How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

Master Medical Transcription & Work From Home: Skills/Supplies Needed, Practice Files, Job Opportunities & More!

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Dec 2017

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What you will learn

Skills and knowlege required to be an effective Medical Transcriptionist

A to Z checklist for materials and skills needed

Understand real world employment opportunities

Decifer what is required and what is not to become a Medical Transcriptionists


HI! Welcome to How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist, the only course that provides a comprehensive roadmap for Medical Transcription. There are a lot of voices on the web discussing this topic, but this course is without a doubt the most comprehensive and effective on the market. Here's why:

  • We walk through the entire process of becoming a Medical Transcriptionist, from understanding the differences of transcription services to receiving a checklist of every item needed to be the most productive in the job. 
  • This course provides 8 real-world audio dictation files from medical practitioners to practice your typing and comprehension skills. 
  • You'll get a list of more than 15 real entry-level employment opportunities to prepare you for becoming a Medical Transcriptionist.
  • You'll learn the truth about what is required and what is not for Medical Transcription as well as what employers are looking for the most.
  • You'll leave this course with a realistic understanding of how much the market is paying for these services and what you'll be able to earn from an entry level transcriptionist to an experiences Medical Transcriptionist.
  • And SO much more!


How to Become a  Medical Transcriptionist
How to Become a  Medical Transcriptionist
How to Become a  Medical Transcriptionist
How to Become a  Medical Transcriptionist




Transcription Services Overview

Medical Transcription Explained

Why Medical Transcription?

Skills and Knowledge Required

Supplies Needed

Certification and Education


Practice Medical Audio Files

Resources Handout


Kelly7 October 2020

This course is a very high-level overview of medical transcription. There is no practical training or demonstration for learning how to be a transcriptionist. That being said, the instructor has a nice speaking voice and the course is well laid out. If you want to know what being a medical transcription entails, this is the course for you. If you want to learn to do transcription you may need to look elsewhere.

Brenda15 September 2020

Great general information on what is needed to become a medical transcriptionist. I enjoyed the course.

Heather15 July 2020

Great experience so far. Would love to earn money while at home and pursuing a passion, especially during COVID19 Pandemic.

Usman7 May 2020

this is the worst course ever.it should not be listed even free!! it's totally nonsense.never buy this course ..i say ..never ever ..he just tells 2 to 3 things that you can find on google by just writing the word ...

Chioma5 May 2020

The course does not offer anything new that a budding transcriptionist who is extremely capable of starting this job instantly can find online through extensive research. I wasn’t expecting this course to suddenly certify me as a medical transcriptionist but I expected at least the third slide onwards to offer me new information along the way, every time, rewarding me for paying for a course I could’ve replicated with ease. Additionally, the creator of this course needs to re-record the audio as each slide has some aural slip up and can be very easily avoided. The fact that it hasn’t been corrected makes me think that the creator doesn’t care about how his course is perceived by new students, as long as he’s made his money. I feel so stupid for trusting that this course would enlighten me into a job that I’m really invested in becoming successful in. I wouldn’t have bought it if I wasn’t.

Lisa3 March 2020

Yes, this is a good match for me. My background in technical support as well as a medical coder, biller will assist me in this endeavor.

Chandini6 November 2019

Yes, the instructor was good in explaining its very easy to understand and clearly explained. The resources and sample practice audios are really helpful. I feel confident that there are some sites which will take entry level jobs to start of with. Thanks for sharing.

safa16 September 2019

I've always wanted to gain a new skill in a new field, and this course is helping me to do so by offering new information in a very simple and direct manner.

Yvonne8 May 2019

So far I am very impressed with this course and with Cody as the instructor. He really knows his subject and makes it interesting to watch and listen.

Laura12 January 2019

This course provided excellent resources to pursue this career. It did supply places that hired transcriptionists which were very helpful. I also found the practice exercises helpful along with the pdf files. The instructor's voice was very clear and articulate.

Cynthia14 October 2018

So far, so good. I am able to follow the instructor thus far. And he has a pleasant speaking voice, which helps!

Lucy29 May 2018

Not a great course so far. Nothing here of actual use but hopefully the practice sessions might be worth the fee paid.

Laura5 April 2018

Honestly, for a course I had to pay money for, I was expecting a little more in the way of information and practice. I'll admit, it will be helpful to have some names and products to know a general starting point. Though for someone like myself who has no experience or knowledge of expectations, some general discussions along the lines of how to break down and understand terminology and/or transcription tips and tricks, would have been a helpful inclusion. Overall, I'm not terribly pleased with the generalized advice given in this 'course'.

Tony18 February 2018

The question is, "Based on what you've seen so far..." and from what I've seen so far, I'm ready to do this. The benefits that are given, once medical transcription is learned, are just what I expected as well as what I want and need. Everything is very professionally presented, too. A huge plus.

Anastasia18 December 2017

This is a good overview of medical transcription, but the instructor seems to only have an academic understanding and not any real-life experience with the world of medical transcription. I work at a medical transcription service and we would never hire someone with only general transcription experience or a community college certificate. Most community college courses offer comprehensive information but it focuses on less critical information and don't provide sufficient practice in the actual dictation and work processes. Like most other services, we only hire those with a minimum of two years experience directly in the field of medical transcription. Any legitimate training program should be partnered with a service who will provide that on-the-job training.


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