How to build bigger muscles in the most effective way

Understand the major muscles of the body and learn how to train each area with a set of movements.

How to build bigger muscles in the most effective way
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Oct 2021
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What you will learn

Students will learn the various facets of major muscles in the body - Legs, back and chest

Students will also learn how to train each of these with a science based simplistic approach

In the process, they will also understand the importance of overall health and longevity while getting bigger and stronger

In the end, students will be free to create their own program and do it on their own


After taking this mini course, you will be well equipped in preparing a solid workout plan for yourself or others and use a set of movements that work each area. This is a only a direction, you are free to use your own exercises.

You will understand the muscles involved when training the major areas of your body, where the muscles are located  and understand how to train each one of these areas. You will also know how to create your own workout session and which exercise groups are to be involved at what point.

Typically for bigger muscles like back, legs and chest, which involve so many group of muscles, you should target both myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy - strength and pump!

You should also learn to address the different muscle groups with variations of vertical and horizontal pulling and the top-down approach when in comes to rowing!

I have also added an icing to the cake in the form of arm training for you as we all love training arms don't we :))

You will understand the functions of the biceps and triceps and how to efficiently hit all the heads of these muscles to stimulate overall growth and strength.

Simply banging out weights with poor technique may cause serious injury and long term problems. Be smart, groove the movement, groove the positions, the fundamental basic movements before loading it heavy and dial in your rest and food.

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