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How to build a Powerful Memory

Learn information faster and keep it longer

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How to build a Powerful Memory


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May 2021

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What you will learn

Learn the basic foundational principles of building a better memory


Welcome to How to build a Powerful Memory: Learn information faster and keep it longer.

This is my free course which introduces you to some of the foundational concepts of building a better memory.

This course is geared towards people who want to improve their memory, be that for school, university or college.  If you need to study and learn a lot of information, then it pays to know a few good strategies on how to do that.

In this course I share the basic concepts around using memory palaces and mental routes to store lists of information. Practically all information comes in lists. Think about theory, parts of things, chronological dates - they are all sequential in some way or other.

This course will help you learn that sort of information. So far, for the sake of building these courses to demonstrate how this works, I have arbitrarily learnt Pi to 500 decimal places, and the entire periodic table using these methods. In fact, using these strategies I could recall 500 decimals of pi or the periodic table backwards (and of course forwards which is a no brainer).

In this course I explain these fundamentals of memory and present you with 3 exercises to get you started. The exercises are simple and easy to do, and should not take much time out of your day. But you will certainly get the idea on how to use these techniques if you do the exercises.

Using my knowledge of psychology, I have given you a good rationale on why these memory strategies work. Psychologically they are grounded in brain research and science. I have put my faith in them, so I hope you will too, and use them to your advantage.

Since I learnt these methods, I have discovered that when I forget to use them, that is when I start to forget. They certainly help me in my day to day life, and I am sure they will help you too.



Welcome and here is what you can learn on this course

Memory Basics

The types of memory we all have (Includes a section on chunking)

Linking and associations: The foundation of a better memory

How to use Memory Palaces and Mental Routes

Using novel and creative imagery to build more powerful memories

Section 2 memory test

Putting Theory Into Practice

Exercise 1: How to learn lists of information fast

Exercise 2: Store and recall a longer list

Exercise 3: Storing information with the help of images

Test your memory

The end

Thank you for completing the course


Tamadur12 September 2020

Easy to follow, identify weak liks and make them stronger is an important additional info that explains why links and stories do not always work. Thank you

Amna18 August 2020

I liked the course; it was really helpful to add new challenge in memorising through linking things together or make a story to keep the information for longer time. Thank you Sir David :)

Sritam26 June 2020

The instructor deliver his message so effectively and clearly. I love to use this technologies everyday Thank you so much ?

Anuradha10 June 2020

Loved your course , though i have already practically attended a class on building memory but you explained so well. Good Luck !

Deepika6 June 2020

These are basic things that every on knows... We can get these in YouTube also.. not professional enough

Rushabh26 May 2020

I do not get the point of remembering a few words when I have to remember difficult formulas of trigonometry. Moreover, I forget the story that I make because that makes no sense to me. Creating a relatable story is a bit of a challenge for me. Is there a solution for this? I will be pleased if you reply.

Susanna24 May 2020

It gave me a better understanding and that your mind needs order and be organised to remember things better that scattered around. I will be able to use this on some of my studies but don't think would be able to put it to accounting studies

Michelle16 February 2020

Great course. I now understand why I get so stressed out about my memory. This is a most articulate and clear presentation with good content on the importance of building a powerful memory.

Vivian15 February 2020

Thank you very much for this free course. I enjoy learning the techniques very much. I look forward to courses by Dr. Barton. Thank you.

Katana22 October 2019

Thank you! I learned new memory techniques that I think will make a difference for me. I really like the fact that you had a couple quizzes so I could see if anything was sticking and it did!

Julind25 June 2019

The course and the instructor were good and easy to follow. However, it would be really nice if there were more exercises and quizzes.

Carmene16 June 2019

Through this course learnt I can enhanced my memory, which indeed I did. Even though this is a short course, it's very powerful, from my point of view. I do recommend It to people who wants to get the best out of new studies, as well as reading in general and rembering for a long time. Thanks Thanks Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us. God Bless You and your Family

Nader13 May 2019

Topics in each lecture are not clearly organized. A good practice is having "one" topic in each lecture, similar to what makes a paragraph a unit in written presentation. There are some lectures in this course which have multiple concepts presented, for example lecture covers LTM, STM and chunking. The presentation is monotone and linear. I think overall presentation is anticlimactic in that a hyped up language is used all around "the powerful memory", "the power of memory", "power of brain", yet, the most powerful things that are presented are century old mnemonic techniques.

vimalkumar6 May 2019

Great Effort . Nice course. I am sure ll help in improving my memory. Thanks for the great contribution. I think Mind Mapping can also be included with few exercise.

Richard23 March 2019

A good course, but needs some fleshing out. More time and more concrete examples could be given towards "Memory Palaces" and "Memory Routes". Most of the course emphasis is placed on creating linked stories - which is a fine technique, but no material is presented on how to use a memory palace. As well, the final memory challenge is quite a big jump from the first two. On the first memory challenge, I scored (10 + 8) out of 20 (I ordered two of the items incorrectly) On the second challenge, I scored 19 out of 20 (I wrote "police man" rather than "police officer") On the final challenge, I score 11 out of 12.


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