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Tips to help You Live a Better Life and Achieve Success

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Mar 2019

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What you will learn

You will have the tools to forge your own destiny

You will be able to know the secrets for being successful at anything

You will know how to attract anything you want into your life


I have over 655,000 students here on Udemy and over 1 million all over the world. I have many online and offline successful businesses, I have cured many of my illnesses in my body. I have an extraordinary persona life, that I feel happy about.

Why am I telling you this? To boast? No, I want you to know that I have something to give you, that I have the knowledge that can help you and anybody listening to me.

I know how life works, and I can show you that you too can have a wonderful life as well, not just financially but in every area. Life is not just about money, there is a lot more to it.

Focusing on the material will give you an empty life, you need to focus on becoming more. Becoming wiser, smarter, a better friend, husband, wife, brother, son, daughter, person, etc. Focus on growing everyday, because without growth we humans tend to get depressed and angry.

I learned that we can become successful in basically anything we want, we just have to know how life works. Once we understand the game of life then we can start winning it.

Over 95% person of the world population are just living life, day to day following the same routines and expecting different results. Some people go to their job hoping to get paid more, just because in their minds they are worth more. Why not become more? Give more at your job, give me more in your relationship and all this without expecting. If you live like this, you will be amazed how much more you get.

We tend to ask more than we give, and this a formula is doomed for failure. Learn to be a giver and you will live a better life where abundance of great things never stop coming to you.

If you can take one thing away from this course and apply it, I know that it could change your life, like it has mine. Having so much success puts me in a position to give back, and this is my way of doing it.

Sincerely Edwin Diaz, your instructor and indirect brother in life :)


Tips to help You Live a Better Life and Achieve Success
Tips to help You Live a Better Life and Achieve Success
Tips to help You Live a Better Life and Achieve Success
Tips to help You Live a Better Life and Achieve Success


Getting Started

Course Overview

Tools you need

Physical Section

Physical State Overview

Physical Problems

Solutions with an Action Plan

Intellectual Section

Intellectual State Overview

Intellectual Barriers

Solutions and Action Plan

Emotional Section

Emotional State Overview

Emotional Problems

Solutions and Action Plan

Spiritual Section

Spiritual State Overview

Spiritual Side

Solutions and Action Plan

Wrapping this up!


Brian5 October 2020

good course, enjoyed what Edwin said and will revisit the course again to take more out of it, at the right time for myself

Aisha12 September 2020

Very informative about how to think positive and achieve things in life. Would highly recommend for people to read.

Prudence6 September 2020

It is a perfect match for me. I'll probably watch it again. Sometimes I struggle a lot with not knowing where my life is going. My emotional state is by far the reason I don't enjoy my life and the reason for my unhappiness.

Ahmed29 August 2020

Thank you so much.this course is the gist of alot of books. I took this course free, can I get the other? (Help somebody), do not forget ?. Thank you.

Veronique13 August 2020

Thanks that was great, easy to understand. Now Ill work on creating a fun poster with PIES to put on my fridge.

Bassam23 February 2020

This course was really motivational and it’s changed my life immediately and now I’m starting apply it to the long term

Ceren9 February 2020

It was really an eye opening experience to get this lecture, definitely made me realize Why I have these problems in my life :) Thank you!

Diwakar1 February 2020

This is really best course.It explains the secret behind a successful person.finally,i have learnt a lot of success tips .

Abigail31 January 2020

This really isn't a course for anyone who already takes their health and physical/ emotional life seriously. I don't fully agree with some of his teachings. However he seems like a nice guy with a big heart!

Mihai10 January 2020

Offered me great motivation. I'm already working on parts described by this course, but it's nice to know you're on a good path and get new information on what to do. The instructor has a very positive energy

Csilla5 January 2020

I like Edwin’s courses. He speak clear from his soul, very impressive, and help me to see the sunshine of life. And he give me useful knowledge. It is important.

Jocelyn18 December 2019

oui j ai tres aime le cours parce que je suis un peu negatif et lent a entreprendre des choses dans ma vie j ai 33 ans je ne sais comment percer dans ma carriere je pense que avec les notes que j arriverai a devenir la personne que je veux vraiment

S11 December 2019

Very good course for me, i believe we can success, consistently implementing the given facts in our life. Thanks much for your effort creating the course for free.

Swapnil2 November 2019

It is a great course and given a boost to achieve my goals. Also added some more values in my life. Thank you. :)

Benedicte26 October 2019

This is a good course, straight-forward, but also very basic. You will get some specific information and things to do, but not a lot, and if you're already interested in and has read a bit about personal development/psychology/law of attraction before, you can probably skip this course and skip straight ahead to more advanced ones.


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