.


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Introduction to the Ultimate Confidence & Self-Esteem Masterclass

Welcome to the Confidence & Self-Esteem Masterclass
The Framework that Changed Everything
Your Quick Win
Quick Win 1
The Power of Momentum
Quick Win 2

Getting Started

The Confidence Workbook
Start the Confidence Workbook
Confidence Measurement #1
Quick Win 3
Health Disclaimer
Are You Ready to Commit?

Master Your Environment

Intro to this Section
Uncontrollable Factors: Understand & Accept
Controllable Factors: Introversion & Extroversion
Reference: Introversion
Other Controllable Factors
Action Step 1

Build Self-Love Through Physical Influences

Intro to this Section
Quick Confidence Boost #1
Implement the Boost
Build an Exercise Routine
The Simplest & Most Effective Habit Strategy
Quick Confidence Boost #2
Action Step 2

Build Self-Confidence Through Your Actions

Intro to this Section
Overcome the Fear of Rejection
The Rejection Challenge
Outline Your Own Rejection Challenge
Rejction Challenge Ideas:
Start Your Rejection Challenge
A Gift for You

Build Self-Esteem Through Your Thoughts

Intro to this Section
Getting to Know Your Negative Beliefs
List of Possible Beliefs Holding You Back
I am Proud List
Your Strenghts Survey
Action Step

Build Self-Compassion Through Emotional Mastery

Talking About Shame
Things You are Ashamed About
Treating Yourself Like Your Own Best Friend
Quick Confidence Boost #3
Action Step

Radical Self-Acceptance Through Your Awareness

Radical Acceptance
Action Step

Quick Summary & First Congratulations

First Congratulations & Summary
Moving On
Confidence Measurement #2
Quick Check-In:
Moving On

Master your Physical Influences

Intro to this Section
Day 1: The Physical Confidence Boosts
Day 1: Action Step
Day 2: Your Body's Worth in $
Day 2: Action Step
Day 3: Exercise Routine Part #2
Day 3: Action Step
Day 4: Uncomfortable Clothing
Day 4: Action Step
Day 5: Posture & Assertiveness
Day 5: Action Step
Day 6: Smile
Day 6: Action Step
Day 7: Mastery Through Physical Acceptance
Day 7: Action Step
Mastering Physical Influences Summary

Master Your Behavior

Intro to this Section
Part 1: Be Proactive
Part 1: Action Step
Part 2: The Discomfort Challenge
Part 2: Action Step
Part 3: Quick Confidence Boost
Part 3: Action Step
Part 4: Spend your Time Wisely
Part 5: Giving
Part 4: Action Step
Part 6: Radical Authenticity
Part 6: Action Step

Master Your Feelings

Intro to this Section
Watch this First:
Part 1: Self-Compassion
Part 1: Action Step
Part 2: Loving Kindness
Part 2: Action Step
Part 3: Raw Emotions
Part 3: Action Step
Part 4: Enjoying Life
Part 4: Action Step
Summary: Master your Feelings

Master Your Thoughts

Intro to this Section
Day 1: The Judge
Action Step: Day 1
Day 2: Belief Busting (Part 1)
Day 2: Belief Busting (Part 2)
Action Step: Day 2
Day 3: Belief Building
Day 3: Belief Building Part 2
Action Step: Day 3
Day 4: On being Liked
Day 5: Comparisons
Action Step: Day 5
Day 6: The Compliments Box
Action Step: Day 6
Day 7: Appreciation > Expectation
Action Step: Day 7

Master Your Awareness

Mastering Your Awareness Part 2

Conclusion & Congratulations

The 10 Fundamentals for Long-Term Confidence & Self-Esteem
All Quick Boosts Summarized
Confidence Measurement #3


June 26, 2022
Amazing course that by far exceeded my expectations! Never seen a course that complete dealing with self-esteem and confidence. Would recommend!
May 8, 2022
This is by far the most complete course on confidence and self-esteem that you will find out there. Jakob explains it in such a relatable way that it is easy to grasp and implement. Also the video and audio quality are so high level. Overall really happy to have bought this course.
May 7, 2022
Great insights and it’s true that I have never seen a confidence course that is as complete as this one. I would highly recommend this course!



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