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How to build a perfect lab at home and gain some experience

Learn how to create a network and lab at home for any Cisco exam. A custom-made rack for CCENT, CCNA, and other exams

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Oct 2017

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What you will learn

Learn how to build a lab and a network at home

Check a custom-made rack with cool Cisco and HP devices

Learn what Cisco devices to buy

Check out neat cabling and cable management

Understand differences between a lab and a network

Get real-world tips and recommendations

Learn more about monitoring software


Here is another course on my list with one goal: to show you how to become a better network engineer and gain some experience. We all know that passing Cisco and other IT exams is not enough. Are you unsure how to improve your knowledge and increase your experience? Are you struggling to find a job, or do you feel trapped in the one you have?

In this course you will find:

  • Differences between a lab and a real network

  • A list of recommended Cisco devices for CCENT, CCNA, CCNA Sec, and CCNP students

  • A presentation of a cool, custom-made rack

  • Check out some neat cabling (Panduit cable management)

  • Cisco devices: ASA 5506, 1900, 2960, 890, 2700, and more for a lab (1800, 2800, 3560, 3750)

  • Detailed explanations of all devices

  • A lot of tips and recommendations

  • HP Microserver with Windows Server 2016 and Synology NAS

  • Learn how to create a perfect lab and network at home

  • Excellent to help with your Cisco / CCNA studies

Do you want to gain some experience after passing an IT exam? Maybe you are studying towards CCENT or CCNA at the moment? You have come to the right place. Marious shares his passion for networking and encourages you to  learn more about networking by presenting a very unique project - a custom-made rack with ASA 5506, Cisco 2960, HP Microserver, NAS, and Cisco Access Point Aironet 2700. And more!

Sound interesting? Join now!


How to build a perfect lab at home and gain some experience
How to build a perfect lab at home and gain some experience
How to build a perfect lab at home and gain some experience
How to build a perfect lab at home and gain some experience


Lab and Real Network


Lab vs Real Network. What's the Difference?

How to Build an Awesome Network at Home

Recommendations: Cables, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Servers...

Cisco Devices worth Buying

More Tips for you!

Gain Some Experience!

A Custom-made 8U Rack

Creating a Network Diagram

Overview of a Custom-made Rack

Cisco ASA 5506

Backup Router

Monitoring System - PRTG

Gadgets: Fans and LED Lights

Arranging Cables: Patch Panel and Cable Management


Let's Check the Back of the Rack

Cisco Access Point

Software I Have Used

Final Tips and Recommendations

Gaining Experience: Hardware

How you can Build a Similar Network at Home

What if Wanted to use Packet Tracer and GNS3 instead?

Notes and tips


A full rack - CCNA Project

Introduction to Cisco CLI - CCENT

Network Diagrams - CCNA



Emil8 March 2020

This course really helped me to know how to build my own network rack at home, Course is focused on practice topics, that was exactly what I expected, great explanation, advice, tips, fully recommended. Thanks Marious Happy student

Savelie27 November 2019

Very well done. An idea that is out of the box thinking and very handy to have it at home. From my point of view I'll add also an access server to this. But maybe that is more necessary for a home full size LAB rather than this particular type of setup.?

Jeff18 July 2018

I liked the course. Its good to see someone who knows his stuff explain it to you like you were over at his house, without the jargon.

Lawrence14 March 2018

Marious makes a convincing case for building a home lab as opposed to relying entirely on software, and has produced a nice step-by-step course which anyone can follow.

Okemo9 February 2018

I really appreciate the Instructor's time, effort an energy in making such a course. He has a really nice setup. Good job Marious. However, the course is lacking in its contents. First, the complete step by step video should have been included on how to setup the lab, and it should not be left for the student to say that they want it. Second, if there is a part 1 of anything then a part 2 should be included to make the course complete - for example the NAS part was incomplete. All in all, it was a good course that one can learn from. I support Instructor Marious Kuriata because he cares about his students.

Kofi24 January 2018

Good information on real world application. Info that is needed that you dont realize until you hear explanation and application.

Ernest31 December 2017

Marious published many high quality networking courses on Udemy. In the past, many audiences always asked "How to build a Real Lab at home for CCNA ?" on his forums. Now, he shows you how to plan & build a modern real lab at home in this course. Furthermore, it is good for a beginner to gain hands-on experience in networking!

Eduardo16 November 2017

I wish that the instructor should do more courses on network easy to understand. I like when he start to talk about the network topology and what comes first into a computer Rack.

Kevin27 October 2017

First of all this is a break with traditional IT courses, where the aim is to teach and get you through an exam. This is designing a system for the real world, making it acceptable for your wife /girlfriend. it's a working system and to learn with. Totally enjoyed this course wish it was longer, and yes part 2 on the setting up of the individual components is a must. Well done Marious


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