How To Build A Killer Content Calendar

Learn how to strategically plan out what you will post across all social media platforms.

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Social Media Marketing
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Apr 2019
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What you will learn

Learn how to strategically plan out what you will post across all social media platforms.


By the end of this course, you will be able to create original content, repurpose content, create a content calendar, learn what content batching is and how to bin them, create a blogging brainstorm for unlimited content, create a posting map, share viral content, social syndication across all platforms, and scheduling content strategically.

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How To Build A Killer Content Calendar
Creating Original Content
Repurposing Content
Content Calendar Creation
Content Batching
Blogging Brainstorm
Posting Map/ Trello Tutorial
Shared Viral Content/ Post Planner
Social Syndication
Scheduling Content
12 March 2021
I felt like this video was a lot of reading the powerpoint slides, especially in the first half. It improved toward the end, though.
8 March 2020
An absolutely brilliant course that provides you with a strong foundation to create, plan, schedule and post content.
10 January 2020
Superficial content! Too many pics and personal branding of the instructor which validate the idea that this is a branding course for the instructor rather than giving a real value.
3 September 2019
Meliss speaks very clear and slow and is easy to understand. She goes everything into detail and covers all the bases so so far it's great for a beginner or someone who needs a refresher course.
21 August 2019
Meliss is great. I enjoined her course. I guess I just need a little more clarification regarding the posting map. I felt like I would have benefited from a couple of different examples of the posting map where it applied to different industries. That was truly my only quip. Great job!
1 July 2019
This was an amazing course - I learned so much more than I expected to. Heaps of tips and tricks. Thanks heaps Meliss.
10 June 2019
This was a very informative course but probably more suited to absolute beginners. There's a lot here you can find for free on Youtube and other platforms. I did learnt a lot of new things though like syndication and abut
5 June 2019
What a great course! I'm a semi-newbie to building content so this course was really, really helpful! Meliss's voice is also clear and engaging and the material wasn't too short nor too long which made it easier to finish out the course. I'd definitely recommend this course!
6 May 2019
Thank you for providing a simple system. It seems much less of a mountain to climb now that I know how to create my content and schedule it.
30 April 2019
Amazing course! So many ideas for building content, which are so simple but will make such a difference to be able to have a plan in place.
25 April 2019
This course was super informative and broke down all the different ways we can strategize and organize mine and my client's content. All of the visuals were spot on. Meliss really left no stone unturned when it came to finding content, creating a calendar and tying it all in. This was the one thing I felt like I was really struggling in my business with and you just helped piece it all together. Thank you!
20 April 2019
Yes!! Simple but effective concepts, I don't feel that anything that has been recommended so far is unreasonable or unattainable.
20 April 2019
It's a good match, I'm definitely feeling overwhelmed and so convicted . . . I wasted hours on "perfecting" something yesterday. What a waste. And she just said, don't worry if something is centered (a pic for a blog post) doesn't matter. She's right. It doesn't. Those little things end up being big things. Excited for the rest of the course.
20 April 2019
The title creating original content my perception was the actual posts I would be creating. That’s what I thought was going to be covered. But this intro makes sense after watching it. I almost feel like the title should be choosing what original content to create. Since it is all about the different platforms and types of content not the actual creation of the content.
18 April 2019
I loved it and will be taking so much from it to better structure my business and how I do things. I was kinda lost on my own stuff, but could knock out client work quickly. This will help both in an unbelievable way! The resourse you put together were on point and very easy to follow and the videos were clean, clear and very informative. I didn't have a problem following at all.


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