How to bid & estimate interior & exterior painting jobs

Quick, easy, and accurate estimating. FREE PaintersRx™ Software trial included with course purchase.

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Dec 2018

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What you will learn

You will learn how to estimate interior & exterior residential painting jobs, quickly and accurately!


In this course you'll learn everything about paint estimating...

  1. What not to do (mistakes to avoid)

  2. What to do (how to price your work to make a fair profit)

  3. The exact formulas that professional painters use to accurately price their work (not under or over bid)

  4. Measuring tips

  5. Measuring tools

  6. How to use interior paint estimating software

  7. How to use exterior paint estimating software

  8. You'll also be given a free trial of professional paint estimating software, if you so desire

  9. First class support from industry veterans

  10. Direct contact with Kevin Daly, the course creator (you'll be added to his email boosting list - pushes your email to the top of his inbox)


How to bid & estimate interior & exterior painting jobs
How to bid & estimate interior & exterior painting jobs
How to bid & estimate interior & exterior painting jobs
How to bid & estimate interior & exterior painting jobs


How to estimating exterior paint jobs and interior paint jobs


What not to do - common estimating mistakes

How painters should be estimating - doing it right

How to create your own estimating system - the formulas

Measuring tools and tips - tricks of the trade

PaintersRx estimating systems

Racing like a cheetah - working smarter, not harder.

Interior estimating software tutorial

Exterior estimating software tutorial

How to get your free trial - the benefits of saving time and being accurate


Joshua8 January 2020

Was looking forward to a comprehensive course on interior/exterior estimating. This course does not walk you through the estimating process at all. It essentially, and generically, talks about the DO'S & DONT'S of writing a proposal and that you should have formulas in place to give proper proposals. without giving you those numbers. But this does not walk you through estimating standards that will leave you with a sense of confidence at all. I though, at least, he might walk you through an example of an interior estimate, showing examples of metrics in determining price. But it's merely a course to get you to subscribe to his software that he pushes at the end. Most of the course is him selling a software, in which you still don't know the formulas to. The course should go over everything that is required in an estimate, as it suggests, AND THEN, if we want to make the process easier and more efficient, offer the opportunity to subscribe to his software that automatically calculates our metrics to save us time. Most of his example are on his software, you have no idea the formulas, or where he is getting the numbers from.


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