How to Become a Transcriptionist

A blueprint for building your work-from-home transcription career

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Transcribe audio files

Create a professional transcription resume

Apply to transcription companies


Do you want a career where you can earn over $15-$25 an hour working part-time from home? Then consider becoming a transcriptionist.

Transcription work is still in demand for companies who need their interviews, focus groups, podcasts, etc, transcribed. There are many ways to work as a transcriptionist, but I recommend starting out your career by subcontracting for transcription companies.

How to Become a Transcriptionist will teach you everything you need to know about working with and getting hired by well-paying transcription companies.

With this course, you’ll go from a transcription newbie to a confident transcriptionist with skills that transcription companies will hire you for.

This comprehensive course is designed to help you:

  • Jumpstart your transcription career by teaching you how to avoid low-paying jobs, showcasing the minimal equipment you need without breaking the bank, and explaining how to apply to companies

  • Strengthen your typing and grammar skills to become a more efficient transcriptionist

  • Practice transcribing short audio files with Express Scribe so you’re ready to apply to transcription companies

  • Create a transcription-specific cover letter and resume - even if you don’t have prior transcription experience

  • Find the best companies to work for that hire beginners - plus, learn how to spot a scam

  • Know how to manage the business side of transcription as a subcontractor

  • Learn how to grow your transcription career and increase your earnings

Apply to transcription companies with confidence

Beginning a new career may feel overwhelming. You may want to earn money from home but aren’t sure if transcription is a good fit for you or wonder how much of an investment it takes to start. You may wonder if you have the right skills or experience.

The truth is that starting out as a transcriptionist is hard work. You need to dedicate time to practicing transcription before you’ll be ready to apply to companies. But once you take the time and effort to build your skills and understand what companies are looking for, you’ll be confident when applying to companies and starting your career.

Course overview

How to Become a Transcriptionist will give you a blueprint on the steps to transcription success, from understanding how the industry works to practicing with transcription software to build up your skills and finally how to land a job as a subcontractor for a transcription company.

This course has 22 screencast video lessons to take you through learning the basics about the industry all the way to expanding your career and increasing your earnings. You’ll also have access to audio projects, list of companies to apply to, typing and grammar resources, resume examples, and more.

The tutorials in this course will cover:

  • An introduction to the transcription industry

  • Using Express Scribe to download, play, and work with audio

  • Transcribing audio and editing the transcript

  • Setting up Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect to create text expanders

  • Working with style guides

  • Best practices for creating transcription resumes and applying to transcription companies

  • The ins and outs of being a subcontractor and increasing your income

  • Three practice audio files with answers

  • Bonus material

By the end of the course, you will have transcribed three files, created a transcription resume, and be ready to start your transcription career.

Who is this course for

  • US-based Students who want to work from home as a transcriptionist but aren’t sure how to start their career. *Non-US students can still learn from this course but might have more difficulty getting hired by well-paying US-based companies


How to Become a Transcriptionist
How to Become a Transcriptionist
How to Become a Transcriptionist
How to Become a Transcriptionist



Introduction to the Course

What Is Transcription?

How Transcriptionists Are Paid

Discover Your Earnings with the Earnings Spreadsheet

Traits of a Good Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist Toolbox: What You Need to Get Started

Spelling & Grammar

Typing and Grammar Resources

Working with Audio Files

Loading Audio Into Express Scribe

Setting Up Express Scribe

Transcribing the Audio

Setting up AutoCorrect as Text Expander

How to Type What Is Being Said

Looking at a Sample Transcript

Practice File 1: Business Accounting Programs

Instructions for Transcript

Practice File 2: Financial Books

Instructions for Transcript

Applying to Transcription Companies

Gaining Experience before Applying to Companies

Introduction to Resumes

Looking at a Sample Resume

Cover Letters

Finding Companies to Work With

Signs that a Company Could Be a Scam

Tips on Applying to Companies

Testing with Companies

Practice File 3: Analytics

Instructions for Transcript

Working as a Subcontractor

After You're Hired

Ins and Outs of Being a Subcontractor


Next Steps


Jenna12 October 2020

It has a lot of useful information. The speaker talks a little too fast but I was able to clearly hear her and follow the course. I am still interested in Transcribing and have a better understanding of what is expected in this industry.

Martine27 September 2020

Thank you! This course answered all of my questions in regards to transcription work. The course was detailed and the teacher was wonderful and straight to the point.

Tom24 September 2020

First online course I ever took. Didn't really know what to expect, all I can say is that it was extremely useful and provided me with a solid basis to begin a career as a transcriptionist. Kudos to Chelsea!

Mijeanne24 September 2020

I knew absolutely nothing about transcription before this course. This course made me feel confident enough to start applying to companies.

Arvinder17 September 2020

The course is very informative and wonderful. The practice sheets are also good for beginers. This deserves an Overall 5 star rating. Chelsea is also very experienced and knowledegable about her subject. Is a good course for people who are aspiring to be transcriptionists.

Eric26 February 2020

This course was a good match for me since I am still trying to decide if listening to audio files and typing for hours a day is something I would be good at. The information on how to find jobs and what to look out for was appreciated.

Kynda13 February 2020

Yes, it was a good introduction and gave good information on how to get started and what to practice on.

Beryl10 February 2020

It was very good. I will still have to refer to some items on and off as I go along. Thanks very much.

Bleakney8 February 2020

This is a terrific match for me, especially because I took a job transcribing "cold turkey"!! I see there is a much easier way to go about all of this. The speaker explains everything at just the right speed.

Ann5 February 2020

This is the perfect introduction.It answers many of the questions I have about working in this field. i was amazed at how comprehensive, yet manageable and understandable the information was. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Ronni12 January 2020

I found this course very helpful. It was full of all the basic information needed to understand how to start a job in Transcribing. Lots of helpful information.

Bridget23 December 2019

This course is well thought out and presented very well. It is a beginner course and great for figuring out if transcription is really for you.

Julie15 December 2019

I took her first course starting to learn the basis of transcription. It was great too, just like this one which helps you find work and your beginning pay level.

Mary4 December 2019

I believe this course will be a good match for me. I’m very interested in this skill. Looking forward to hands-on work.

Kenya2 December 2019

This course is a good tool to get you started, however, for the price I would have liked more details and just maybe a slower training on the transcription software. During the beginning of the lesson, the instructor is delivering the lesson details a little too fast for my taste. However, the knowledge gained during this program was better than the free training on youtube.


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